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Whooper Swan Vibrator Review

I was kindly sent the Swan Whooper from lovehoney.co.uk for an honest review and the Whooper (Along with the rest of the Swan range of sex toys.) has been on my own wish list for quite some time, so having the opportunity to review this gorgeous vibrator was exciting. The Whooper is a dual stimulator, or a rabbit style vibrator. It combines both internal stimulation and clitoral stimulation at the same time and unlike lots of standard rabbit style vibrators of the past, the Whooper, in my opinion, is much more aesthetically pleasing. Swan has not opted for the rabbit (Or other animal shaped.) ears, the noisy rotating beads, tacky colours and other such gimmicks usually associated with rabbit vibrators and instead, the Whooper Swan fits perfectly into the “Less is more” category as a sleek, simple and aesthetically pleasing vibrator that is both rechargeable and waterproof.


The Whooper Swan is very simple to use. It comes with two operating buttons. The lower button (The one nearest the base) controls the function of the larger, internal shaft and the button above controls the function of the clitoral arm. You can decide to run either one of the arms by itself, or have both vibrating at the same time.

You start the vibrations by pressing the button once. It always begins on its lowest vibration strength. The Whooper does not come with any pattern settings; it is a simple, continuous vibration. You can increase the power of the vibrations though. You need to press and hold the buttons down to increase the power of the vibrations. To turn the vibrations off, you need to give the same button a short, quick press. You cannot scroll back down through the power, you have to turn the vibrations off and start again with the pressing and holding if you decide you want less vibration at any point.

The Whooper is a rechargeable vibrator and it comes with a mains charger, which pins into the back of the Whooper. Swan state that a full charge (Which takes approx 2 hours.) will provide 7 hours of play time but my own experience was that it lasted approximately one hour before cutting out on me. I do tend to run it on full power though, often with both motors active, so I guess 7 hours is an estimate when used on low power, or maybe my Whooper is flaky. Who knows, but an hour is plenty enough time for me, it just means charging it every time I have used it.

My Experience Using The Whooper Swan:

The first time I experimented with the Swan Whooper, I was surprised to discover just how well it fit my body. Rabbit vibrators can often be a little hit or miss because, as a dual stimulator, they are trying to do two jobs at once. They are trying to be an insertable vibrator and a clitoral stimulator. The problem is that vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes and finding a rabbit that fits your own body can be hard work. I have experienced a few rabbit vibrators and most suffer with the same issue, that issue being that the clitoral stimulator either over-shoots, or under-shoots your clitoris. We can remedy this by bending the rabbit into awkward angles and positions, but in reality, we would love to find a rabbit that just fit us perfectly and hit the spot without any of this fidgeting around.  I have never come closer to experiencing that perfection than I did with the Whooper.

I put this down to the shape of this vibrator. The main shaft is curved and bulbous, so when I insert it, it sits right up behind my pubic bone and up against my g-spot with absolute perfection. It does this so comfortably because the large shaft is slightly flexible. It has enough flexibility to allow for comfort during use (It does not clatter and grate against the back of your pubic bone) but it has enough rigidity to provide a gentle, stimulating pressure up against the g-spot and to keep the Whooper’s internal shaft sitting nicely up behind the pubic bone, locked comfortably in place. The shape works so well that I can use the Whooper Swan completely hands free, including rocking or thrusting my hips and squeezing my pelvic floor muscles without the shaft slipping out of me. It just stays in place. I am very sensitive to rigid toys that clatter into my pubic bone or grate up against it and that sensation is very off putting. I never experience it with the Whooper due to that wonderful, flexible section on the shaft.

The clitoral arm also impressed me in that it actually came to rest right across the centre of my clitoris when I inserted the Whooper and went hands free. This rarely happens. It isn’t perfect, simply because I like my clitoral stimulation to be slightly lower, towards the tip of my clitoris and as such, I do have to angle it a little with my hands sometimes, (Nothing as extreme, or wrist aching, as I have had to do with other rabbits I have used though.) or simply rock my hips lightly when I am using it hands free to ensure the clitoral arm slides up and down the length of my clitoris, hitting all the right spots. The Whooper’s clitoral arm is bigger than a standard bullet vibrator, and of course, has a larger surface area than the traditional rabbit ears too, but it does still feel pin point to me, because this arm curves slightly, meaning that, unless I thrust my hips forward, the main part touching me is the tip of this arm, unless I press it down manually, or thrust against it, and then it flattens against my clitoris more. It doesn’t feel exactly like a bullet, or like rabbit ears, but something else. It provides a nice balance between extremely pin point, and a more diffuse sensation. I imagine any ladies with a more or less plump clitoris and vagina may experience the sensations differently than I did. Sometimes the clitoral arm could feel a little pokey, which wasn’t pleasant, but for the most part it sat in an almost perfect position and provided an almost perfect type of stimulation.

Then I turned on the vibrations and discovered the final reason that this luxury vibrator is a winner. The vibrations coming from the main shaft are extremely powerful, deep, rumbling and also extremely quiet. This is a discreet vibrator, even at the higher vibration settings and the sound can be easily disguised and almost hidden completely under a duvet. The vibrations from the main shaft feel so intense against my g-spot that I often have to leave it at a lower speed because it pushes me to g-spot orgasms faster than my clitoris can keep up and I become too sensitive to continue to a clitoral orgasm. I have very rarely reached g-spot orgasms from vibrations alone. I usually opt for a dildo and some fast jiggling, but the Whooper is something special. It just feels deeply intense and extremely good against the g-spot and once again the flexible neck stops it from becoming uncomfortable or unbearable. You can feel the vibrations rumbling through your whole pelvis. I would go as far as to say that the Whooper is the best g-spot vibrator I have ever used (Read: Not dildo. I still do have a preference for non vibrating g-spot toys.) The main shaft can be used against the clitoris too, which provides a different sensation from using the clitoral shaft because the larger arm has deeper, stronger vibrations. It does feel more diffuse of course. The Clitoral arm is no wimp either, and although the vibrations from this arm are less penetrating than from the larger arm, they are still strong and deep enough to bring me to orgasm every single time and I am a self confessed power seeker with a very fussy clitoris.

Cleaning and Care:

The Whooper Swan comes with many fantastic features, but one of the best, aside from being rechargeable, is that it is waterproof. Not having to worry about getting any of the components wet or damaged with liquid means the Whooper is very easy to keep clean. There are no seams, holes or demarcation lines to trap lube or other fluids. Use some antibacterial soap and some hot water and give it a good rinse. The Whooper is made from high quality silicone, which is matte and quite ‘grabby’ so it does tend to attract dust and lint easily. Keep it in its storage pouch to reduce this. I would only recommend using a water-based lubricant with the Whooper, as silicone lubricants could damage the surface of this vibrator, leaving it feeling tacky.


Despite its many amazing qualities, the Whooper Swan does have a few little niggles. The main one being that this vibrator is quite easy to accidentally turn off during use. The problem is that short, quick presses on the same button will then switch that motor off, so if you accidentally hit the button during your play, you have to press it back on and hold it down to get back to where you were before, and it is reasonably easy to hit those buttons, as they are placed exactly where you would hold the vibrator during use. Another issue with the buttons can be if you wish to scroll through the power in small increments, because quick presses turn the Whooper off, meaning you to have to press and hold again to turn it back on and get back to your desired speed. Now this does not happen often enough to render the Whooper useless or annoying, but it happens often enough to be noteworthy. Luckily, it does not take too long to switch the Whooper back on and have it set back to your ideal power level. If, like me, you often just whack your vibrators up to full and leave it there, then you will not have much trouble with the Whooper and its button operations.

The second niggle is that the Whooper has a seam that runs all the way around the vibrator. This seam can be seen, and felt under the fingertips. I only mention this because it is advertised as a seamless toy, which it isn’t. I guess for such an expensive toy, I would expect a seamless, perfectly smooth insertable, but this seam it is not noticeable during use, so it is a minor aesthetic issue, rather than a problem with the function.


Waterproof. Very quiet vibrations. Powerful, deep, rumbling vibrations. Luxury, silky soft, matte silicone. Rechargeable (Lasts a good time between charges.) Looks and feels luxurious.


As with all rabbit vibrators, it might not suit everyone’s anatomy in the same way. The vibrations can often be accidentally turned off due to the placement of the buttons and the way they operate. The seam running around the vibrator detracts a little from the luxury look and feel.


What I love about the Whooper is that it offers all of the stimulation I need, without having to mess around switching out toys, or trying to hold a dildo inside me and a vibrator against me. It is simple, easy and comfortable and provides all this sensations I desire from one toy, a toy that I do not even have to hold on to half of the time, let alone do much work with, to achieve lots of pleasure. It does most of the work for me, and I am hard work. Considering that, I have to give the Whooper top marks. It is head and shoulders the best rabbit style vibrator I have ever tried and it even gets very high marks when compared against other, non rabbit vibrators too. On top of this, it looks gorgeous and is made from body safe, luxury materials. I don’t think I could wish for much more from a rabbit vibrator.

You can purchase the Whooper Swan here at lovehoney.co.uk

The Whooper Swan was kindly sent to me free of charge by lovehoney for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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