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Strict Leather Premium Locking Collar Review

I was kindly sent the Strict Leather Premium Locking Collar from Uberkinky for an honest review.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I have a weakness for leather bondage gear. I love the way it smells and how it softens up with use, becoming pliable and moulding to the body. This gorgeous leather locking collar is the first product I have tried from the Strict Leather brand (Yes that is a brand name and not a product description, although it does describe their products accurately), so I was looking forward to comparing it alongside some of my favourites.

Product Information:

The Premium Locking Collar arrived quickly and was packaged inside a simple, clear plastic bag. I personally appreciated the lack of outer packaging (My bin is already overflowing), but if you want to give this collar as a gift, I recommend purchasing some pretty packaging to present it in. Also, if you want to avoid scratching or damaging the leather, you might consider purchasing a pouch (or similar) for long term storage.

The collar is made using three layers of high quality leather. The first layer sits flush against the neck and has been designed to feel softer and more sumptuous than the other layers. It is soft, flexible and has leather grain showing. The second layer is almost the same width as the first, but feels firmer and has been polished, or sprayed in a fine protective coating of some kind. This gives the second layer a shiny, smooth appearance from the front. The final layer is much thinner than the first two and is again polished, or sprayed.

The thicker layers (1 and 2) measure 20 inches long and 2.25 inches wide, making this collar quite thick. The thinner layer (3) is slightly longer and contains the buckle and 8 eye holes, making the collar adjustable. According to my measurements, it should fit necks measuring from 14 inches to 20 inches.

Finally, this collar has some additional features that might appeal. First of all, it comes with 3 D-rings for attaching leads, rope or other bindings. These rings are reasonably large and are secured incredibly well using strong pins. Secondly, the needle thing (the part of the buckle that goes through the eye holes) has a small O-ring at its tip. You can slip a small padlock into this O-ring, which will stop the collar from being removed. This O-ring has a diameter of 0.25 inches, so there will be a limit to the size of padlock you can use.


My Experiences:

Seconds after removing the collar from its packaging, the smell of leather filled my nose. I gave the collar a once over, noticing that apart from the plush first layer, the majority of the leather used to create this collar is firm and thick. It has some flexibility, but is much sturdier than my Spartacus Collar, which feels incredibly soft and flexible.

So what does this mean? Well, the Strict Leather collar means business. The thick width causes this collar to act a little bit like a posture collar, limiting the up and down movement of your head. You cannot touch your chin to your chest and can only bend your head backwards so far (side to side movement is not effected). If you do attempt to lower your head, your chin starts to dig in to the edges of the collar. I guess it isn’t called “Strict Leather” for nothing.

The person wearing this collar is going to be constantly aware of its presence, yet the collar is comfortable where it counts. The layer resting against your neck, for example, is softer and feels ever so slightly padded. This layer also warms quickly on contact.

With the collar attached, I began to experiment with the additional features. If you do want to lock this collar in place, you will need to get hold of a small padlock (the collar does not come with a padlock). I found the small padlocks I got with my chastity devices were the perfect size. I soon discovered the benefits to having multiple D-rings too. I could really get adventurous with my sadistic games. I inserted an anal hook, attached rope and held it in place by looping rope between the hook and one of the D-rings. I attached a lead (leash) to another of the D-rings and had him crawl on all fours. You could also use each ring to create three separate binds (to hands, or bed posts) for a more secure tie. There are so many options.


I absolutely love the Strict Leather Premium Locking Collar. It is strong and sturdy, so I felt I could tug and pull on it without risk of breaking anything and I personally liked the fact that it minimised head movements. I was also impressed with the added features. The locking aspect works perfectly and having three D-rings to play with allowed me to get more inventive during our session.

If you are looking for an extremely comfortable collar, which you can move in as normal, then the Strict Leather Collar is probably not for you. Thankfully, Uberkinky sell a wide range of bondage and slave collars, so you should find something more suitable. This collar would be best suited to those who want their sub to feel a little uncomfortable while wearing the collar. If you want to limit your sub’s head movements, or place them in a collar that constantly reminds them of their predicament, then I highly recommend the Strict Leather Premium Locking Collar.

You can purchase the Strict Leather Locking Collar here at Uberkinky.

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