Spider Meiki Male Masturbation Sleeve (red)

The Spider Meiki Male Masturbation Sleeve Review

There are so many male masturbation sleeves on the market, but there are not that many that are designed for hands-free use. For the most part, this isn’t a problem, but there are occasions when it would be beneficial to free up your hands. Perhaps you’d like to stimulate other erogenous zones, try new positions, or free up your hands for browsing porn. I had my own reasons for seeking a hands-free masturbation sleeve; I wanted to watch him thrust into it, rather than manipulating it with his hands. I’d almost given up looking when I was contacted by a company called Spider. Spider kindly offered to send me their Meiki masturbation sleeve for review and I just couldn’t resist.

Product Information:

The Spider Meiki is a high-quality, realistic male masturbation sleeve with a vulva style entrance. The Spider Meiki is not the first male masturbator I have reviewed with the word “meiki” in its name, so I decided to do a little research. As it turns out, the word “meiki” means “perfect” in Japanese and that makes sense. Meiki sleeves are usually designed to perfectly replicate the internal texture of a real vaginal canal. The Spider Meiki is no exception.

The realistic design starts at the very entrance of the toy. When you part the fleshy labia majora and peek inside, you discover a thinner set of lips (the labia minora), a clitoris and a tight entrance hole into the canal. Just a few centimetres inside the canal, you will feel a large, textured bump (the g-spot). Another large bump sits approximately two-thirds of the way inside (the A-spot). Smaller bumps and ripples continue throughout the canal, from the entrance to the end of the sleeve.

The sleeve is made from a super-soft elastomer, which feels similar to the material used in Fleshlight Sleeves. This soft, squishy material is non-toxic, but it is also quite porous. It is difficult to keep this material exceptionally clean, so a musty odour can develop after a few uses. This is not unique to the Spider Meiki; the same thing happened with our Fleshlight sleeves.

At 7.5 inches in length, the sleeve should be long enough for most men. If your penis measures longer than this, you might struggle to fully insert your penis. The Spider Meiki sleeve sits inside a hard plastic case (available in 3 colours; black, white and red) and can be removed for cleaning. The case has two removable end caps; one covers the vulva entrance and the other covers the suction cup base. Both of these caps have 3 small air holes drilled into them.

The suction cup feature allows you to stick the masturbator to a smooth, flat surface and thrust into it hands-free. Once stuck, the Spider Meiki can be tilted over a 120-degree arc, allowing you to experiment with different positions/angles of penetration. If you want to experiment further, you can use your favourite Fleshlight sleeves inside the Spider case.

Our Experience with the Spider Masturbation Sleeve:

Aesthetically, the Spider Meiki resembles the Fleshlight Masturbators (a squishy, removable sleeve inside a hard plastic case), so I wanted to know how they compared side by side. The first thing we noticed was a difference in size and weight. Due to the inclusion of the suction cup base, the Spider feels heavier and is a little longer than a standard Fleshlight.

Thankfully, you can unscrew the suction cup and remove it from the base of the Spider. When attached, the suction cup creates an air-tight seal and this produces a suction effect when you thrust in and out of the sleeve. My partner really enjoyed the suction sensation, but it diminishes slightly when you remove the suction cup from the base. On the plus side, the Spider feels lighter to hold. More sensation or more weight? This is a decision you will have to weigh up when using the Spider as a hand-held masturbator.

The Spider Meiki sleeve doesn’t feel exactly like a real vagina (I’ve yet to find a masturbator that does), but the texture feels fantastic nevertheless. In terms of intensity, the Spider sits somewhere in between the Tenga Flip Holes (which feel very intense) and the Fleshlight Sleeves (which provide a softer, subtle sensation). Compared to his Fleshlight masturbators, the Meiki sleeve felt tighter and the texture was slightly more noticeable. My partner prefers intense stimulation, so the Spider Meiki didn’t impress him as much as the Tenga Flip Holes did. On the flip side, he does prefer it over his Fleshlight sleeves. In his opinion, the Spider provides a happy medium; it is not too intense, but not too subtle either.

Once we were through comparing, we put the suction cup base to the test. Thanks to the vacuum lock design, the suction cup sticks extremely well to any smooth, flat surface. This is especially true if you apply a little moisture to the suction plate first. I attached the Spider to the headboard (polished wood) and it remained in place as he thrust into the sleeve. There can be some slipping if the surface is not entirely smooth, but overall we were impressed. He could adjust the angle, which allowed him to experiment with a variety of different positions.


My partner has an average sized penis, but after only a few uses, we noticed a tear in the material at the entrance of the sleeve. It had split in a similar way to the opening on his Utensil Race Fame masturbator. Thankfully, the tear did not impact on the stimulation he received or his overall enjoyment of the product. Still, it doesn’t look as nice as it did when we first got it and that is a little disappointing.

The only other issue we noticed is that the Spider makes a weird squeaking sound when he thrust into it. The end cap on the Fleshlight sleeves can be loosened to allow air to escape. You can’t do this with the Spider’s end cap, but the 3 small holes do allow a little air to escape. Perhaps the holes are a little too small because the air rushes out with a whistle.

Cleaning and Care:

You can remove the Meiki sleeve from the plastic case for quick and easy cleaning. I recommend running hot water through the canal until clean. I will often use a mild soap too, but I avoid cleansers as I don’t want to damage the material. After cleaning, it is best to leave the sleeve outside the case until it has dried completely. If you place it back inside the case while wet, the material can grow mouldy. After the first wash, the material loses its powder coating and it feels very sticky to touch. In this state, it does attract a lot of dust, hair and lint. If this bothers you, you can fix it by applying a little corn starch to the entrance.


The Spider Meiki is one of the most versatile male sex toys in our collection. He could use it as a standard, hand-held masturbator, or stick it to a flat surface for some hands-free fun. For the most part, he was impressed with the build quality and the stimulation the sleeve provides.

The Spider does come with a few minor niggles (covered above), but the biggest disappointment was the material tearing so quickly. Thankfully it didn’t ruin his experience (it is more of an aesthetic issue), but I expected better from such an expensive, luxury product.

Despite that disappointment, the Spider Meiki has been a welcome (and often used) addition to his masturbation sleeve collection. I’d be happy to recommend it to others, but with a caution about the tight entrance design and the possibility of tearing.

You can purchase the Spider Meiki sleeve here at spidermasturbationshop.com

The Spider Meiki Masturbation Sleeve was kindly sent to me free of charge from spidermasturbationshop.com for an honest review. This does not affect or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are not used within this post.

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  1. Stern
    Stern says:

    Just wanted to mention you didn’t point out the internal material is a harder compound that the external material. It’s a dual compound sleave. Also tearing can occur on the outer softer material if not enough lubricant is used.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Thank you for your comment. I have been searching for more information regarding the dual density material (I would hate to leave something like that out of my review) but I am struggling to find anything. Could you point me in the right direction?

      Regarding the tearing; It is true that you can damage your masturbation sleeves if you don’t use enough lubricant and/or are too vigorous during use. Still, I am convinced that the Utensil Race Fame tore due to weak/delicate material. We use plenty of lubricant with our masturbation sleeves and have rarely had issues with tearing (It happened to us once while using a cheap and flimsy jelly sleeve, but that was to be expected). In my opinion, the Utensil Race material is just not as robust as the materials used to make other luxury masturbators (Fleshlight, Tenga etc).

      Since I am commenting on this review a year or so later, I want to mention another issue I have had with the Utensil Race material; it leeches (an oily residue) really badly. I stored my damaged Utensil Race Fame inside its original packaging and placed that box inside a cardboard storage box. When I opened the storage box recently, I discovered that the Fame had leeched so much oily residue that it had soaked right through both boxes! Like most sex toys that leech, the Fame also has a distinct oily odour. I might be able to forgive all of this if the Utensil Race products were much cheaper, but they come with a luxury price tag. For £110 (The price of the Utensil Race Fame), I personally expect a more stable and robust material. Fleshlight manage it and for only half the price.


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