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Meiki Utensil Race Fame Male Masturbator Review

I was kindly sent the Meiki Utensil Race Fame from Lovehoney for an honest review and this was our first experience with a Utensil Race product. Utensil Race is a range of male masturbation sleeves, made in Japan and I was curious to discover how well this brand would perform, especially when we compared it to some of the masturbation sleeves we already own, including products from the well known brands Tenga and Fleshlight.

Product Information:

All of the Utensil Race masturbation sleeves are designed to look and feel realistic. The Fame is no exception and as one of the larger sleeves in the collection, it is designed to look like the female pelvis, including the waist (With little belly button), vulva and buttocks. Please note though, that the Fame is not “to scale” or life-like in size like some anatomical sleeves are. It is larger than most hand-held masturbation sleeves, weighing 600g and often requiring two hands to hold and manipulate, but it is still small enough to be used as a hand held masturbator if you so desired.

It was difficult to measure the Fame, due to its unique shape, but measuring from each entrance to the end of the Fame, I worked out that the internal canal length is roughly 5 to 5.5 inches long, meaning it may be too short to penetrate fully if you are above average in length. The circumference around the waist (The slimmest section) is 13.5 inches and the circumference around the buttocks/vulva measures 15.5 inches, so as you can see, this is a bulky sleeve.

I could not find much information about the materials used to create the Fame, other than it is described as “Super Real Feel”. This is a soft, squishy, stretchy material that most closely resembles the material used to create Fleshlight sleeves, but with a few important differences. First of all, the Utensil Race Fame gives off a smell that I associate with cheap jelly strokers. (An oily, chemical smell) This smell lingers on the hands (and any other body part that it touches), which I have to say, was off-putting. It also leaves an oily residue on my hands and as you can see from my images, this oily residue has also leeched onto the packaging. This is also off-putting and I have to say, I have never experienced this smell or residue from the Fleshlight material. Considering that this oily residue can leak out of the toy, I am inclined to believe that other substances can leech into the material, which would make the Fame porous. If any of this concerns you at all, I recommend using a condom when penetrating the Fame.

The Fame comes with two separate entrances (vagina and anus) and these have independent canals, both containing a unique texture that feels different from the other. The Fames texture consists of many ripples and ridges, small and large, subtle and noticeable and this texture begins right after insertion, so no matter what size your penis, it will be constantly brushing against these textured walls within.


Our Experiences Using the Utensil Race Fame:

When it comes to size, the Fame manages to slot somewhere in between the small hand held sleeves and the larger, life-sized anatomical designs. It is small enough to use as a hand held masturbator, although its bulk often requires two hands to hold and manipulate it accurately. I found the easiest way to move the Fame when he was on his back, was to rock it back and forth in place, rather than lift it up and down. This reduced the potential for arm ache. At the other end of the scale, the Fame is large and heavy enough to place on a flat surface and thrust into, hands free, although any fast or hard thrusting is likely to cause it to slide, so holding onto it is preferable. I had been after a toy that he could thrust into, hands free for quite some time and the Fame delivered in that respect and provided some nice visuals for the both of us to enjoy.

Because the Fame lacks a solid outer case (like the Fleshlight and Tenga Flip Holes) it can be squeezed and manipulated during use, to make the canals feel tighter, or to make the texture more obvious, which is obviously a great feature because you can heighten the stimulation as and when you please. The texture starts to stimulate you immediately upon insertion and continues throughout the entire canal, but your experience will feel slightly different, depending on which entrance you choose to penetrate. The Vaginal canal has less texture and although it still feels highly enjoyable, with two or three noticeably broad ridges stimulating the length of the penis, it is slightly more subtle than the anal canal, which contains more of these broad ridges and bumps. Both canals were enjoyable and provide enough stimulation to take him to orgasm. My partner described the Fame as being more intense than his Fleshlight sleeves, but less intense than his Tenga Flip Holes, so it sits somewhere between these two brands in terms of intensity.

Because the Fame lacks an opening at the back of the sleeve, we did wonder how well it would function. Would it cause lots of “trapped air” noises? Would the pressure as he thrust inside, cause his penis to be pushed back out? Luckily, neither of these things happened. The Fame was one of the quieter masturbation sleeves we had tried and he had no trouble penetrating the sleeve. I think the only downside to this design was that it couldn’t be rinsed through with running water quite as easily as other styles which do contain this opening.


Unfortunately, despite how enjoyable the Utensil Race Fame felt during use, it comes with a few disappointing flaws, one of which was more disappointing than most; it tore on us after just two uses. The anal opening, which began as a small hole, roughly the same circumference as a pen, developed a long tear that I measured at 1/5 inches in length. The material is just so soft and delicate that it can be damaged easily by any sharp objects (including fingernails) and I imagine this is a common issue with Utensil Race products, especially the thinner ones (which the Fame is not). My partner’s penis is of average proportions and we used plenty of lubricant, so I can’t even say this damage was caused by misuse or being too rough with the Fame. The vaginal canal seems okay so far, but the anal canal has lost some of the initial tightness that felt good.

As already mentioned, the material used to make the Fame has a lingering odour and is leeching an oily substance, which is off-putting. I expected better quality materials from such an expensive sex toy and was highly disappointed in the build quality overall.

Cleaning and Care:

Because the Fame lacks an opening at the end of each canal, cleaning becomes slightly more awkward. I found the best method was to apply some mild soap to my fingers, insert them into the sleeve and then allow water to continually run into the canal for a minute or two. One good thing about the Utensil Race material is that is does not dry sticky like Fleshlight material does. It goes mildly tacky when damp and returns to being non-tacky when dry. You can speed up the process and apply cornstarch to the surface, but we found this to be unnecessary. Due to the delicate nature of this material, I highly recommend sticking to water based lubricants as I believe oil and silicone based lubricants will make this material sticky over time. I also recommend storing the Fame away from other sex toys and any sharp objects, to prolong its life.


The Utensil Race Fame feels fantastic. I liked that it comes with two separate canals that feel different from the other and watching him slide into the Fame was erotic. I believe it would appeal to those who would enjoy that kind of visual stimulation. We had no complaints with regards to the look and feel of the product in use, but ultimately the material quality was a big letdown. I did not like the smell, or the greasy sensation I felt on my hands after each use and I was not keen on giving him oral or putting him inside me after using this sleeve. On top of this, the material was just too fragile, tearing quite dramatically after just 2 uses. Not what I expected from such an expensive sex toy. Yes, the Fame feels great in use, but you can purchase a Fleshlight for roughly half the price and I have never had issues with those tearing, or leeching a smelly, oily residue. Even our Flip Holes (noted for having a 50 use shelf life) have outlasted our Utensil Race Fame. Our experience was disappointing and we no longer feel inclined to purchase, or recommend the Utensil Race range.

 You can purchase the Utensil Race Fame (and other toys from the Utensil Race brand) from

The Utensil Race Fame was kindly sent to me free of charge by for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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