Gritty Womans Writing Portfolio

Welcome to Gritty Woman’s writing portfolio. Here you will find all of the articles and guides that Gritty Woman has written for other companies, blogs and websites on the net.

June 2015:

Blogger Spotlight Interview for Electrastim.

January 2015:

Why you shouldn’t feel threatened by your partner’s sex toys for Save my Blushes

November 2014:

A Guide to Performing Mind Blowing Oral Sex for Save My Blushes

Choosing the Perfect Strap-on: A Christmas Gift Guide for That Position

October 2014:

How to Stimulate Erogenous Zones to Spice Up Your Sex Life for Save My Blushes

Communication: The Key to Great Prostate Stimulation for That Position

August 2014:

Anal Hygiene and Douching Guide for That Position

July 2014:

Enhancing Your Strap-On Sex Session: Dressing Up and Role Play for That Position

June 2014

The Sensual Side to Strap-On Sex for That Position

May 2014

Cara Sutra’s Sex Blogger Spotlight Series

Power Play: Combining Chastity and Strap-On Sex for That Position

April 2014

How To Spice Up Your Strap On Sex Sessions for That Position

March 2014

Strap-on Sex: A Female Perspective on Pegging for That Position