Sex and Metal Corrector Flogger

Sex and Metal Corrector Flogger Review

The Corrector Flogger was kindly sent to me from for review and I actually fell in love a little bit, as I took this gorgeous leather and metal flogger out of its packaging and turned it over in my hands. The Corrector flogger, along with all the other devious and delightful BDSM gear sold at sexandmetal, is hand crafted in the Sexandmetal workshop and I seriously recommend taking a look at their stock. While browsing through the pages of metal hand traps, CBT devices and even BSDM furniture, it becomes obvious that these guys have deliciously vivid imaginations and have set out to create some of the sexiest looking BDSM gear available. The one commonality is that all of their items are made, in some way, from metal.

Product information:

The handle on the Corrector flogger measures 6 inches in length and is made from raw steel. Four rings are carved into the surface to give the handle its pattern and then the handle is powder coated, making it available in two different colours. You can either choose the silver steel colour, which is coated in a transparent finish to allow the natural steel colouring to shine through, or you can choose a deep red colour called candy apple red. (This is the option I chose) The 21 inch long fall is created using 20 strands of high quality leather. You may notice that the strands moult a little during your first few uses and that your skin is covered in little black bits. I believe this is just left over leather particles from when the strands were cut because this moulting stops after one or two uses. Each leather strand measures 1 inch in width and it feels lovely and soft to the touch and has a nice leather scent to it too. The fall has been secured into the handle extremely well. I believe the metal spikes actually help hold the leather securely. I gave a really hard tug on the leather and the handle and it did not budge at all. The Corrector has been designed with a metal loop on the end and this comes in handy, not only for storage and being able to hang your flogger up, but also to insert your finger into and use it as a finger flogger.

In Use:

I would not describe the Corrector as a heavy flogger, despite the fact that it is made from steel and leather. It does have some weight to it, but I could still comfortably use it for extended periods of time without too much difficulty. Arm ache kicked in at the 20 minute mark but I have a health condition that makes my muscles weak and tire easily, so my experience will not be the norm. The general rule with floggers is that thinner tail strands will produce a stinging, nippy sensation and thicker tails will produce a more thudding slap. (Materials used will also alter the sensations) The Corrector flogger has reasonably thick tails and when I use it gently, or with a medium force, it produces a reasonably heavy thwack that makes my partners buttocks wobble nicely. The Corrector can feel stingy too, especially if you rain down blows in fast succession or use quite a lot of force behind a blow. When I compared the Corrector to other impact tools in my collection, I noticed that I could use a lot more force behind my hits without pushing my partner past his limits and it also took more force to get my partner’s ass glowing red. Repetition and build up was the key to increasing the sensations he felt and having him writhing about. There are options available if you feel like being super mean. Remember the locker room towel whipping trick? You can recreate this with the Corrector by flicking your wrists at the right moment, allowing the ends of the tails to whip back and crack against the skin. It nips like a bitch and if done right, it will have your partner yelping.

Pushing my partner to his limits can be fun, but personally I enjoy the build-up of sensation, the tease and the threat of what is to come. You only have to look at the Corrector to understand why I loved it so much. This is a mean looking flogger, with its steel, spiked handle and reasonably heavy leather fall. It looks intimidating and it had that effect on my partner when he first saw it. It even produces some gloriously loud cracks as the leather strikes the skin, but the beauty with the Corrector is that its bark is much louder than its bite and that means it can be used for short periods of time or enjoyed over extended sessions of play.


There are not many downsides to this flogger, but there are a few little niggles that I came across. I am mostly nit-picking though. The first issue you may experience with the Corrector is that the smooth steel handle, gorgeous as it is, can become a little slippery when you are building up a sweat, flogging ass. Sexandmetal have lots of different handle designs on their floggers and the Corrector is the least patterned one, so if you imagined this to be a big issue for you, you can always opt for one of the handles with more grip to it, like the Spotted Dick or the Bestia. The last niggle is that the welds and joins on the handle look a little messy in places. (See my images) The simple fact is that the Corrector flogger is hand-made and so it isn’t going to look machine perfect. I actually like it just the way it is and I think that those marks add character. I wouldn’t change it but I thought it worth mentioning for folks who would prefer a more perfect design.


The Corrector feels absolutely fantastic to wield and it certainly feels great having a tool in my arsenal that I can really put my swing into without pushing him past his limits. As soon as this flogger is in my hands, I am in control. It is the one impact toy I reach for when I want to see and feel the dramatic, without causing dramatic pain. The glint of steel, the smell of the leather, the super loud cracks as it impacts hard, all of this gets my dominant juices flowing. I simply love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality flogger. It would be most suitable for those who cannot stand intense pain, yet still enjoy a little intimidation and to those looking for an impact toy that creates the illusion of extreme pain without pushing their partner too hard. The beauty with the Corrector (Aside from its actual beauty) is that it could easily suit a beginner, make an ideal warm up toy for all and still be firm enough to have experienced players floating. It is not suitable for those who need really extreme pain or wish to be left with bruises or marks on the skin as there better impact toys out there for that. If you love the feel of floggers or enjoy deeper thudding sensations, I would recommend the Corrector.


You can purchase the Corrector Flogger here at Sex and Metal.

The Corrector Flogger was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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  1. Heaven
    Heaven says:

    Looks like it was good for the bottom in that last picture. This one is a awesome flogger from Sexy and Metal as well. They have some lovely pieces on their site.


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