Welcome to my Video Reviews Gallery

I started making video reviews because, when writing sex toy reviews, or even reading them, I often felt there were some things missing, like sound. I know it is important to me, and to others, that their sex toys are discreet. Another great thing with video reviews is that you get a better idea of the products size and shape in 3 dimensions as it is being held in somebodies hands.  As well as sounds and dimensions, I personally find video reviews helpful to watch how a toy is operated. Are the buttons stiff? What do the pattern settings sound like? Does it look and sound powerful? How does it move? For all these reasons, I began making my own video reviews to share with my readers. I hope you find them helpful.  If you prefer to read in more detail, please check out my written reviews.

Video Shorts

As well as Video Reviews I also produce Video Shorts. Each of which demonstrate one or two particular aspects of a product.