Help Gritty Woman Become A Sex Blogger Superhero

Super-Hero-WomanAs autumn approaches, so does that exciting time of year when Kinkly.com go hunting for their favourite sex bloggers. Their mission each year is simple; to create a new, top-notch list of sex bloggers who promote sex positivity and help save the world from bad sex.

When voting began last year, my blog was just 7 months old, so I did not expect to feature on the list. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I realised you guys had voted for me and I had become Kinkly’s 39th Sex Blogger Superhero of 2013. Knowing that people enjoy and benefit from my work here is what keeps me going.

I would be honoured to feature on the list again this year, but to do so, I need your help. If you have visited my site this year and were inspired by one of my articles, informed by one of my guides or found my sex toy reviews helped you make a great purchase, please consider thanking me by voting Gritty Woman as your sex blogger superhero of 2014. Your votes really do matter.

(It will only take a second. It’s as simple following the link above and clicking the “vote” button).

While you are there, why not take a look through Kinkly’s sex blogger directory and vote for any other sex bloggers who inspired you this year. Often done without recognition, these talented bloggers work hard, bringing their knowledge, honesty and skills to the table to inspire sex positivity in others. You can vote for as many as you want and you can bet your boots that your vote (and acknowledgements) will make their day too.

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