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The Tantus Sport G-Spot and Prostate Dildo Review

I was kindly sent the Tantus Sport dildo from tantus.inc for an honest review and the Sport is a reasonably new addition to the Tantus Product line. If you take a look at my images below, you can work out quickly that the Sport, with its slim line shaft, curved tip and bulbous head, is designed primarily for g-spot and prostate pleasure. This becomes even more obvious when you take into consideration the petite dimensions of this dildo. The Sport measures 5.5 inches in useable (The amount that can be inserted) length and 6.25 inches in length if you include the base. The circumference/girth of the shaft at the largest point (the bulbous tip) measures 4 inches and this reduces to just 3.25 inches around the thinner shaft.

The Tantus Sport is made entirely from ultra-premium silicone (which is body safe and virtually non-porous) and has a flared base, making this dildo safe for vaginal use, anal use and strap-on play. The silicone used to create the Sport is reasonably firm, so when I squeeze the tip between finger and thumb, it only depresses slightly. However, because of the slim shaft design, you will find that the dildo itself will flex and bend with relative ease. The Sport is created using Tantus’s shiny silicone, which does create a high level of drag during use.

You may have also noted, when looking at the images below, that the Sport comes with a new, teardrop shaped base, which is a new feature added to some of the latest products available from Tantus. Most of the older products come with a round base.

Our Experience with the Tantus Sport Dildo:

Vaginal Use:

Despite the Sports petite proportions, I found myself having to use lubricant for insertion, unless I was already highly aroused. Like most shiny silicone dildos, the surface creates a lot of resistance and does need a little help to slide smoothly. With lubricant added, the Sport would glide smoothly and effortlessly and thanks to its small size, I discovered that I could insert this dildo fully, without it hitting my cervix and causing discomfort. Of course, this was a bonus for me, because I like hard and fast stimulation against my g-spot and I could hand the Sport dildo to my partner and let him use it as aggressively as he/I wanted, with both of us knowing that he would not accidentally hurt me.

With good news comes with some bad news though and one thing that disappointed me was the fact that the Sport flexes too easily. As already mentioned, fast and hard stimulation is what I need to reach g-spot orgasm and there is a subjective fine line between toys that are too flexible and toys that are too firm. I have tried rigid (glass, metal) toys for g-spot play and although these usually work well, the lack of flexibility can sometimes cause that awful grinding sensation as the toy clatters against the back of your pubic bone (internally). For me, the best g-spot stimulators are those that fit my own personal “goldilocks zone”. They need to be mostly rigid, to apply a firm pressure, but also have a small amount of flex to help avoid the toy hooking or clattering behind my pubic bone. A great example of a toy that fits into my goldilocks zone is the Bs-is-Nice Vaca dildo and the main differences I noted between the Vaca and the Tantus Sport is that the Vaca is bigger and has a chunkier shaft. A thicker shaft flexes less and this allows you to use a firmer pressure.

Now you might be thinking that if the Sport did not work wonders as a g-spot stimulator, I could use it instead as a filling, thrusting toy, because sometimes we just want to feel something inside us. Unfortunately I am a more experienced toy user and the Sport was just a little too small to feel satisfying when used in this way.

I am just one woman though and each of you will have your own personal goldilocks zone. Not all women need pressure and some enjoy a more subtle, teasing sensation instead. I believe the Tantus Sport would please those women in particular.

Anal and Strap-On Use:

I have to say that I love how versatile the Sport is. I am not only talking about the fact it can be used anally and vaginally, but also the fact that its petite size makes it ideal for experimenting couples. My partner is an intermediate when it comes to anal play and he decided to give it a test drive. He said that the Sport might be slightly intimidating to those completely new to anal penetration, but it is definitely a fantastic step up into intermediate territory. The slimline shaft and smooth surface help reduce the intensity (compared to textured toys) during insertion/thrusting and although it does require plenty of lubricant, it glides easily and does not overwhelm the senses. These features also make the Sport ideal as a beginner to intermediate strap-on dildo. The short length helps you avoid pushing too deep and the slim and smooth shaft will allow you to build up a thrusting rhythm without the sensations becoming too intense. Of course, if you are looking for intense, this might be the wrong dildo for you. The non-realistic appearance may also be of benefit to those who want to avoid realistic looking dildos.

I was curious to find out if the teardrop shaped base would affect my partners experience and so we spend some time comparing this to dildos with the round base. We soon discovered that this oval shaped base was ever so slightly more comfortable as it did not stretch and separate the buttocks quite as much as a round base would. This was such a subtle improvement however, that it was barely notable. What actually thrilled us the most was that the teardrop shape provided a constant indication of which way the toy was facing while inserted. I can’t count the amount of times we have used curved toys on each other, with no idea if the curve was still facing the right way. The teardrop shaped base helped massively with that issue and for that, I think it is a fantastic upgrade.

The Sport makes for an ideal prostate stimulator, provided you do not need a firm sensation. The bulbous tip managed to find and stimulate his prostate with ease, but just like my experience, he could not apply firm pressure to the area. (He said moderate at best). So again, it will come down to personal taste. Advanced players and those who need an intense thrusting sensation against the prostate may want to look at Tantus’s larger, firmer anal toys, but I think beginners to intermediates will get a lot of joy from the Sport.

Cleaning and Care:

The shiny silicone surface can be a bit of a lint/hair/dust magnet, but thankfully the Sport is super easy to clean and care for. I tend to use an anti-bacterial soap and hot water. Tantus silicone is so pure that it can be bleached (using a 10% bleach solution) and boiled (do not let the silicone touch the sides of the pain), which means you can effectively sterilise your Tantus Sport in between uses (and orifices) and help avoid the potential of infections. Unfortunately the Sport does not come with a storage pouch, so you might want to pick one up, to help keep the lint at bay. I recommend avoiding silicone lubricants (some silicone lubricants can cause surface damage) and avoid storing your Tantus dildo besides other silicone toys (unless they are also Tantus toys. Tantus have shown this is perfectly safe). It is safe to use water and oil based lubricants with this dildo.


The Tantus Sport didn’t rock my world, but my issues with it come down to personal taste. It was simply too flexible for my demanding g-spot. I still believe that the Sport would satisfy others, most especially anal intermediates, women seeking a slim insertable toy and anyone who enjoys a subtle to moderate sensation against their g-spot/prostate. Those who like to feel full, stretched, or need a firm pressure against their hot spots may find the Sport is lacking in stimulation. It really is a matter of personal taste, because I cannot find fault with the dildo itself. The Sport is versatile, the material quality is fantastic (completely odourless, phthalate and chemical free, virtually non-porous and body safe), the teardrop base helped us use the toy more effectively and last but not least; how amazing is that metallic silver colour? The Tantus Sport can also be purchased in 2 other “unisex” colour choices; midnight purple and black.

You can purchase the Tantus Sport here at tantus.inc

The Tantus Sport was kindly sent to me free of charge by Tantus.inc for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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