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Tenga Egg Wavy Review by Ali’s Addiction

I recently won 6 Tenga Eggs in an online giveaway and, having already tried and reviewed the Tenga Egg Clicker, I decided to share the love and send an egg to a friend and fellow sex toy review Ali. Ali reviews sex toys over at alisaddiction.com and has written a detailed review of the Tenga Egg Wavy.

Tenga WaveyI was recently gifted a TENGA Egg by my fellow sex toy reviewer and enthusiast, Gritty Woman. TENGA Eggs are disposable masturbation sleeves that, as the name suggests, resemble eggs. They are available in a variety of textures and the one I will be reviewing is the Wavy.

The TENGA Egg Wavy comes in a white oval shaped plastic case which looks like a de-shelled hard-boiled egg. This case is enveloped in shrink wrap which illustrates what kind of egg it is and has a corrugated strip for easy removal. Unfortunately if you have more than one style of egg and remove the shrink wrap you won’t be able to identify which is which without opening them…


Continue reading Ali’s review of the Tenga Egg Wavy over on her website, where you will also find plenty more sex toy reviews to have a look at.

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