Yes Oil Based Lubricant

Yes Oil Based Lubricant Review

Yes lubricants had been something I had heard of now and again, but I had not had the pleasure of trying them until recently, when Yes contacted me and asked if I would like to try some samples. Yes products seem to be marketed differently to the usual lubricants I have tested, in that these products seem to be aimed more at females who suffer sensitivities, vaginal dryness and recurring infections , like thrush or UTIs and they even have a range of lubricants suitable for use when you are trying to conceive. I can picture Yes products on the shelves in chemists, along with the feminine hygiene products, pregnancy tests and condoms, rather than lining the shelves in sex toy stores. It seems the ladies and gents at Yes have done their research. Their website is full of extremely useful information regarding their products, the ingredients and more specifically, how those ingredients can affect the body. Invaluable information indeed. Yes Oil Based Lubricant is available in two different varieties, unscented or flavoured with Madagascan vanilla. Both products have identical ingredients, the only difference being the addition of vanilla planifolia fruit extract to the vanilla flavoured product. You can either purchase it in bottles, or go for individual use, insertable applicators for a more deeper lubrication.

It was always made pretty clear that oil based lubricants and vaginas don’t mix, so I have shied away from oil based lubes because I am one of those sensitive women. I suffer recurrent urinary tract infections and have a sensitive vulva. I know more about my urinary tract now that I ever thought I would need to know and it was always my understanding that, because oil based lubricants are harder to wash from the skin, they can trap bacteria that has been transferred to the vulva and urethra during sexual activity and hold it there for longer, thus increasing the risk of a UTI occurring. I spoke to the people at Yes about my concerns and they sent me this reply:

“You are quite right to voice concern about using Mineral oil and other oils derived from petrochemicals such as Vaseline, in sensitive intimate areas such as the vagina and vulva.

There are many oil-based intimate lubricants on the market which are formulated with petrochemical derivatives and/or silicone oils. Yes oil based lubricants are made not from mineral oils, but from plant oils and butters, and contain no mineral oil or petrochemical derivatives, neither does they contain any silicone oils. Whilst silicone oils are not known to interact with skin they are known to coat skin and leave a hard to wash of residue that can feel very unnatural.

We formulated Yes oil based from only the purest, organic, plant based oils and butters, that are known to be beneficial to the skin, both in moisturising and healing irritated or sensitive tissues.  Obviously neither petrochemical derivatives nor silicone oils can bestow such beneficial properties.

Further, the main reason oil-based lubricants can be seen as doubtful, is their inertness, as they do nothing but stay on the skin (so making good lubricants) but  in doing this they are thought to trap infections and disrupt typical tissue physiology by “suffocating” the skin they smother. Yes oil-based, being made from naturally occurring skin friendly ingredients is gradually absorbed into the tissues and does not exhibit this smothering behaviour.  The oils in Yes oil-based are the most commonly used massage oil bases (sunflower oil and sweet almond oil), and the Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Vitamin E/Tocopherols are widely known for their beneficial skin properties.”

Although I still had some lingering doubts, my mind was put at ease after reading this response (As well as reading through the Yes website.) I was very impressed. Yes Oil based Lubricant has been designed and developed to be extremely skin (and vagina) friendly. This lubricant is completely free from all these nasty additives that can cause irritation and infection inside the vagina. It is a very natural, UK certified organic, lubricant. Check out these stats:

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In use:

When you initially squeeze this lubricant from the bottle, it comes out looking like an almost solid, very thick cream. Having experienced similar oils in the past, I knew it just needed to be warmed up a little. A few seconds rubbing the product between your palms and it melts into a smooth, transparent, and thick (It doesn’t drip or splash about the place) oil. I really enjoyed using this lubricant. It excels mostly as a fantastic lubricant for male masturbation, anal and oral sex. Unlike the water based varieties, this oil based lubricant does not dry up with exposure to air, heat and friction, so it lasts much longer on the skin, meaning less product has to be used and you do not have to keep stopping every 5 minutes to reapply. Another huge bonus is that Yes Oil Based Lubricant does not taste too shabby at all. The unflavoured lubricant is almost taste free (Just a slight oil flavour, like sunflower or mild olive oil.) and in my opinion, so is the vanilla. When it comes to the vanilla product, I notice the smell is much more noticeable than the flavour, so if you were hoping for a lovely vanilla flavoured lick, I am afraid the taste here is just a little too subtle. I would label it “Vanilla scented” rather than “Vanilla flavoured” It does, obviously, have an oily texture in the mouth, but surprisingly, it feels quite light. It did not leave a nasty greasy film of oil on the roof of my mouth or a thick sensation on my tongue and I found the feint taste and texture were not at all off putting when I performed oral sex. Be warned though, your lips, chin and face will look and feel quite oily when you pop back up for air.

I did eventually try this product as a vaginal lubricant (After being reassured it was safe, and have not experienced any negative reactions from it yet. It allows you to have much longer sessions while keeping you feeling lubricated but it does eventually soak into the skin nicely, so you are not left feeling too tacky. We tried Yes Oil Based Lubricant for anal sex and it lasted throughout a whole session without needing reapplied Last but not least, Yes Oil Based Lubricant, especially the vanilla, is fantastic for use during a nice body massage. It doesn’t feel too heavy, it smells lovely (Not too overpowering.)and it lasts ages before soaking nicely into the skin.

Things to note:

Oil based lubricants are not safe to use with condoms, as oil can degrade the latex and cause tearing or holes. For this reason, I recommend avoiding Yes Oil Based Lubricant if you are practising safe sex with condoms or if you wear a diaphragm.


Overall, I was extremely impressed with the longevity, texture, taste and even the scent of Yes Oil Based Lubricant, as well as the research and development that has gone into manufacturing this product to produce the most skin friendly, safe lubricant possible. If you have any unanswered questions, I would recommend taking a look at their website in more detail, as they have lots of informative pages of information about nasty ingredients, as well as more detail about their lubricants. Although I still occasionally shy away from using this product vaginally, (Always the worrier.) I still love it and get a lot of use from it. I would highly recommend it to others, especially sensitive ladies who suffer reactions or irriations easily. You can purchase from the full range of Yes Lubricants at

Yes Oil Based Lubricant was kindly sent to me free of charge by for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.

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  1. Jojo
    Jojo says:

    Hi! I have a question about the use of this oil based lube and anal sex… You said that you used it for anal sex and that it was a very good lube for it, but something I was wondering was whether or not it was a good lube for use having anal sex with a condom. Both myself and my boyfriend are squeamish about the idea of having anal sex without a condom as there are some health risks involved with this… How much does the used of an oil based lube during anal sex compromise the use of a condom for this purpose?

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      I can’t tell you exactly how much the risk is increased, but I do know that oil based lubricants increase the chance of breaking/damaging latex condoms. I believe you can use oil based lubricants with polyurethane condoms without increasing the risk of damaging the condom, but I recommend researching this a little more, just to make sure.

  2. Lolly
    Lolly says:

    Thanks, I’ve been having a good look at their website and i think we’ll be buying some anyway as after reading up i’m also curious about using the oil & water based together which was suggested just got to stop the Oh from trying to buy it all straight away, he’s worse for impulse buying than me.
    Thanks again x

  3. Lolly
    Lolly says:

    Thanks for the great reviews. I’m also really sensitive so when i found a lubricant i liked i just stuck with it, a bit nervous to try any other ones but these sound really good.
    Also a little unsure about the oil base but i prefer the sound of that one texture and taste wise over the waterbased so i think we’ll be trying some of this in the near future 🙂

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      I admit I am squeamish about using oil based lubricants on the vagina, and I really would not recommend them usually, which is why I questioned Yes on what made their product so different and why they believed it was safe to use. The answers given did put my mind at ease and I have tried it multiple times vaginally with no negative reactions. I am still very paranoid myself about oil based lubricants and so the best I can do is let people know my opinion, the companies opinion and they can decide for themselves. I like it, which is unusual for me, because before this product I would have said “Avoid” to all oil based products being used vaginally. It was surprising for me that I actually preferred this over their water based version. Lolly, I hope you do get to try it someday and I hope you find it works well for you. (PS: Good luck in the giveaway.) x


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