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Woohoo! Organic Lubricant Review

I was kindly sent a tube of Woohoo! organic lubricant from Woohoo! for review and the reason this product appealed to me, is because it has been made from entirely body safe, vagina friendly, organic ingredients. As a sensitive soul (I suffer vulva pain on a somewhat regular basis) I am really pleased to see more natural, organic, body safe lubricants appear on the market and if you have read my beginners guide to personal lubricants, you will see why I tend to avoid lubricants that contain ingredients like parabens and glycerine.

Woohoo! Lubricant Ingredients:

Aqua (Water); Cyamopsis tetragonolbus (Guar Gum); Ceratonia Siliqua (Locust bean gum); Aloe barbadensis leaf Juice powder (Aloe Vera); Camellia Sinensis (Green tea extract); Equisetem arvense (Horse tail extract);Carrageenan (Red seaweed extract); phenoxyethanol; Pottasium sorbate; Citric Acid.

In Use:

Unfortunately though, Woohoo! Lubricant let me down a little when it came to performance. This lubricant is rather watery and while I found it suitable for penis in vagina penetration, it let me down in other areas, such as anal sex and for use with larger sex toys, most noticeably those made from draggy silicone. Woohoo! Lubricant provides a thin layer of wetness, which leaves you feeling quite wet, but is just not thick enough to provide a heavy duty buffer between my skin and my silicone sex toys. Yes it helped, but it dried a little too quickly and the friction felt while using my toys was higher than when I used the thicker, and more gel-like, Sliquid Sassy. Overall, it was good for more lightweight activity, like intercourse with my partner and creating a slickness for finger to clitoris masturbation, although again, it does dry up quite quickly. Woohoo! Lubricant actually reminds me a lot of Yes Water based lubricant, in viscosity, colour, texture and performance. Both are natural, organic lubricants that are body safe and hypoallergenic, but both are more suitable for more “gentle” play.

One issue I have with Woohoo! Lubricant being runny, is that it is difficult to control. First of all, it tends to dribble out from the squeezy bottle it comes in (Without actually squeezing the bottle) as soon as you open the cap, which means that it gets everywhere unless you ensure your palm is ready to catch it as it streams out. Secondly, unlike more gel-like lubricants, it tends to be difficult to apply to sex toys, without it rushing down the sides of the shaft and covering the base. This is a little annoying. I think that a pump dispensing bottle would probably help control the lubricant better.

Due to the nature of the ingredients, Woohoo! Lube has a cloudy, semi-transparent appearance. It also has a very feint smell (Soapy) and quite a bitter taste. I would not recommend using it just before oral sex. As it starts to dry up, you will notice a slight tackiness on the skin. This tends to disappear as soon as the lubricant has completely soaked in. Being water based, this lubricant can be reactivated again with water, which means that you could feel tacky on and off for a while after use, due to sweating. It is safe to use on all sex toys, including silicone materials and compatible with condoms and diaphragms too.


When it comes to final thoughts, there are a few aspects to Woohoo! Lubricant that really appeal to me. It is organic and the creators have put a lot of effort into ensuring they chose vagina friendly ingredients in its creation. It would really suit those who suffer from sensitivities (I suffered no irritation or negative reactions from Woohoo! Lube) or just want to know that the product they are using is safe and healthy. It was perfectly acceptable at providing the slickness needed for enjoyable penis in vagina penetration too. I just personally would not recommend it for more hard core use. It is more of a gentle, natural lubricant, rather than the kind you would grab if you wanted to indulge in anal sex, or for use with larger, “draggy” sex toys. If you are looking for a paraben free, glycerine free lubricant that is more heavy duty, take a look at my review for Sliquid Sassy.

To find out more about Woohoo! Lubricant and where to purchase, visit woohoolube.co.uk

A bottle of Woohoo! Lubricant was kindly sent to me free of charge from Woohoolube.co.uk for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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