Traz Rhino Penis Extenders - Genesis, Sleek and Stampede

The Traz Rhino Penis Extenders Review

If you have an interest in increasing the size of your penis (especially for sexual purposes) then you probably already know about penis extenders. Often made from a soft jelly or rubber material, the sleeve-like extenders are designed to be worn on the penis, giving you more length/girth for penetrating your partner. While this is a perfectly valid reason to purchase a penis extender, it wasn’t my main motivation. I wouldn’t describe myself as a size queen, but I am a huge chastity, tease and denial enthusiast. I wanted to get my hands on a quality penis extender so that I could remove his ability to feel the inside of my vagina during sex. It seemed like a deliciously evil way to tease him.

Sadly, there are not that many high-quality extenders on the market. Because I planned to insert this sex toy into my vagina, I was determined to find one made from entirely body safe materials. Aside from solid, plastic extenders (ouch) the only logical option was high-quality silicone.

Enter the Rhino penis extenders, made by a company called Traz. At the time of writing, there are three Rhino extenders to choose from and you get to select from a variety of colours and internal textures during the checkout process (some options cost extra). Traz also give you the opportunity to design your own extender. All of the extenders are made from 100% platinum silicone, so they are free from irritating chemicals (phthalates, latex etc). They are also incredibly easy to keep hygienically clean.

Fitting your Rhino Penis Extender:

The Rhino Penis extenders have been designed to fit on penises measuring from 4-5 inches to 7 inches in length. All of the extenders contain three separate parts; the silicone sleeve, the sizing plug and what Traz describes as the “no-slip grip tip” (a small plug that you push into the tip of the extender).

To fit (and initially resize) your extender, you need to push the larger sizing plug into the extender until it reaches the very tip. If you apply a little water-based lubricant to the plug, it will slide in a lot easier. The next step is to insert your penis into the extender. In an ideal world, you will be able to completely insert your penis into the extender, but don’t worry if you can’t. You can always remove the sizing plug and trim it down if you need to. Before penetrating your partner (and with your penis fully inserted into the sleeve), you should push the small grip tip into the hole at the top of the extender sleeve. When this small hole is plugged, it will create a vacuum inside the extender. This vacuum helps to hold the sleeve in place during intercourse.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the Rhino extenders:

The Rhino Genesis:

The Rhino Genesis measures 8 inches in length and has a circumference of 6.25 inches when not attached to a penis/dildo. The sides/walls of the Genesis measure 0.4 inches thick. When we attached the Genesis to my partner’s erect penis, his overall circumference rose from his usual 5.3 inches to 6.75 inches.

The Rhino Sleek:

The Rhino Sleek looks very similar to the Rhino Genesis, but it is slimmer overall. The Sleek measures 8 inches in length and has a circumference of 5.25 inches when not attached to a penis/dildo. The sides/walls measure 0.25 inches thick. When we attached the Sleek to my partner’s erect penis, his circumference rose from 5.3 inches to 6.2 inches.

The Rhino Stampede:

The Rhino Stampede is described by Traz as “the baddest Rhino of all” and they are not wrong. The Stampede has the exact same measurements as the Rhino Genesis, but it comes with a rough grain surface. This texture increases the stimulation for the person being penetrated.

Our Experiences with the Rhino Penis Extenders:

My partner’s penis measures approximately 5 inches in length and we did find that there was a slight gap between the tip of his penis and the base of the sizing plug. This meant that we didn’t have to trim the sizing plug. I was initially worried that the gap would cause problems during use (for example, the sides of the extender collapsing when he pulled out of me) but this really wasn’t an issue. The silicone walls are reasonably thick (even on the Rhino Sleek) so the extenders hold their shape quite well.

After checking the sizing, we moved onto the fun stuff. One of the first things to impress us was how easy these extenders are to use. It all lies in the genius of the small grip tip. With the grip tip removed, there is no resistance inside the extender. He could now apply a small dollop of lubricant and slide effortlessly into the canal.

Since he found it so easy to slide in and out of the Rhino extenders, he wanted to try them as male masturbation sleeves. As far as we can tell, all of the extenders have the same size canal, which means they all provide a similar experience when it comes to tightness. In his experience, the extenders felt snug but comfortable. The raised, ribbed texture produces a stimulating rumble along the entire length of his penis and this really helped to push him towards climax. His overall opinion is that the extenders feel good when used as masturbation sleeves, but he wouldn’t choose to use them over his Tenga Flip-Holes, or the efficiency of his hand.

Next, we tested the extenders during penis-in-vagina penetration. He slipped into the Rhino Sleek and pushed the small grip tip into the hole at the tip of the extender. The grip tip helps create a vacuum inside the extender and boy does it work! Curious about the strength of the vacuum, I asked him to try pulling the extender off his penis. We were both surprised to find that this was really difficult. The more he pulled, the stronger the extender sucked, gripping tightly around his penis. This was obviously reassuring. If he struggled to pull the extender off with his hand, the chances of it falling off inside me were small.

Despite starting with the slimmest Rhino extender (the Sleek), penetration was uncomfortable for me. As I already mentioned, I am not a size queen. My favourite dildos measure approximately 5 inches in circumference and I struggle to insert toys with a girth of 6 inches or more. With his penis inside the Rhino Sleek extender, the combined circumference was 6.2 inches (Rising to 6.75 inches when he wears the Genesis and the Stampede) and this was pushing my limits.

It wasn’t just the size that caused problems; I also had an issue with the silicone used to create the extenders. The Genesis and the Sleek extenders have smooth, shiny surfaces, but the silicone created a lot of drag. I did manage to reduce this friction by applying lashings of heavy duty lubricant (runny water-based lubricants didn’t cut it) but the extenders never felt completely comfortable. On the plus side, I could still use these extenders. I can’t say the same for the Rhino Stampede. The rougher surface texture on this particular extender felt a lot like fine sandpaper. It chafed me raw, no matter how much lubricant I applied.

From his point of view, the penis extenders were a lot of fun to wear. Not only were they comfortable, but they stayed in place very well. This allowed us to focus on pleasure, rather than stopping to make constant adjustments. He was also impressed with the amount of stimulation each of the extenders provided. The internal textures would brush over his penis as he thrust in and out of me and this sensation was enough to take him to orgasm. When he wore the thinner extender (the Rhino Sleek), he could feel my pelvic muscles contracting, but that was the only part of me he could feel. With the thicker extenders, he couldn’t feel anything except the textures inside the sleeve. Both of us enjoyed this element of tease and denial, but it was good to know that he could reach orgasm if that was desired.


The Rhino penis extenders were a little too intense for me, so I really can’t see myself using them that often. Despite my personal struggles, I’d have no problems recommending these extenders to others. I loved the simple-but-effective grip tip technology, the overall shape of each extender and the high-quality materials used to make them. It was also great to know that they stayed in place and provided stimulation to both partners.

In my opinion, the Rhino penis extenders would suit those who prefer large/intense sex toys. If you already own a bunch of regular sized dildos and yearn for something larger, then these are for you. Don’t forget, you don’t have to attach them to a penis for fun times; you can also use them to supersize the dildos you already own. It probably goes without saying, but you might want to give the Rhino extenders a miss if you usually prefer a small or regular sized sex toy.

You can purchase the Rhino Penis Extenders here at
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The Rhino Penis Extenders were kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are not used within this post.

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