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We-Vibe Touch Vibrator Review

The We-Vibe Touch has been upgraded . Click here to read my review of the upgraded We-Vibe Touch.

I was kindly sent the We-Vibe Touch vibrator directly from We-Vibe for an honest review and I have my own little history with We-Vibe products. The first We-Vibe vibrator I owned was the We-Vibe 2 and I was left feeling disappointed. (The We-Vibe 2 really is a ‘Marmite toy. Some love it, some don’t and I fall very firmly into the ‘Don’t’ group.) It look me quite a while after this first experience to give We-Vibe products another chance, but eventually I hesitantly purchased the We-Vibe Tango after reading rave reviews and having great recommendations from other bloggers who also require powerful vibrations. The We-Vibe Tango blew my mind, becoming my favourite, and most raved about, clitoral vibrator to date (And I have tried plenty). I realized I had probably made a snap decision after my first experience with We-Vibe products and decided I needed to try more of their toys. The We-Vibe Touch called out to me.

Product Spec and Operation:

The We-Vibe Touch is a powerful, palm sized, rechargeable vibrator primarily designed to stimulate external parts of the female and male body. It can be used to stimulate the clitoris, penis, testicles, perineum and anus, as well as being surprisingly suitable for body massage. I don’t usually use my vibrators for actual massage, but seriously, that pointed tip gets right into all muscle knots and vibrates the aches away nicely. The Touch measures 4 inches in total length, 4.5 inches in circumference around the widest section and is made from high quality, body safe silicone. It is completely waterproof too, making it suitable for use in the bath or shower. It comes with a mains charger, and it will require at least 90 minutes of charging before use. This will give you up to 2 hours of play time before you will need to recharge.

The We-Vibe Touch has 8 vibration modes. The first four are continuous speed settings, low, medium, high and ultra (Oh yes! More vibrators need to come with an “Ultra” setting.) Setting 5 is a slow pulse, setting six is a wave pattern, setting seven is a fast pulse and setting eight is a ‘cha-cha’ pattern. You simply use the single button at the base of the Touch, to cycle through these pattern settings and you hold down the button for a few seconds to turn off the vibrator. One thing to note is that the Touch comes with a memory. It will always begin on the setting it was on when you last turned off the vibrator, which is ideal for people like me, who always switch their toys to high, but may be slightly inconvenient if you prefer to build up through different settings. If the latter applies to you, you will need to begin each session by cycling back to your usual starting point. All of the settings are very quiet, making the Touch a very discreet vibrator. If I place the Touch under my duvet and walk to the other side of my bedroom, I cannot hear it at all, even with no background noise.

In Use:

I was looking forward to testing the We-Vibe Touch. After all, I loved the We-Vibe Tango, but that vibrator is rigid, plastic, and bullet shaped. The Touch is a slightly flexible, silicone vibrator and it has an unusual shape too, resembling a short, fat spoon. (One side curves outwards and the other dips inwards.) It became apparent very quickly that I was onto another winner with the We-Vibe Touch. The Touch doesn’t feel quite as powerful as the Tango, but I believe this is caused by the vibrations being dampened, ever so slightly, as they travel through the silicone (Vibrations travel much better through the plastic toys, like the Tango.) Brilliantly though, We-Vibe used the same powerful motor in the Touch as they did in the Tango (I love this motor.) and so surprisingly, there really is not that much in it. The Touch is powerful enough to bring me to orgasm easily on the lowest settings, and I can’t say this about many vibrators. (In fact, I think the Tango is the only other vibrator that can do this.) The exciting thing is, that the Touch does not just bring me to orgasm, it brings me to amazing feeling orgasms. The vibrations on the Touch are deep and rumbling, not clitoris numbing, or so buzzy that I have to remove the vibrator from my clitoris at the point of orgasm due to over sensitivity. I can keep it in place and really enjoy a powerful, longer lasting orgasm. On top of this, the silicone provides a nice amount of drag, which I actually prefer because the toy stays right where I want it, rather than slipping out of position easily. You can either use the Touch as it is, with drag included, or add lubricant to completely remove the dragging sensations altogether.

The We-Vibe Touch, and its unusual cupped shape, provide a fair amount of versatility to each session. For example, using the back of the ‘spoon’ gave a more diffuse vibration all over my clitoris and vulva, using the edges of the Touch in between my labia and clitoris provided direct clitoral stimulation up the entire length of my clitoris, whereas using the very tip of the Touch provided an intense pin point stimulation exactly where I wanted to feel it. It is also possible to ‘cup’ your clitoris inside the ‘spoon’. This was not my favourite way to use the Touch, because what tended to happen was that I felt the most powerful vibrations all around my clitoris (At the edges of the cup shape.) but the vibrations against my clitoris felt gentler. Although this was not my preferred method, I can see the advantages to using it this way, especially if you have quite a sensitive clitoris and direct, intense stimulation feels too much for you. Using the Touch during intercourse with either dildos or my partner, was a breeze. It curves nicely around the pubic mound and stays out of the way, for the most part, during sex. It is truly a pleasure to build up to orgasm with the We-Vibe Touch, due to its powerful vibrations and its versatile shape and feel.

It is probably also worth mentioning that the We-Vibe Touch can be used for shallow penetration. Although not designed to be used internally, I enjoyed inserting the cup and feeling those powerful vibrations travel to my g-spot area. It is not an ideal g-spot toy, as it is just too short, but it does provide some nice sensations when used for shallow penetration.

Male Experience:

There are lots of vibrators out there, that are great for male use, but the cupped, curved shape of the We-Vibe Touch make this vibrator one of the most suitable ‘shared’ vibrators. (Being great for both male and female bodies to share.) The cupped shape ‘hugged’ my partners penis, and with some lubricant added, I could slide the Touch up and down his length, using the tip occasionally to stimulate the more sensitive areas, like the frenulum. Both of us enjoyed the sensations when the Touch was used to stimulate the perineum and anus. My partner is quite fussy with vibrations, requiring them to be deep, powerful and rumbling for him to experience orgasm, yet the Touch manages to easily bring him to orgasm on its own. No other stimulation required. This is a testament to how good those vibrations feel.

Cleaning and Care:

The We-Vibe Touch is completely waterproof, so aside from being shower and bath friendly, it is also super easy to keep clean. (Which is great, because the silicone is a bit of a lint magnet.) Use some antibacterial soap and hot water and give it a good rinse. Stick to using water based lubricants, as silicone lubricant could damage the surface material. The Touch comes with a storage pouch, which helps keep the material clean and protected between uses.


The We-Vibe Touch sits in equal place as my personal favourite clitoral vibrator, along with its brother, the We-Vibe Tango. The Tango has the edge when it comes to power, but the Touch has the edge when it comes to versatility and considering the vibrations on the Touch are more than powerful enough to please me, a self confessed power seeker, I would say the Touch is an all round winner. Aside from feeling great and being so versatile, the Touch is also simple to care for and is made from body safe materials. It has a few very minor niggles, like having to scroll through the vibration settings if you accidentally click past your favourite, but overall it is a fantastic vibrator.


You can purchase the We-Vibe Touch from Lovehoney and Simply Pleasure

The We-Vibe Touch was kindly sent to me free of charge from we-vibe.com for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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