Uberkinky Stainless Steel Spiral Chastity Device

Uberkinky’s Stainless Steel Spiral Chastity Device Review

This is the Spiral Stainless Steel Chastity device and I purchased this cage from Uberkinky.com after spending months tirelessly searching for the most suitable, long term chastity cage for my partner. Uberkinky actually sell two Spiral Chastity Devices. They have their original Spiral Chastity Device, which is cheaper to purchase but is made from iron and is therefore more suited to short term chastity and they have the stainless steel Spiral chastity device, which is more suitable for long term wear due to the fact that stainless steel will not rust. Double check that you are choosing the correct version before you purchase, to avoid any disappointment later.

The Spiral chastity device is our second chastity device. We have previously reviewed the Metal Worx Cock Cage and after our experiences with that device, we decided to take our time, do some research and ensure we chose the most suitable cage for my partner. The Uberkinky Spiral Chastity Device was the one that sounded most ideal, for the following reasons:

  • Fit:

Fitting was obviously important. We wanted a cage that he could comfortably wear 24/7. It needed to be tight enough that he could not remove it easily, if at all, but it also had to provide a high level of comfort. He cannot wear a chastity device 24/7 if it is crushing his testicles, cutting off his blood supply or digging into his skin, causing small nicks (oh I am looking at you Metal Worx Cock Cage). Having limited experience with chastity devices, it was quite difficult to figure out how to take the best measurements for fitting, so for the most part we were working on trial and error. When I discovered that the Spiral Chastity Device comes with 2 different sized rings (40mm and 45mm), I was over the moon. There are not many metal chastity devices that give you 2 chances to get a good fit, so this was bonus number one.

  • Material:

I wanted to get him a metal device, but I had to ensure I chose stainless steel, because steel and iron can rust and that is not good if you intend to wear the device in the bath or shower, or even wash it often. As his first long term device, I did worry that metal would be a bad choice, because it is heavier than plastic and this might cause more discomfort over time. I was reassured however, by reading positive reviews of the Spiral Chastity device and discovering that those men found it comfortable for long term wear. The Spiral Chastity Device does not feel too heavy and this is because it is not one solid piece of metal. Instead, it is made up of a spiral of metal rod, curved into shape. There are more gaps to this chastity device than there is metal and that helps to reduce the overall weight. Being a lightweight metal chastity device was bonus number two.

  • Price:

I wanted to get him a solid, long lasting device that did not cost an arm and a leg to purchase and I think the Spiral Chastity Device is very reasonably priced and good value for money. There are quite a few plastic and silicone devices cost more than the Spiral and in my opinion, these are less strong.

In use:

We experimented with the two main rings and eventually decided that the larger ring was the most suitable fit for him, being just loose enough to allow for good blood flow, but tight enough to avoid the device slipping off. It can be slightly fiddly to get these solid rings over your penis and testicles, but I wholeheartedly recommend choosing a device with a solid main ring, like the Spiral. Hinged rings can open and close slightly during wear and they can nip at the skin, causing irritation and even small cuts. If you do struggle to slip the ring on, I recommend using lubricant. This method also avoids any chafing or friction.

Getting the cage portion on his penis was a little fiddly too and during our first attempts we noticed that the loose skin on his penis would just bunch up around the opening of the cage and his foreskin would be pulled back. This is not really comfortable, but we soon learnt about a particular method that avoids this. Simply get hold of some nylon stockings, or a very thin sock and insert your penis into the aforementioned nylon so that it looks like a baggy condom. Now slide the main portion of the cage over your nylon covered penis, as far as you can, before grabbing and pulling the end of the nylon out through the tip of the cage. The nylon/sock will help to comfortably pull your penis into the cage and will avoid the skin bunching up around the base of the cage. Simply cut the stocking into a shorter length, if you find that the material is jamming up the cage.

Once the main section of the cage was attached, it was almost impossible for my partner to remove the Spiral Chastity Device, as he could not pull his testicles out through the small gap between ring and cage. He discovered that it was possible to remove his completely flaccid penis out through the gap between the main ring and the cage section, but he found it extremely difficult to get it back in again and was too afraid to risk getting an erection while his penis was removed in this way. It would have hurt quite a bit. I was really pleased with this. It meant that he was very unlikely to attempt any kind of standard masturbation or escape and it felt a lot more real for us both.

Because the Spiral Chastity Device was his first long term device, I was expecting to have to take it slow and build up to him wearing it for longer periods of time. I was really surprised then, when he managed to wear it for a full 24 hours on his first attempt and reported that it felt entirely comfortable. He has been wearing the Spiral Chastity Device, on and off, for the last few months now and he only has one issue with it. That issue is erections.

It is not possible for him to get a full erection whilst wearing the Spiral Chastity Device, but erections still try to occur and as the blood flows in, the cage and ring started to feel tighter and tighter around his genitals. Eventually, his penis was bulging out through the rings in the Spiral cage (Which I thought looked fantastic) and his penis and testicles began turning red. He finds the tightness uncomfortable and most of the pain was caused by the rings squeezing around his penis and the main ring digging into the underside of his testicles (Neither of these things happen when he is flaccid). Night times are the worst for him. He has not yet got used to being woken up each night due to uncomfortable nocturnal erections. It takes a while for the penis to return to its flaccid state because the rings act in a similar way to cock rings do and they trap the blood in his penis for longer. Going for a pee and walking around can help him return to his flaccid state quicker, but he can be trying to ‘will’ his erection away for up to 20 minutes at a time and if he has 3 or 4 nocturnal erections, he gets pretty grumpy and sleep deprived. I have been told this is completely normal with chastity and he will get used to this sensation in time, but he is still reasonably new to this and I want him to enjoy the process slowly, so I only leave the cage on overnight, a few nights a week.

I must admit that during bedtime fun, the sadist in me does enjoy teasing him until he develops an erection (or as much of an erection as he can manage inside the steel cage). I would say he can only grow to roughly 1/4 his normal size, but I still enjoy applying a little lubricant and giving him a hand job or even oral sex, while he remains trapped inside the cage. He only feels the sensations to roughly half of his penis and the cage prevents him from pulling the skin back and forth over his penis, so he cannot masturbate in the usual way. All he can feel is a gentle tickling over 50% of his skin and that is a massive tease and a huge frustration for him. For me, it is just another reason I adore the Spiral Chastity Device. While it was impossible for him to masturbate in any normal fashion, we did discover that he could still orgasm while wearing the device, especially if he was denied for a long time and we used vibrations again the cage, underside of his scrotum or against his prostate. Again this is something that is possible in most devices and not a fault with the Spiral.

Another thing we love about the Spiral is that this device can easily be hidden under clothing. It is not noticeable under his jeans (even reasonably fitted jeans) and we even experimented with him wearing no underwear at all, but still it is barely noticeable unless someone is staring hard at your crotch. I do not recommend ditching the undies though as this cage does make the occasional clinking noise if it is allowed to move around freely. It is best worn under tight fitting underwear for complete discretion.

Cleaning and Care:

Thankfully, this Spiral Chastity Device is made from stainless steel, so you can bathe and shower with it on and because the device is not closed (There are lots of gaps in the steel) you can have a somewhat reasonable clean while wearing it. I still recommend you remove the device every few days to have an in depth wash if you want to avoid getting smelly. The Spiral is really simple to clean. It is all metal and can be washed in hot, soapy water within minutes. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or cleaning cloths though, as you don’t want to scratch your Spiral Device. One final note; the padlock that comes with the Spiral device is NOT made from stainless steel and the insides can rust up over time. We discovered this after a few months of use. The key began to get jammed inside the keyhole and would not slide very well. That was a little scary! I advise getting hold of some rust-proof padlocks. On the plus side, this padlock and key set is a master set, so the lock cannot be picked.


After months of consideration, I decided to purchase the Uberkinky Spiral Chastity Device for my partner and neither of us have had any regrets. The Spiral has been used regularly, both for long term chastity and bedroom fun. Aside from some uncomfortable erections he has found it comfortable, easy to care for, attach and wear. It might be comfortable overall, but there is no easy escaping from the Spiral Chastity Device and I love that I can lock him up and know, without a doubt that his cock is on lock down until I am ready to set him free. We both get a lot of enjoyment from the Spiral Chastity device and would definitely recommend it, even to beginners, because that’s exactly what we were when we got it and we have had no problems at all.

You can purchase the Spiral Chastity Device here at uberkinky.co.uk

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  1. David Jordan
    David Jordan says:

    Dear Gritty Woman,
    WE bought the spiral chastity cage less than a year ago and It fell off using the middle size ring so I went to the smaller ring and I think I can get out of it. what can I do to make it not so easy to get out of it ? I have been sleeping with it on also. The cage is not that easy to put on either using a sock. are there extra rings I can purchase?

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Hi David. In our experience, most “one-size-fits-all” chastity devices are escapable. Yes, some are more difficult than others, but with a bit of patience, my partner can escape from each device we own, including the CB6000, the Bon4 and the Spiral. It is quite difficult to find a device that will fit so well that you literally cannot escape from it; not without getting a particularly good quality, “made to fit” device (and even sometimes then you can escape). Have you had a read through my chastity device fitting guide? It talks about fitting, but I also mention the ability to escape. It is also possible for some men to reach orgasm inside devices (using vibrators, or even just the power of the mind). At first, the fact my partner could escape from most devices was a bit disheartening, but as time went on, we realised the power of chastity is in the mind. The device is simply a constant physical reminder of who is in control. Now, you could remove the device…but imagine how disappointed you (and your dominant) would feel? The power comes from letting go and giving up that control, to the point where you would not think of removing the device, even if you could.

      However, I do understand the desire to find a totally secure device. I know that you can purchase additional parts for some of the more popular brands (such as the CB6000) which will reduce your ability to escape. For example, check out the “KSD-g3” or the “Points of Intrigue” in the Chastity accessories section at Uberkinky. These small add-ons are designed to stop you pulling out of the CB6000 device. There are other such additions you can purchase for different devices, but unfortunately none that are available for the Spiral chastity device (That I can think of anyway). If you want to be extra sure, I recommend contacting Uberkinky and asking, as they will be able to tell you if they have any such add-ons (or whether they sell smaller rings). Uberkinky are exceptionally helpful in my experience, so this might be a good thing to try next.

      • Amy
        Amy says:

        Do you think a small not and bolt can be found for the spiral device ? I guess I’ll take one of the other rings to Lowes to see if I can find one .. I want a perminate lock for my boy do you have any other suggestions?

        • GrittyWoman
          GrittyWoman says:

          I have no idea if you could get a nut and bolt, but I guess there are options for permanently locking the cage. I do not have much experiene on this myself, but throwing away the keys to a master lock (and somehow jamming or sealing the key slot in the padlock) might be one option. Other than that (and the PA piercing option) I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. This might be something I look into next. In the meantime, I hope you find some answers!

  2. Eddie
    Eddie says:

    While I would love to agree enthusiastically with you about this device, because I’ve been looking for just such a thing for months (have been wearing a couple different Jailhouse M200 devices with either a flaking or a rusting problem), I cannot.

    It fits wonderfully, very comfy, no issues there; but it is SO easy to self-pleasure with this on. I haven’t had an orgasm in 5 months, and trying for one in this after being in the other one with less exposure of the underside of the head and much thicker bars, it almost happened. Had to stop before an unauthorized event occurred.

    The search continues….

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Hi Eddie. Yes, I also mentioned this in the review. My partner can definitely reach orgasm while he wears this device. As my partner and I gain more knowledge with chastity (and since reviewing more devices after it), we have come to realise that “where there is a will, there is a way”. My partner could orgasm in almost any chastity device. Yes, some make it more difficult than others, but considering he can reach orgasm from such things as prostate play and holding a vibrator against his perineum (Without any penis stimulation) I realise that it might be impossible to find him a device that completely removes his ability to climax…if he tries. Some cages, such as the Spiral, do even allow you to stimulate the penis with a finger, or small vibrator and some may even slide slightly over your penis, producing friction. We ave not tried any custom made devices, but considering my partner doesn’t even need direct stimulation to his penis to orgasm, I don’t think those would be fail safe either. In my opinion (and it is just my opinion and experience) most devices will allow a male to reach orgasm if he tries hard enough. Heck, some males in chastity have even learned how to orgasm from using the mind alone! (That is an amazing talent!) So yeah…”Where there is a will…” I do wish you luck in your search. I think that, if you can ONLY orgasm from direct stimulation to the head or frenulum, you might find that a closed device (Maybe like the CB range?) will drastically reduce (or stop altogether) your ability to orgasm. Personally, while I do believe it is possible to orgasm in most devices (and I think a lot of men discover this), the thought of disappointing their dominant, or breaking their chastity rules etc, will stop them. So the device provides this extra mental layer of protection (if that makes sense) – like you mentioned “Stopping before an unauthorised event” 😀 The psychology of wearing the device and submitting to another’s will can be a very powerful part of chastity. Anyway, good luck Eddie and do let us know if you find a fantastic device. I may add it to my review list.

    • Eddie
      Eddie says:

      I bought it straight from the UK Uberkinky site and had it very quickly out on the west coast of the US. Just wish it weren’t so easy to self-pleasure in. Otherwise it’s wonderful!

  3. Nate
    Nate says:

    Thanks for the review. I have been thinking about getting a chastity device but yet hesitant. By what you say it can be fun for short time use which is probably how I use it.

  4. naughtyreenie
    naughtyreenie says:

    I’ve thought about getting my partner a Chastity device, but he got too scared of it. He’s scared it’s going to be painful as hell. It does look painful too….Well, I don’t really have a dick to know much about this…
    But it didn’t sound as painful as I thought it would be. Maybe this would change my partner’s idea =P

    • steelcage
      steelcage says:

      My girl just finally convinced me to try one and after a week its actually quite comfortable. I had to get used to the added weight though. I needed to trim my pubes so they wouldn’t pinch or get caught. My erections can’t be helped and are constricted when they do occur.
      I suggest using some baby oil on the penis to help avoid chaffing to the sensitive skin. I use mine for short term use only, at most 24 to 48 hrs. I clean my religiously with soap and water plus alcohol to disinfect. As for wearing g under clothing, there is a slight bulge when wearing pants (khakis or denim) so in my experience there is no hiding it. But who cares. I also don’t wear underwear with my chastity cage. Hope this helps ;-)!

  5. Heaven
    Heaven says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed this Chasity. I was looking at getting on for a member of mines at one point this sounds good from a step up from the one they have now.


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