Tantus Little Secrets - Spoon and Tease

Tantus Little Secrets (Spoon and Tease) Review

The Little Secrets Spoon vibrator and the Little Secrets Tease vibrator were kindly sent to me from Tantus for an honest review and I have to admit, I fell in love with these cute little bullet sleeves. Tantus actually sell five Little Secrets vibrators and each one designed to provide a unique sensation during use, so there is bound to be one that suits you best. I chose the Spoon and the Tease for a couple of reasons. Firstly, these are the two most ‘extreme’ Little Secrets sleeves, in that the Tease has the most pin point tip and the Spoon has the broadest. Secondly, I adore the colours used to create these two Little Secrets in particular; lime green and orange? Yes please. On top of this, all the Tantus Little Secrets are made from a high quality, body safe silicone that is odourless and free of all nasty chemicals.

When you purchase a Little Secrets bullet sleeve, it will arrive with one of Tantus’ very own battery operated bullets included. (Battery also included. Size N). This is a single mode bullet; a constant, high speed vibration. When I use the bullet by itself, it reminds me of most battery operated bullets and if I had purchased it alone, it would become one of those vibrators that I felt ambivalent about. Yes, it could take me to orgasm roughly 50% of the time, but there was no guarantee. I am clearly a power seeker, because I have this experience with most battery operated bullet vibrators. Of course, I also prefer vibrators that come with more than one setting and don’t require unusual batteries to function, so I would not have purchased the Tantus bullet alone.

But it wasn’t the bullet that really interested me about the Little Secrets toys. It was the silicone sleeve. The sleeve itself is compatible with a wide variety of different bullet vibrators and they can even be worn on your finger, which means they are quite versatile in terms of sensation.

My Experience with the Tantus Little Secrets:

During my first few experiences, I decided to use the Little Secrets with the Tantus bullet inserted. Now, I am not a fan of battery operated bullets at the best of times, as I find that these smaller vibrators lack the power and depth I require to reach orgasm, but the Tantus bullet also had other issues to contend with too, such as having one setting and being surrounded by a hunk of silicone (which would dampen the vibrations further). Maybe it was due to having such low expectations then, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover I not only felt the vibrations travelling through the sleeves, but enjoyed the sensation too.

As expected though, my ability to reach orgasm using the Tantus Bullet was tenuous. I could occasionally get there, if I was completely in the mood and craving a slow build up, but more often than not, the vibration was not strong enough to build me to orgasm. I decided it was time to experiment with a more powerful bullet.

The Tantus bullet can be removed from the Little Secrets sleeve, although it will take a fair amount of wiggling and pulling to get it off. If you do intend to switch bullets regularly, I seriously recommend dripping some water based lubricant into the sleeve cavity before you insert the bullet into the sleeve. This will drastically reduce the risk of getting one of your slightly larger bullets, completely wedged inside the sleeve. I decided to use the We-Vibe Tango bullet, which is a slightly larger bullet and on the few occasions I did insert it without lubricant, I really struggled to remove it afterwards. The Tango is also longer than the Tantus bullet, so expect a portion to remain outside the sleeve (more to grab onto).

As I mentioned previously, the silicone sleeves do tend to dampen the vibrations slightly, so when I used the Tango bullet inside the Little Secrets sleeves, the vibrations hitting my clitoris did not feel quite as powerful, or as deep, as they felt when using the Tango bullet alone.  Thankfully though, they were still powerful and deep enough to please me and this became my favourite way to use the Little Secrets sleeves.

Each sleeve provided its own unique sensations during use. The Little Secrets Spoon has a round, flat tip that produced a broader sensation across my clitoris. With a little lubricant applied, I could use the Spoon to massage my clitoris and when I needed something a little more pin point, I could tilt the Spoon and press the edges against my clitoris instead. I tend to favour pin-point stimulation and the Spoon is the broadest sleeve in the Little Secrets collection, so it shouldn’t really be my favourite, but it is. I think the reason I like it so much is because it is quite versatile and despite having a broad tip, it is small enough to slip between my labia and focus most of the vibrations onto the clitoris.

The Tease sleeve sits at the opposite end of the scale, providing extremely pin-point stimulation. It is obviously even more pin-point that bullet vibrators. The Tease is aptly named, because at lower vibration speeds, it provides a very pin-point, tickling sensation that felt very nice. Unfortunately though, I did not enjoy using it at higher speeds, especially with powerful bullets, because the tip would begin to produce ‘stabby’ sensations. It felt a little uncomfortable and too pin-point, so I could not use it to build to orgasm easily. I like pin-point stimulation, but this was so pin-point, it was more of a tease. Thankfully, you can simply rotate the sleeve and use the smooth back for a broader sensation.

I realised quickly that the sleeves fit well onto my fingers and because the silicone has a small amount of stretch, they also fit onto my partners fingers easily. I especially enjoyed using the Spoon as a finger extension and could orgasm easily when it was used to provide manual clitoral stimulation. The Tease was too pin-point for this task, so I tended to stick to using the Spoon. The sleeves fit tightly on my partner’s fingers, so we also tried using them like this for vaginal penetration. Of course, we felt confident that if it did fall off inside my vagina, I could retrieve it. I do not recommend using them like this for anal penetration. I actually thought the Spoon would make a fabulous g-spot stimulator, but after a few attempts I realised I much preferred his fingers alone. The Spoon flexed a little too easily and so it could not provide the firm pressure I needed. It wasn’t a complete write-off, as it did feel nice moving in and out of me, but as you can imagine, it is too small to provide intense sensations.

Cleaning and Care:

Unlike cheaper sleeves, the Tantus Little Secrets are made from a high quality, non-porous silicone, which means they will not leech chemical residues or melt over time. In fact, the only downside to this material is that it attracts a lot of lint and hair, so it is fantastic that they are so easy to keep clean. (I use soap and water, but a sex toy cleaner spray will work too) The sleeves can even be sterilised using a 10% bleach solution, boiled and even placed in the dishwasher. Unfortunately they do not come with any storage bags, so if you want to keep the lint away between uses, you may want to pick some up.


I absolutely love my Tantus Little Secrets sleeves. I was not expecting them to be quite as versatile as they actually were and I was extremely pleased to discover that I could change the sensations quite dramatically depending on which bullet I had inserted, heck, sometimes I didn’t even need to insert a bullet. I was so pleased to find a set of finger tip attachments (or bullet sleeves) that are made from high quality, body safe silicone, as opposed to smelly, porous jelly materials and the Little Secrets come in such gorgeous colours and design options that it is hard to choose just one. If you tend to use bullet vibrators, or fingers, for clitoral stimulation and wish you could change, or spice up the sensations occasionally, then the Tantus Little Secrets vibrators may be for you.


You can purchase the Tantus Little Secrets Vibrators here at Tantus

The Little Secrets vibrators were kindly sent to me free of charge from Tantus for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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  1. Tzipora
    Tzipora says:

    Out of curiosity (and I’m sorry I haven’t read a lot of your blog yet though I probably will eventually) have you tried either of the Tango Pleasuremates sleeves? I’m super curious how the Tantus sleeves compare. I have the Pleasuremate set and I’m not thrilled with it…. The shape of the G spotter sleeve is nice (I love the Lelo Gigi and eh still prefer it to the WeVibe sleeve) and half the time I end up using it as a dildo and using the Tango clitorally because the sleeve is too thick or something, really doesn’t carry the vibes well and its useless to try and use it clitorally because the vibration is way stronger in your hand. The dusk/ anal sleeve has its own issues, especially that it’s neck bends too much making insertion hard. But I’m looking at the spoon sleeve from Tantus because I’m more fan of broader stimulation. Since the WeVibe sleeve didn’t end up working well, I’m wondering if the Tantus spoon would. And hey great black Friday sale anyhow so it could be my freebie but curious if you have tried the WeVibe sleeves and if you’d consider the Tantus ones better?

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Unfortunately, I have not tried the Pleasuremate sleeves, so I can’t really comment whether they do a better job than the Tantus sleeves. Hopefully one day I will get to try them and I will compare them to the Tantus sleeves in my review. Sorry I couldn’t help with this.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Oh yes! I personally need the power boost. Most battery operated bullets are too weak for me (although the Tantus one did surprise me, which was unexpected), so I usually reach for the Tango when playing with the Little Secrets. They are so cute!


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