The Tenga Flip Hole White

Tenga Flip Hole White Review

The Tenga Flip Hole White was kindly sent to me from sex toy store Strawberry Blushes for an honest review and having previously experienced the joys of the Flip Hole Silver, we were both looking forward to finding out what the White had to offer.

Product Information and Operation:

The Flip Hole is a rather unique male masturbation sleeve. Rather than being created from one tube of material, like the Fleshlight range, the Flip Holes open up and split into two differently textured halves. This means that, unlike most masturbation sleeves, the Flip Holes offer a few completely different sensations from the one toy. The way it works is not complicated either. The end cap, which covers the entrance to the sleeve, has two thin rails attached to each side (See pictures) and these hold the Flip Hole together during use. When you slide the cap off, the two halves of the Flip Hole open up with a gentle pull. You can now apply your lubricant directly to the inside of the sleeve and this feature also makes it much easier to clean the toy after use. After applying lubricant, you simply push the two halves back together and slide the cap back onto the Flip Hole, only this time, you want to slide it onto the base, not the entrance. You have to align the rails up and may need to squeeze them together a little, to ensure they slide onto the Flip Hole correctly. Once the cap is in place, you are ready to play.

Because the Flip Hole has been designed with two completely separate textures on each side, the Flip Hole can be ‘flipped’ during use (Either by removing it and re-inserting, or by twisting it while your penis is inserted) and this will allow you to experience completely varied sensations to different areas of the penis. The textures on each half of the Flip Hole White are opposites. One side is covered with smooth, rounded ball shapes and the other contains lots of ridged, triangular texture. Do not be fooled by how sharp the texture looks, the material used inside the Flip Hole is actually as soft as a jelly. As you can imagine, each side feels very different from the other and it is all about matching your favourite textures to the parts of your penis where you enjoy feeling it most. There is a handy way to remember which position you preferred most by looking at the wording on the Flip Hole. Written on one side of the sleeve are the words “Flip Hole” on the other side is the word “Tenga”. Simply remember which word was facing you, so you know which way to apply it next time.

The Flip Hole White also comes with another feature that adds more intensity to the sensations. The casing has been designed from hard plastic for the most part, but there are two panels on each side of the casing which contain 3 large white buttons and these panels are actually attached to, and made from, the same squishy, soft material used to create the inner texture. These two panels allow the user to squeeze the Flip Hole during use, which compresses the inner texture and makes the sleeve feel tighter around the penis. It is worth noting that, although there are 3 separate buttons on each side of the Flip Hole, the buttons are actually just attached to the whole panel, so when you squeeze the top, or bottom button, it causes the other end of the panel to lift upwards and this makes the sleeve feel looser at that particular end (Either at the top or the bottom depending on which button you press.) My partner is of average proportions and he particularly enjoyed pressing the bottom button as he found that this tightened the sleeve most effectively around his penis. The middle button provided a gentler, all round tightness with a very mild sucking sensation, but compressing the top button was not enjoyable for him as it caused the base of the panel to flare a little, which pulled the internal texture away from his penis and he felt less stimulation overall. My guess is that larger guys will actually find much more benefit from squeezing the top button, especially if their glans reaches quite far into the sleeve.

Our Experience:

One of the most fun aspects of the Flip Hole White is its ability to provide quite a few unique sensations depending on how you have the toy positioned, rotated or even squeezed. Being so versatile is pleasing. My partner, being the spoiled man that he is, has had the good fortune to test quite a few masturbation sleeves this year and the Flip Hole White is actually his second Tenga Flip hole. Last month, we reviewed the Silver Flip Hole. While the Flip Hole Silver holds the number two spot favourite among his collection of high end masturbation sleeves, the White Flip Hole falls a little further down his list and the reason for that is simple; the texture inside the Silver flip Hole feels a lot more intense than the texture feels inside the White. See, the material used to create these masturbation sleeves is extremely soft, so the texture can feel quite subtle if the bumps or ridges are thin or small. The bumps and ridges inside the Silver Flip Hole are bigger and therefore, firmer and more pronounced than they are inside the White. This means that the Silver provides him with an enjoyable rumbling sensation whereas the White feels gentler, with a subtle popping sensation as his penis slides over the larger of the ball shapes and a very subtle tickling, brushing sensation from the finer ridges on the other side. Before you begin thinking that the Flip Hole White is not a good masturbation sleeve, I need to point out that it actually is a great toy. It can bring my partner to an enjoyable orgasm without any issues and it is also worth noting that, although the White Flip Hole was not his favourite Flip Hole, he still preferred the sensations felt when using it, to the sensations he feels from his Tera Patrick, Lotus sleeve Fleshlight, his Tenga Egg Clicker, and even most of the cheaper masturbation sleeves he owns. His opinion was that, if he had not experienced the Silver Flip Hole first, then he would have rated the White a little higher. He was not disappointed.


The Tenga Flip Hole sleeves do come with a few downsides, the first one being that these sleeves are not going to last forever. In fact, Tenga advertise the Flip Holes as being suitable for roughly 50 uses and the obvious reason for this is that the material is very delicate. The material used to create the Flip Hole is probably the most delicate I have seen used on any masturbation sleeve, which does give the Flip Hole some unique and enjoyable sensations, but it is so soft that it can be scratched, ripped and marked very easily with fingernails, or in storage. Remember that the same, soft material is also used to form part of the outer casing, so I recommend keeping and storing your Flip Hole in the plastic storage tube it initially arrived in, to stop your Flip Hole looking scraped and scratched quickly. If you take good care of it, it will last for longer than 50 uses but if you have a larger than average penis or like to thrust hard and heavy with your masturbation sleeves, then it may deteriorate quicker. The last issue is that guys with larger than average penises may find the Flip Hole range to be a little small and it could even be uncomfortable in some cases.

Cleaning and Care:

The Flip Hole is one of the easiest masturbation sleeves to clean, owing to the fact that it opens up entirely, allowing you to clean thoroughly inside all the nooks and crannies inside. The best way to clean your Flip Hole is to open it up and hold it under warm running water for a few minutes. I would avoid soaps if you want to prolong the life of the material. Once cleaned, you can balance it on top of its cap in an open position to allow it to air dry. Let it air dry before closing, to avoid mould or funky smells lurking inside. When it comes to lubricant, Tenga get you off to a good start by including 3 small vials of their different lubricants with the Flip Hole. (Mild, Real and Wild) and these lubricants are all water based, but vary in viscosity, which allows for different sensations during use. Stick to water based lubricants, again to prolong the life of the material


The Tenga Flip Hole White is a very enjoyable masturbation sleeve and the reason it gets high marks from us is because it is versatile, easy to clean and offers lots of different sensations and generally feels good. Unlike the Tenga Eggs, the Flip Hole had no problem in bringing my partner to orgasm and he would recommend it to males who prefer a more subtle sensation (Tickling, brushing and gentle popping feelings) If you want something more rumbling and intense, go for the Silver. The Flip Holes are not without downsides though and one of the biggest is that the material is not as durable as most other masturbation sleeves in this price range. Men with extra large penises may also find the Flip Hole to be uncomfortable or having less durability due to it being overstretched. For us though, the White was an enjoyable new addition to our Masturbation sleeve collection and although it is not quite as stimulating as the Silver Flip Hole, it was still a delight to play with.


The Tenga Flip Hole is available, in white, silver and black, here at

The Tenga Flip Hole White was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.
4 replies
  1. Incendiaire
    Incendiaire says:

    I tried the Red Flip Hole first and hated it, then Tenga sent me the White and I loved it by comparison. Now you’ve got me wanting to try the Silver if it’s even more intense. I do love a bit of sensation.

    I have one query though; I seem to remember your partner having a non-retractable foreskin, do you find that this affects his ability to use a masturbator such as this, or fully feel its texture? I’m just wondering if he needs/prefers something with more sensation because it’s not interacting with the glans directly.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      You know, we have wondered this ourselves. Because his foreskin has never retracted, ever, it’s hard for him to say how much less sensitive he is, if any. He read this question and said that he never felt like he lacked anything and has never struggled to orgasm from firm or very gentle sensations depending on his mood. I think his sensitivity might actually have heightened slightly, to adapt for his lack of direct stimulation, because I have not found any difference stimulating him as I have any other male, who’s foreskin did retract. He reacts the same, with the same kind of stimulation. I would not say he “needs” masturbation sleeves to provide really high texture due to this, because we practice orgasm denial and he is often quite sensitive to even the gentlest of touches, but maybe he does prefer them because of it? He summed up really by saying its really hard to say, because he has never experienced it any other way. In his experience though, the Silver Flip Hole feels more intense than the White Flip Hole. I am going to say though that my partner is of average girth and length. I think some men may have completely different experiences based on their size. (As you know yourself, the Flip Holes are not greatly designed for larger penises.) Hope this helps. xx

  2. kikamystik
    kikamystik says:

    I had got this in red for someone but it never made it to them. I think they are so neat and out of all the things to try this was my first pick.


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