Tantus Adam Dildo Review

I was kindly sent the Tantus Adam dildo from for an honest review and it’s fair to say that I have always had soft spot for the Adam. My lust for this dildo goes way back, to the days I first discovered Tantus and their glorious, body safe, premium silicone sex toys. The Adam is a realistic looking dildo, with a raised coronal ridge, some noticeable veining running throughout the shaft and even a visible frenulum, but the Adam is not just realistic in appearance. This dildo has been made using Tantus’ O2 silicone, meaning that two different versions of Tantus silicone were used to create a more realistic feeling dildo. Firstly, a firm silicone is used to form the base and internal core of the shaft, while another, much softer layer of silicone has been used to create the glans and coat the firmer core of the shaft. These two silicones combine to create a softness and squish to the surface and a firmness and flexibility in the shaft that feels reasonably realistic. The Adams head has been created using a more ‘polished silicone, while the shaft is created with a more matte, silky silicone. Adam Measures 5 inches in circumference throughout the entire shaft and has a 6.5 inch insertable length (7 inches total length) making this a very proportional ‘average’ sized dildo.

Aside from greedy lust for a gorgeous looking dildo, there was a more logical reason for my desire to have Adam for my own. I have had many a dildo inside my body over the years and it’s fair to say that I now know exactly what pleases me most. When it comes to g-spot stimulation, I prefer a less ‘girthy’ dildo with a curved shaft, for providing that extra pressure against my upper vaginal wall, as well as a rounded, or somewhat flat (Think Lelo Gigi or Lelo Ella.) but comfortable head, to really stimulate the whole g-spot area. I save the pin point stimulation for clitoral play. Another thing I look for in a great g-spot dildo is a relatively texture free shaft. I like to thrust and jiggle my g-spot quite rapidly, and insertable toys with lots of raised or rippled texture just chafe at my vulva, leaving me feeling sore pretty quickly. With this in mind, it is probably obvious now why I lusted after Adam. I wanted this dildo for its g-spotting potential.

Vaginal Use:

My experiences with the Tantus Adam were almost as I had expected. I say almost, as the one thing I had not accounted for was the high amount of drag provided by the Adams smooth, shiny head. Despite Adams average proportions, I have to use more lubricant than usual to insert this dildo comfortably, even grabbing for my bottle of Yes Oil Based Lubricant for a longer lasting slide. (Oil based lubricants are safe to use with Tantus silicone.) Friction is not fun, but when lubed up well, Adams soft silicone head feels comfortable to insert, providing an enjoyable popping sensation as the raised coronal ridge moved in and out of me. As I predicted, Adam is an extremely good g-spot dildo and it finds my g-spot effortlessly. I don’t have to angle it awkwardly to hit the right spot, it just does, from the moment of insertion. The silicone used to create the Adams inner core is firm enough to ensure some light pressure is always applied to my upper vaginal wall and g-spot area during thrusting and this, combined with the draggy nature of the bulbous silicone head, really intensifies the sensations around my g-spot. I like my g-spot pressure to be firm and Adam seems to grab hold of my g-spot, massaging and jiggling the area causing fantastic, squirting, g-spot orgasms. Every. Single. Time.

For g-spot play, Adam ticks all the right boxes. I am very particular with my g-spot dildos, especially when it comes to silicone g-spot dildos, because I have a highly sensitive vulva. Requiring hard, fast g-spot stimulation has often left me avoiding silicone products for g-spot play, as they tend to cause more drag/friction than glass or metal toys do and I get sore quite quickly. In other words, not many silicone dildos get high praise from me for their g-spotting potential and up until I got the Tantus Adam, there was only one other silicone dildo that could reliably provide me with comfortable g-spot play. That toy is the BS is Nice Vaca dildo. With the addition of the Tantus Adam to my sex toy collection, the Vaca has met its match. The differences between the two are that the Adam is more versatile. The Adams shaft is slightly thicker and does not curve as severely, so it can be used more comfortably as a non g-spot dildo too, making Adam more ideal for simulating penetration and thrusting, as well as a more comfortable anal penetration.

Anal and Strap On Use:

The Tantus Adam has a flared base, making it safe to use anally. The base has also been designed to allow the Adam to fit comfortably into strap on harnesses and as you can see from my pictures, he straps into the Tantus Intermediate Harness easily. You are going to find that you will need shed loads of lubricant to comfortably thrust anally with the Adam, for much the same reason as I experienced vaginally. (There is a fair amount of drag to the silicone.) I would describe myself as an anal intermediate, and I managed to use Adam for anal play. This dildo probably won’t be suitable for complete beginners, and I did need to warm up a little before I could take it, but the dual density silicone works wonders for anal, as the softer silicone provides comfort, while the firmer core holds the Adam firm, for a smooth and easy insertion. If you are looking for an anal dildo of average proportions, you can’t go far wrong with Adam.

Cleaning and Care:

Silicone is a lint magnet, and Tantus O2 silicone is particularly good at attracting dust, fluff and pet hair. Adam does not come with a storage pouch, but I recommend picking one up, to try and keep the surface clean in between uses. You are most probably fighting a losing battle though and will need to give the dildo a quick wash before use, as well as after. Luckily, the Adam is extremely easy to keep clean, and even sterilize (Which I recommend doing if you plan on sharing the Adam, or switching between anal and vaginal use.) You can place the Adam in a 10% bleach solution, put it in the dishwasher and even boil it (Just don’t let the silicone touch the sides of the pan.) For general cleaning, hot water and antibacterial soap, or a sex toy cleaner spray will do. It is safe to use water based, and oil based lubricants with Tantus silicone, but avoid using silicone lubricant unless you do a patch test first. Silicone bonds to silicone, and using an incompatible silicone lubricant could cause damage to the surface of the Adam.


I see the Tantus Adam as a perfect all rounder. An ‘every day’ dildo that is not too big, too small, too firm or ‘too’ anything, making it highly versatile. I grab for it when I want g-spot stimulation, when I want to feel thrusting and when I want to play with a good pegging dildo. It gets played with often. I would not recommend it as a first time anal dildo, as I feel it might be a little too intense, but for everything else, it feels great. The Tantus Adam is one of my most highly recommended dildos.

You can purchase the Tantus Adam O2 Dildo here at in 3 different colours, black, cocoa and cream.

The Tantus Echo Handle was kindly sent to me free of charge from tantus.Inc for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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  1. Andy - Ruffled Sheets
    Andy - Ruffled Sheets says:

    Awesome review!

    I need to review mine. This has been one of my “go to” dildos for a couple of years. I love the O2 dual layer silicone. I find the curve a little too much to take anally all the way in, but for the first 6 inches or so, it’s amazing!

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Thanks! After seeing your talents with the Adam (That sounded ruder than it is meant, but you know what I mean lol) you have inspired me to start practicing too! My guy has the same issue with any more than approx 5.5 inches. That is about his limit.


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