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I really admire Gritty Woman – she’s so lovely and all her reviews are so thorough! I’ve never read one of her reviews and got to the end of it still wanting more information. She goes through everything, it’s a little bit awe inspiring.

Apricot Creams

This blog is fantastic, Gritty Woman is open minded, bold, sexy and writes about real life with no hidden glitches.  I have been following her via twitter and her blog, read many memes that she has entered.  If you’re looking for a down-to-earth reviewer, this is the lady to pick.

Naughty Corner

[Gritty Woman] shows the determination and ambition in her blog and writing which has no doubt contributed to her chosen handle. For me, she really stands out in the product reviewing and sex blogging community as she has experience, opinions and sexual advice to communicate to others, and does this articulately and compassionately. [Source]

Cara Sutra

‘Her blog is awesome’, ‘ [it] is an excellent source of a) super-hot things and b) really good advice.’ [Source]

Girl on the Net
Girl on the NetThe Vibe

This amazing lady is one of the reasons I got into blogging. Just need to get that out there…