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Tantus Bound Dildo Review

I was kindly sent the Tantus Bound dildo from tantus.inc, for an impartial review and I am very excited to be testing and reviewing this latest creation. The Bound is actually the first sex toy to be designed by “Vibeology” (Vibeology is a new collaboration between sex toy designers, She-Vibe and manufacturers, Tantus), and isn’t it amazing? Even the packaging is gorgeous. The Bound is designed to look like a penis that has been bound in spiralling loops of rope (hence its name). The tight rope creates a bulging, squeezed look and this effect is heightened by the addition of realistic, bulging veins and skin wrinkles on the shaft. As a dominant female with a penchant for bondage and CBT (Cock and ball torture), I am no stranger to tying my partners penis and testicles in this way, but this was the first time I had seen a sex toy design based on that very act. The Bound is innovative and unusual and I could only imagine how it would feel in use.

Product Information:

The Tantus Bound (and all Tantus sex toys) is made from 100% pure silicone, which is odourless, virtually non-porous and body safe. The quality of this sex toy is superb. I have reviewed a number of Tantus sex toys and when it comes to their silicone, there is usually two types; they have the super shiny silicone used to create the likes of the Tantus Echo and the more matte silicone, used to create their O2 range of toys. The Tantus Bound is different from both, in that it seems to be mostly matte, but with a slightly courser texture overall (More on this later). The Bound is not a dual density dildo, so this creation is reasonably firm, with a very small amount of squish to its surface.

When I initially unboxed the Bound, I was surprised. For some reason, I had imagined it to be bigger than it actually was, but if is there is to be one area in which I would describe the Bound as average, it would be the size. This dildo measures between 6.25 and 6.5 inches in useable length, depending on which side you measure it (It has a very slight curve in the shaft) and has a 4.6 inch circumference (girth) at its largest point. Despite my surprise, I was not disappointed and as it later turned out, I was actually rather glad it wasn’t any bigger.

The Bound is available in 3 colours; cream (Which is the one I am reviewing), cocoa and black.

My Experiences with the Tantus Bound:

So, it probably goes without saying that the Bound is a highly textured dildo, but what might not be so obvious from images alone, is that the texture comes in two forms. First of all, you have the obvious, which is the bulging shaft. This gives the Bound a somewhat bumpy shape and I could definitely feel some mild rumbling, or popping sensations, as I slid this dildo in and out of my vagina. Luckily, this effect is quite mild and only occurs when I am not warmed up beforehand. Less obvious though, is that the Bound’s silicone shaft is covered in slightly raised textures, including veins, rope patterns and wrinkled skin. These textures cover the entire shaft and even the tip, which looks relatively smooth in the images, feels slightly rougher to the touch, compared to my other Tantus dildos. For me, it was these smaller, less obvious textures that created the most sensation.

Due to its texture, I found that I needed to be at least somewhat aroused before I could insert the Bound comfortably and even then, it required a lot of lubricant, with regular top ups to avoid chafing. My masturbation sessions with the Bound, often followed a similar theme. At first, it felt amazing. I mean, really good. I could feel the slightly course tip brushing and tickling my vulva and vaginal entrance and it was a sensation that demanded my attention (in a good way). Slipping further inside, I could angle the Bound to ensure it hit my g-spot effectively (it doesn’t hit it naturally, due to its overall straight shaft) and that felt great too, because the textured material was brushing my g-spot, instead of just sliding over it. I would begin to build up to an explosive orgasm, start to speed up my movements and then….it all became too much for me and I would have to stop.

After a while, the coarseness that initially pleased me would begin to cause an uncomfortable chafing sensation around my vaginal opening. It was as though the texture eventually grated on me and went from pleasure to discomfort. It was never painful, but then again, I always stopped at the discomfort stage. I realised at this point that it made sense to create the Tantus Bound in the size it is. See, insertion wasn’t the problem; it was the chafing discomfort that would build up over time. I imagine if the Bound was much bigger, I would have struggled to use it at all. I have a rather sensitive vulva (I have been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition), so it is entirely possible that this discomfort was heightened for me. I prefer my insertable sex toys to feel soft, with mild to moderate texture at best. The Bound proved this to me over and over again. I tried to love it, but it just wasn’t to be.

Male Experience with the Tantus Bound:

One thing I love about Tantus dildos is that they all come with a flared base, making them safe for anal use and strap-on play. The Bound fit perfectly in every single one of my harnesses, from the O-ring designs, like my Tantus Intermediate Strap-On Harness, to lingerie styles, like my Spare Parts Bella harness. This really adds to the versatility of the product, especially when you know you can sterilise this material between uses. I passed the Bound to my partner, to give it a go as an anal sex toy/prostate stimulator. Unfortunately his experience was very much like mine, in that it started out great, so long as he used gallons of lubricant, but eventually all roads seemed to lead to discomfort and chafing. My partners words (and I quote) were “It feels like its sand-papering the inside of my ass” and with that, I realised one simple truth; the Tantus Bound is designed for those who love, or even need highly textured sex toys. For us, it was just a little too much.

Cleaning and Care:

Due to the raised texture covering the Bound’s shaft, you will find cleaning a little more difficult, compared to the smoother Tantus dildos, because body fluids and lubricant have more crevasses to hide in. For this reason, I recommend spending a little longer than usual on cleaning. You can wash the Bound in many ways, but my preferred method was to use hot water, a mild anti bacterial soap and rinse well. The Bound can be sterilised in boiling water and with a 10%% bleach solution and it is safe to use water and oil based lubricants with this toy. You want to be a little careful with silicone lubricants, as some could cause damage to the surface of the bound. If in doubt, do a spot check.


There are so many things I love about the Tantus Bound; its innovative design, high quality build, body safe materials and versatility, but there was one thing we didn’t enjoy so much; the feel of it inside us. This was such a shame. There is nothing actually ‘wrong’ with the Bound, it just didn’t provide the kind of texture or stimulation that we prefer and I guess you would need to be a texture fan to get maximum enjoyment from this dildo. If you are, this may actually blow your mind. If you know that you cannot handle lots of texture and need something a little softer, I recommend checking out the Tantus Adam instead. The Adam is smoother, squishier and although slightly larger in circumference, it is roughly the same size as the Bound.

You can purchase the Tantus Bound here at tantus.inc

The Tantus Bound was kindly sent to me free of charge by Tantus.inc for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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