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Tantus Leisure Vibrating Dildo Review

The Tantus Leisure was kindly sent to me from Tantus for an honest review and this dildo is available in two gorgeous colours, Pearl White and Midnight Purple. Both of these colour options have a lovely, shimmery sheen to them, which makes the colours pop. You can even see some marbling to the colour on the shaft. The Tantus Leisure has 7 inches of insertable length and has a reasonably slim 4 inch girth at its widest point. It is made from premium silicone, which is phthalate free, odourless and body safe. This silicone is reasonably firm overall, but the Leisure still has a lot of flex, due to the thinner shaft.

The Leisure can be used as a dildo, or as a vibrating sex toy, depending on your desires. The Leisure comes with a silver Tantus bullet vibrator, and this can be slotted into the hole in the base of the dildo. A word of warning though; It can be very difficult to remove the bullet vibrator from the Leisure if you insert it as it is. The hole is reasonably tight, the silicone is quite grabby, and the bullet is small and difficult to grasp onto if inserted deeply. Using lubricant helps the bullet slide much easier, until it dries up at least. It is also possible to insert other bullet vibrators into the leisure if you so wish, and our We-Vibe Tango fit perfectly and because the Tango is that much more powerful, it turned the Leisure into a very intense, rumbling vibrator.

The Bullet Vibrator:

I am not a huge fan of bullet vibrators. There is only one that I actively rave about, and that is the We-Vibe Tango. Most battery operated bullets are just a little weak for my tastes. However, the Tantus bullet vibrator is a reasonably decent, battery powered bullet. It comes with one speed, and has good, mid level, rumbling vibrations that certainly please me when I use the bullet alone as a clitoral vibrator. It isn’t wimpy, or pathetically shallow, but it doesn’t make me orgasm every time either (Most standard bullets don’t). When inserted into the Leisure, the vibrations are dampened as they travel through the silicone of the dildo, and as such, they are too weak to make me orgasm from, say, holding the tip of the Leisure against my clitoris while it vibrates. What pleases me most though, is that the mid rumbling vibrations still travel well enough through the Leisure to provide some great sensations when I insert the toy, including some nice teasing against my g-spot. Different bullets provide differing levels of intensity and luckily, quite a lot of other bullet vibrators fit into the base of the Leisure. I prefer to use my Tango with the Leisure for more powerful vibrations.

The Leisure In Use:

Vaginal Use:

The Leisure is advertised as the perfect toy for pegging and anal, and I have to agree with this. The Leisure did not impress me very much when used vaginally. The truth is that the Leisure is just a little too slim and too smooth for my personal tastes and I could not feel very much sensation as I moved this dildo in and out of my vagina. The silicone used to make this dildo is of the ‘shiny’ variety, rather than the ‘matte’ variety and this shiny silicone provides much less drag during use, which can be a good thing for anal, or ladies looking for very gentle vaginal stimulation, but when combined with the slim girth and complete lack of any textures or raised detailing, it simply left me feeling quite underwhelmed. Now, I must admit I expected this to be the case, because I know that I enjoy textured dildos and I have a preference for draggy silicone. The Tantus Cush is the perfect example of this. However, I still thought I would get some g-spot pleasure from the Leisure due to the gentle curved shaft. One of my favourite g-spot dildos is the Bs Is Nice Vaca, which, when compared to the Leisure, does have a reasonably similar curved shape and smooth texture to it, so I assumed the Leisure would also provide some nice g-spot stimulation. It wasn’t to be though. The Leisure’s shaft is not as curved and is more flexible, meaning I could not apply as much pressure to my g-spot area as I can with the Vaca. The Leisure’s head is also thinner and more tapered, so it does not have that large, flat surface area to really cover all of my g-spot, like the Vaca can. If anything, the Leisure just felt a little ‘pokey’, both against my g-spot, when angled, and also against my cervix, if it went in deep enough. On top of all of this, the shiny silicone provides much less drag than the more ‘draggy’ silicone on the Vaca, and so I can barely feel the Leisure jiggling my g-spot at all. The Leisure is not a dildo I can see myself reaching for often for vaginal use.

Anal Use:

The Leisure really comes into its own when used as an anal dildo/vibrator and would be most suitable for beginners to intermediates. All of the things that made the Leisure feel underwhelming as a vaginal dildo, make it perfect as a gentle anal toy. The shiny, smooth silicone and tapered tip ensure a very smooth, comfortable insertion, with little to no stretching or dragging sensations and because the Leisure has a slim shaft and is completely texture free, it can be used comfortably for thrusting, which makes the Leisure one of our favourite vibrating dildos to use for strap on play.  Before we had the Leisure, our favourite strap on dildos were the Tantus Silks, but the Leisure provides us with a vibrating version of those dildos, which makes it a fantastic addition to our strap on toy collection. My partner described the vibrations (When using the Tantus bullet) as subtle but definitely noticeable, providing an enjoyable rumbling stimulation against his prostate. This was also heightened because the curved shaft added some gentle pressure internally. As he gets closer to orgasm, the vibrations begin to feel more intense, to the point of pushing him to orgasm from the anal stimulation alone. He also commented that his orgasms feel heightened too. The flared, flat base make the Leisure suitable to strap into any O-ring harness. The only downside is that the Leisure is a little bit too long for my partner as he prefers his anal toys shorter, but this is not a big problem, we simply do not insert it fully.

Cleaning and Care:

The Leisure can be cleaned easily with some mild anti bacterial soap and hot water. (Just ensure you give it a good clean inside the hole in the base, especially if you have used lubricant there.) The bullet vibrator is waterproof, so long as you ensure the cap is screwed on tightly, and so this can be cleaned easily too. It is safe to use water based lubricants and oil based lubricants with the Tantus leisure, but avoid using silicone based lubricants as these can potentially damage the silicone dildo. I would also recommend storing the Leisure in a satin pouch, because this material does attract a lot of dust, lint and hair between uses.


The Leisure is not the most enjoyable dildo I have used vaginally, because I like my insertable toys thicker, with some texture to them and a more intense sensation, but the Tantus Leisure would suit any females who are looking for a slimmer, gentle dildo. It does not cause stretching and there is very little drag, especially when used with lubricant, so the leisure would be ideal if you find other dildos too intense or large. For us though, the Leisure really shines as an anal dildo and we will use it most often for strap on play. It is one of my partners favourites and it has already found it’s way in to my partners toy box. Like he thinks I won’t notice.

You can purchase the Tantus Leisure here at

The Tantus Leisure was kindly sent to me free of charge from Tantus Inc for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

13 replies
  1. Camryn
    Camryn says:

    *laughs* Aww, let him have it.
    So is it worth having both the Silk set and the Leisure? I want the Silks for anal stimulation/stretching and vaginal dialation. Is there enough of a difference for me to snag a Leisure as well?

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      There are some notable differences between the Silks and the Leisure. Firstly, the small and medium Silks are both much smaller than the Leisure. The large Silk closely matches the Leisure in size, but the differences are that the Silk has a larger, more bulbous head, compared to it’s own shaft and the Leisure is the opposite, as it has a thinner head compared to it’s own shaft. In my opinion, the Leisures thinner, more tapered head make it ideal for a very gentle insertion. The large Silk provides a bit more of a stretch and popping sensation from the get-go. Of course, the other main difference is that you have the vibrating option with the Leisure. Both the Silks and the Leisure are comfortable to use anally, but if I were recommending only one of these dildos to a complete anal beginner, I would recommend the Leisure because it will be a little more gentle on insertion and it has the option to be used as a dildo or a vibrator. (More options are always good.) As a huge Tantus fan though, I would say “Get them all” but as a realist I would probably not buy both Leisure and large Silk as I would consider them a little too similar in texture and shape. I would probably opt for the Leisure and then something a bit more different, like the Flurry. That’s just me though!

      I am going to add a picture of the Silks standing beside the Leisure tomorrow, so you can get a better look if you so wish.

      Thanks for your comment. xx

      • Camryn
        Camryn says:

        Oh yes please, I’d really appreciate the picture! I would like to collect them all as well, especially if my partner decides to further explore anal play on his own. I currently own the Silk small (it is adorable!), and I’m irrationally fond of the tiny thing. Judging from that and your advice, the Silk medium would be a good choice, but I should get the Leisure rather than the Silk Large. (I have the Flurry. Mmm!)
        Thank you for the advice (I wasn’t expecting a reply so fast) and for the picture.


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