Sultry Saturday dragonfly Sleeve

Sultry Saturday: Dragonfly Sleeve

 Sultry Saturday Third Place

Practicing the Dragonfly Sleeve and my photography. Complimentary cute butt too.

Now where did I leave the strap on…


Final 1Final 2Final 3


Our competition entry.



 It is competition time this week over at Sultry Saturday and the theme is “All tied up” Want to see who else is playing? Click the button below.

Sultry Saturday


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  1. Scarlet
    Scarlet says:

    You know I always worry about never being able to do a dragonfly sleeve because the way I see it the arms seem to always touch behind the back and my arms simply cannot do that. But seeing your pictures gives me gleeful hope! They are lovely~!

  2. Jade
    Jade says:

    That’s lovely! I have seen the Dragonfly done in alternating colors before – it can make a stunning “walking around” piece.

    Oh and yeah – cute butt. ;-D


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