Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device

The Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device Review

It’s no secret; I really enjoy reviewing “unusual” sex toys. If the product looks a little different, or comes with a unique feature, my curiosity gets the better of me and I just have to try it out. This is exactly how I felt when Soloflesh contacted me to ask if I would like to review the Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device. Let’s get straight to it, because I have a feeling this is going to be a long one.

Product Information:

The Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device (PSD) is a male masturbator with a difference; it requires filling with water, or air, before you can use it. Here’s what Soloflesh have to say:-

“Soloflesh operates on the principle of pressure rather than “tightness”, a different approach than other male sex toys. Pressure from the outside walls, transmitted through warm water to the walls of the inner canal creates a snug fit. The inner canal adjusts to your size and shape, just as a woman does. The result is the feeling of gentle, natural pressure and warmth that envelopes you evenly and completely. The inner canal is free-floating. It expands, contracts, and shifts with your angle and depth of penetration, making the inside feel alive and real.”

For a better demonstration on how the Soloflesh works, take a look at their demonstration video below, or my video at the end of this review.

The Soloflesh arrived reasonably quickly (within about a week) and was packaged in a super discreet, plain box. Removing the Soloflesh PSD from its packaging, it reminded me of a rubber hot water bottle. It did look a little sorry for itself, lying deflated in my hands, but this was expected. The PSD device is essentially a large, hollow bladder; it needs to be filled with water (or air) to take proper shape before use.

A long silicone tube runs through the centre of the PSD and this is the canal into which you would insert your penis. Soloflesh state that the texture within this canal is cast from the vagina of a real woman.

The PSD might look like a rubber hot water bottle, but Soloflesh state that it is made from 100% silicone. While I can’t be sure, I found no obvious reason to doubt this. The material is odourless and feels like the soft silicone used on my Vixen Vixskin dildos. Silicone is body safe and free from nasty chemicals.

The lifespan of the PSD is estimated at 96 uses, if each use lasted 30 minutes. The more vigorous you are with the PSD, the shorter its life span will be. You should keep the PSD away from sharp objects and check regularly for any areas where the material is thinning.

Our Experiences with the Soloflesh PSD:

Filling (and Emptying) the PSD:

The PSD comes with a manual that will walk you through the filling process. Still, we quickly discovered that filling this device can be awkward and messy. Apparently, it can also be hysterical. With his hands gripped tightly around the neck of the PSD, Mr Gritty joked, “I feel like I am strangling one of those joke, rubber chickens” I laughed so hard, I think I cried a little, but it was hard to tell, as he had already managed to soak me through.

So, let me explain briefly how you fill this device. Firstly you need to insert the end of your tap/faucet between the inner canal and the neck of the PSD. This will allow water to fill the main section, rather than pouring out of the main entrance. Before you turn on the tap, ensure that you have a firm grasp on the inner canal section. If you allow this to slide inside the PSD, the water pressure will cause the canal to shoot out of the vaginal entrance, like a terrible prolapse. Trust me, it is a pain in the ass to get it back inside again.

Next, you must create a firm seal (Do you hear that Mr Gritty? A FIRM seal) as the water begins to fill the bladder. If your sink/basin is deep, you will also need to support the weight of the PSD as it fills up. Once full, you need to pinch the neck closed, remove the end of the PSD from your tap/faucet and attach the Velcro strap to seal the neck closed.

Sounds simple right? Not always. During the first couple of attempts, we did end up soaking the bathroom as pressurised water shot from the neck of the PSD. If you imagine filling and sealing a giant water balloon, you will have a good idea what I mean. To be fair though, we got better at filling the PSD as time went on. Pretty soon, we could fill it without too much drama.

If you suffer weakness or a disability in your hands and/or arms, you may have a difficult time filling the PSD. Fixing the Velcro strap can be difficult, even for nimble fingers and you need to have decent arm strength to lift this device. The manual says the maximum capacity of the PSD is 8 quarts (which I think converts to approximately 9 litres) or 15.5 pounds in weight. We only ever filled it with 4 or 5 litres of water (yes, I measured) and that was scary enough.

Using the Soloflesh PSD with Water:

The first time my partner used the PSD, we only filled it with 3 to 4 litres of water. The truth is, we were being overly cautious, as we were both worried that the device would burst open. With just half the maximum amount of water, the PSD could be used like a standard, hand-held masturbation sleeve. It was heavy enough to require two hands, but he could sit/lie down, place the PSD on his penis and lift/rock the device in an enjoyable way.

The size and weight obviously stopped him from building up a proper thrusting rhythm, like he can do with his Fleshlight masturbators, but this still became his favourite way to use the PSD. As he thrust into it, he explained that it felt different from all the masturbation sleeves he had used before. The water pressure causes the canal to squeeze shut and this creates resistance as he thrust inside. It also caused the canal to close around the tip of his penis as he withdrew. Essentially, the water pressure was creating a wave-like, massaging sensation. Another benefit to using water, or more accurately, warm water, is that he could feel this heat inside the canal. Inserting into a warm canal feels more enjoyable than the shock of inserting into a cold one. The warmth lasted throughout his session too.

I asked him to describe the texture within and he said it felt like thrusting into a super horny, super relaxed vagina. Basically, the PSD lacks the muscles/pubic bone that a real woman has, so it lacks those firmer/tighter sensations. He could feel the rippled texture inside the canal, but this sensation was subtle.

As soon as we felt braver, we filled the PSD with more water. Due to the increased weight, it became too difficult to manipulate the device by hand. Instead, he would place it on a flat surface and thrust into it. The PSD would wobble as he thrust, which added to the stimulation. My partner prefers to lie down while masturbating, but clearly the PSD would work well for guys who enjoy standing/kneeling and thrusting into their sex toys.

Using the Soloflesh PSD with Air:

When I realised I could fill the Soloflesh PSD with air instead of water, I decided to give it a go. At first I assumed I would need a bicycle pump (or similar) to fill the device, but this was not the case at all. I blew one lungful of air into the PSD and noticed it was already half full. It only took two lungful’s of air to fill completely.

There are obviously some great benefits to using the PSD with air instead of water. Firstly, it is incredibly lightweight. You can blow it up to maximum size and use it as a hand-held masturbator, because it weighs next to nothing. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about water shooting everywhere, should anything unfortunate happen to the PSD. Sadly, Mr Gritty didn’t enjoy the sensations half as much as he did when he used the PSD with warm water. Without the weight, the warmth and the wave-like massaging sensation, it didn’t feel the same. He said he felt like he was “fucking a balloon”.

Does the Soloflesh PSD Have Any Downsides?

Apart from being fiddly to fill up, there is one major issue I have with the PSD; it scares the hell out of me! I was basically filling a thin (much thinner than a rubber hot water bottle) bladder with up to 8 litres of water and then asking Mr Gritty to hump it. It was terrifying. I imagined it snagging on a sharp object, or the Velcro strap weakening over time (as Velcro tends to do) and then suddenly…BOOM! Litres of water flood my bed/carpet/upholstery. Mr Gritty was naturally more concerned about his penis/testicles; I can’t say I blame him.

The fact is, the PSD could pop, if mishandled, or not cared for properly. I also imagine the material will weaken over time, due to the stress of repeatedly filling and emptying the device. Soloflesh provide warnings against over filling and using the device near electrical appliances/sockets. They also recommend that you do not put your full body weight onto the PSD during use . For us, the fear was present constantly and that could be very distracting. This obviously reduced our overall opinion of the device.


Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting him to enjoy the PSD as much as he did, because he usually favours highly textured, intense masturbation sleeves, like the Tenga Flip Holes. He has even been known to give the less intense Fleshlight sleeves a “meh” review because they felt too subtle. I wanted to know why he found the PSD so enjoyable, considering he described it as being less intense than the Fleshlight sleeves. As it turns out, the PSD was able to stimulate his imagination more. The PSD is heavy, life-sized (almost), warm to the touch and squeezable, so his experience was not as cold and mechanical as it can be with other products. It felt more realistic and this is why he enjoyed using it.

Although he enjoyed using the PSD, it is difficult to overlook some of the issues this device comes with. This left us with mixed opinions on the device overall. The PSD is far from perfect and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, but if you can overlook the flaws mentioned in this review, then you may enjoy it like my partner did. The Soloflesh PSD is certainly a unique product.

You can purchase the Personal Satisfaction Device (PSD) here at Soloflesh

The Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device was kindly sent to me free of charge from Soloflesh for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are not used within this post.

12 replies
    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      It looks like the Soloflesh device has been discontinued and is no longer in production. You might be able to purchase it from Amazon, or stockists that still have some available, but that’s about it I’m afraid. 🙁

  1. Heaven
    Heaven says:

    Damn this looks like a nice toy to get my guy friend. The hole does look a bit big but I think that would be perfect for him since he is on the bigger side. Glad your man enjoyed using it.

  2. Inquisitive Clam
    Inquisitive Clam says:

    I love that you reviewed this sex toy. I have it on my wish list to buy for my fiance, but I haven’t wanted to spend the money yet because it’s still something I’m not sure about. My fiance hasn’t tried much when it comes to toys. I bought him a Fleshlight, but I only got the original sleeve, and that one has just a smooth canal with no texture. I have a few Tenga Eggs, but we haven’t used them yet, so I don’t know yet if he enjoys texture. I also have the same concerns regarding the toy bursting while it’s full of water. Thanks for your honest opinion. This toy is definitely still something I’m thinking about buying eventually.

  3. OH&W
    OH&W says:

    I don’t know about the other readers, but the vaginal opening looks a little large to me. It may not be as enjoyable for undersized or regular males.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      I thought that too, which is one of the reasons I assumed my guy wouldn’t enjoy it (he is average in length and girth). I think it will depend on each guys personal tastes, but as an average guy, my partner found the sensations to be subtle, but enjoyable. As I mentioned though, it was a combination of factors that produced the enjoyable sensations for him, rather than just the sensation on his penis alone. If you are average in size (or smaller) and you prefer a tight, or intense masturbation sleeve, I personally wouldn’t recommend this one. The PSD is best suited for creating that overall fantasy-like experience, but at a much cheaper cost than the full sized, silicone mould.

  4. Sangsara
    Sangsara says:

    Wow I want one for BoyToy so bad! Seriously because it looks like it would satisfy not only his penis but his hands as well- it feels like boobs when you grip it no? Ps I really appreciate how many little details you include- you are extremely observant.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      It doesn’t feel exactly like boobs, but I guess it feels close enough. When Mr Gritty Was using it, he said it felt good to be able to squeeze the butt cheeks and that they felt sort of realistic, because they were warm and wobbly. However, the surface of the material has some drag to it, as you’d expect from a silicone material (it can even feel a bit sticky when wet). It doesn’t have the same silkiness as skin does. As with all sex toys, it doesn’t feel exact.

    • tony
      tony says:

      Although it is a great toy, I have one, u shouldn’t have to buy him a toy, unless he’s a truck driver like me, u just need to lick the under side of the balls trust ME! 😉

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:
        Lol! That’s exactly what it looked like. The internal canal has a realistic looking texture. XD It creeped me out a little….after I had fnished panicking that I had broken it!

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