The Cocksheath by Bad Dragon

The Cocksheath by Bad Dragon Review

The Cocksheath is another fantastic product from one of my all time favourite sex toy manufacturers Bad Dragon. This company produce very high quality sex toys made from body safe silicone, and the most exciting part is that Bad Dragon allow you to customise your toys, from choosing your perfect size and silicone firmness, to styling your chosen toy with a full array of colour options (Including metallic, marbling effects, shimmers and glow in the dark.) The Cocksheath is a recent addition to the Bad Dragon range and I was so excited to be trying it. Due to the nature of the Cocksheath design, it does have some restrictions with regards to customising. First of all, it is only available in one silicone firmness (Soft) to keep it flexible and stretchy. The colour choices are also limited to a few standard colours. You can, however, opt for the “Surprise me” colour option, which simply means that the Bad Dragon artists will create a design for you on whatever colour and style they come up with at the time. I chose the ‘Surprise Me’ option for my Cocksheath and as you can see, they chose glow in the dark green, mixed with black. I love the colour choices and the marbling effect created from these two colours mixing.

How it works:

The Cocksheath is designed to be worn on a penis, or dildo, to add texture and extra girth. It measures 5 inches in length but is made from a super stretchy, and very soft, silicone so it will easily stretch to fit larger sizes. (With lubricant added, I could easily slide the Cocksheath onto my Tantus Cush, which has a 6 inch circumference.) The length of your penis will determine how much of your glans will poke through the end of the sheath, but if you are longer than 5 inches, you should have part, or all of your glans exposed, allowing you to feel more sensation during intercourse.

There are a few ways to apply the Cocksheath to your penis (Or dildo.) You can either glide it on using lubricant, which is so much easier than applying it dry. However, adding lubricant to the inside of the sheath causes less traction and the sheath would slide up and down my partners penis with ease, especially when he penetrated me. This meant that the sheath stayed still inside my vagina, while his penis slid in and out of the sheath. This wasn’t unpleasant for either of us, but you can clearly see that it is not ideal if you want to use the sheath to fuck someone with. The second, and in my opinion, best option is to stretch the sheath as much as possible, and with some fiddling and rolling it on, you can apply it to your penis dry. This option can be a little difficult to achieve but once it was on, it stayed in place on his penis and moved in and out of me during intercourse. The dry option allowed for some serious pounding without the sheath sliding around, or off, his penis. There is a third option, available to guys who struggle to apply this sheath without lube, who then find the slipping frustrating. This method is to use as little water based lube as possible to slide it on, and then use it as a masturbation sleeve for 5 minutes or so. Sliding it up and down your penis will allow the lube to gradually dry up and eventually the sleeve will stop slipping so much and stay in place.

Once you have your penis inside the sheath, simply take the attached ring (Which is super stretchy and soft and should easily accommodate most sizes) and slip both testicles through it. This will help to anchor the sheath in place but as mentioned above, with lubricant added to the inside of the sheath, it will slide and the ring will most probably pull on your testicles. It is all about finding that balance to suit you. Removing the sheath is pretty easy and pain free, even without lubricant because the material is thin enough to roll, or fold the sheath off of your penis when you are done.

In Use:

Male Experience:

My partner was initially worried about trying this sheath, expecting to experience some nipping or pulling sensations, but even without lube, he found it comfortable to wear during penetration. When we had lubricant applied to the inside of the sheath, it obviously felt more intense for him because his penis moved back and forth against that ribbed texture within. Without lube, the sensations were mainly focused around the exposed parts of his penis (The glans) but he could also feel some pressure applied to the shaft of his penis as I squeezed my internal muscles, or as he moved past my pubic bone and he could feel the popping sensation as the two balls slid in and out of me.

Female Experience:

The sheath does add a fair amount of extra girth to my partners penis, I definitely felt stretched during penetration, but it wasn’t too much. It was comfortable and enjoyable. The sheath also adds texture in the form of a raised bulge on the top, which has some rippling texture to it. This bulge helps brush the g-spot more effectively in positions like missionary or girl on top and it feels pretty damn good, although it does require a generous helping of lubricant to keep it that way, otherwise the silicone material starts to cause a high amount of drag, which can be a little uncomfortable. The sheath also has two raised balls on the underside, towards the base and there is a noticeable increase in girth here. I could feel a gentle stretching and a popping sensation as they passed in and out of me. I was expecting the combination of my partners penis and the sheath to be too big for me but it felt fantastic. It stretched me, but not too much, and it added texture and fullness to our penetration.

Use With Dildos:

When it comes to dildos, the internal stimulation is quite similar as it is when applied to a real penis. However, if you plan to purchase a dildo to use with the Cocksheath, I would advise you to opt for one with testicles. As you can see from my pictures, the Cocksheath fit beautifully on my small Anthro Dragon, but with a lot of other dildos, the ring had nothing to fit around, and it wasn’t easy with rounded, flared base dildos because the ring would often ping off, or slip entirely around the base. When I use the sheath on any dildo other than ones with testicles, I have to hook my fingers under the ring and just hold it at the same time as thrusting with the dildo. It isn’t too difficult if you are laying on your back and therefore the sheath can be enjoyed with most dildos, as long as you are prepared to hold onto the ring to keep it in place.


I really enjoyed the Cocksheath. It added a new and exciting dimension to sex and it spiced up some of my more boring dildos, added some extra girth and texture to them. It felt great being penetrated with the sheath and my guy found it comfortable as the wearer. I would imagine this sheath would be comfortable for a broad range of penis sizes, simply because of how easy I found it to slip on to one of my larger dildos. The quality of the materials used to make it is high. It is odourless, extremely flexible and yet, does not show any signs of damage at all, even after our 7th or 8th use. Bad Dragon never fail to impress me. Don’t just take my word for it, go check out my friend, and fellow reviewer HellKats Cocksheath review here

The Cocksheath was kindly sent to me free of charge by Bad Dragon for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.

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