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Sasmar Water-Based & Flavoured Lubricant Review kindly sent me 6 bottles of their personal lubricants for an honest review and having never heard of this company before they got in touch with me on Twitter, I was looking forward to testing their products and comparing them against some of my own personal favourites. Lubricant has become a staple part of my sex life and being a sex toy tester and I was hoping Sasmar lubricants would soon be added to my favourites list and placed on order regularly. Sadly, for me, it was not to be.

Our Experience with Sasmar Personal Lubricants:

Sasmar Flavoured Lubricants:

As a huge fan of flavoured lubricants (I really enjoy using them for extra slippery oral sex), I was really looking forward to sampling the Sasmar flavoured lubricants. Sasmar sent me four different flavours to test, including strawberry, cherry, pina colada and vanilla. Many flavoured lubricants come with a common issue; they dry sticky on the skin. I believe this is often caused by the sweetener added to the base, but not all flavoured lubricants are created equal. As formulations change and companies use different ingredients, it is now possible to find flavoured lubricants that won’t leave you feeling as though you have smeared your genitals in treacle. Sasmar is of those brands. Their flavoured lubricants did have a very mild tackiness to them when they were almost dry, but when completely dry, there was no stickiness on the skin at all.

Sadly though, this is about as far as my positive experiences went, because one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a flavoured lubricant is how good it tastes. I am not an overly fussy woman when it comes to flavoured lubricants. I have certainly experienced bland flavours, or flavours that I didn’t like very much, but I had not come across a flavoured lubricant that I found to be completely distasteful. Unfortunately Sasmar lubricants, in my opinion, taste yucky. The problem had nothing to do with the flavours themselves, but the fact that the lubricant base itself had a bitter taste. This meant that although I could taste the lovely cherry or vanilla flavours initially, it faded quickly and was replaced by a bitter, nasty taste that reminded me of the taste of aspirin. The bitterness was not quite as powerful in my mouth as it would have been if I had actually chewed on an aspirin, but the taste was similar and it was definitely noticeable enough to put me off.

Unfortunately, because this taste was coming from the lubricant base itself, each and every Sasmar flavoured lubricant suffered with this issue (including the standard water-based) and it put me off using any of them as a flavoured lubricant. I was not alone either; my partner also found them just as distasteful.

Due to the nasty after taste, we decided to put the lubricants to use as a standard lubricant instead. We wanted to find out how well they would perform when used for sexual intercourse, masturbation and for use with sex toys. The Sasmar lubricants are reasonably runny, compared to many other lubricants. I could slosh the lubricant around inside the bottle with ease and when I tip the bottle upside down, the lubricant inside will pour and settle within 2 to 3 seconds. When I pop the flip lid off, the lubricant will begin to dribble from the bottle, without any squeezing or pressure added. Both of these points told me immediately that the lubricant was not gloopy or thick. It had a low viscosity.

As I began testing the lubricant for masturbation (with and without sex toys) I noted that the lubricant did not feel very slick. Yes it was wet, but one thing I look for in a good quality lubricant is a slick and slippery buffer between my skin and the object I am stimulating myself with. When I use a thicker lubricant (Like Sliquid Sassy), I notice the liquid coats my sex toys evenly, but when I use Sasmar lubricants, I notice that it separates quickly and easily (Much like Yes water based lube and Woohoo Lube does). Unfortunately, this lowers its ability to provide a great slip and I could feel friction almost immediately after applying the lubricant. The friction was obviously lower than if I had not used any lubricant at all, but it was considerably higher than I experienced with many other water based lubricants, for example Gun Oil, or Sliquid Sassy. In my opinion, applying Sasmar lubricant during any sexual activity will certainly help keep things comfortable, but I would personally be inclined to recommend it only for light or gentle use. I was not overly impressed though and I would probably recommend many other lubricant brands before Sasmar, especially as a flavoured lubricant.


Water (eau), Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sclerotium Gum, Flavour, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid.

Sasmar Water Based Lubricant:

Sasmar’s plain, water-based lubricant contains the same ingredients as the flavoured lubricants do (with one exception; the flavoured lubes contain an additional ingredient labelled “flavour”). This meant that the standard water based lubricant acted in exactly the same way as the flavoured lubricants did. It had the same viscosity and produced the same sensations during use. It also contained the same bitter taste as the flavoured lubricants, but this time it was undisguised by flavouring.

Sasmar Warming Lubricant:

Sasmar’s Warming Lubricant contains all the same ingredients found in the water based formulation, but it has two additional ingredients; Polysorbate 20 and Vanillyl Butyl Ether. Just like the water based formulation, the warming lubricant has the same viscosity and acted in the same way as the flavoured lubricants did during use. This lubricant is designed to produce a warming sensation when applied to the skin. I have previously experienced ID warming lubricant and Durex warming lubricant, so had a good base to compare, but unfortunately Sasmar warming lubricant let me down. The sensation was so mild (compared to ID and Durex) that I had to focus really hard just to notice a very slight warming. My partner’s experience was exactly the same. He said “If you had applied this to my penis while I was blindfolded and unaware, I would not have known it was a warming lubricant. It is only because I am trying to feel the sensation that I notice it. It is extremely mild”


I was looking forward to trying Sasmar lubricants, but I really did not have a good experience with any of their products, which was a real shame. I believe I would have had a more positive experience if the lubricants were thicker and did not contain a bitter taste to the base formula, but these two main issues ruled out oral sex and heavy play (such as anal, or use with large and draggy sex toys). Although my experiences were generally negative, I was pleased to find that Sasmar lubricants are paraben free, PH balanced and condom safe, but those qualities alone were not enough to make me want to recommend Sasmar lubricants.

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  1. Heaven
    Heaven says:

    Sorry to hear you had a not so good experience with this stuff. I enjoy some of those flavors too but I would hate to have a nasty damn taste in my mouth. The only ones I have found not to do that are the durex flavor ones they have.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Sorry to hear you have experienced some nasty tasting lubes too. I recommend Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gel (far and away my favourite – the flavours are strong and sweet. If you like the syrup they put on ice cream, this one is for you. It does dry tacky, but not as sticky as Durex in my opinion) Sliquid Flavoured lubes (These are more of a subtle flavour, definitely noticeable but not overly sweet or sickly. These are very nice and have no stickiness or aftertaste at all) and finally Lovehoney flavoured lubes (Very much like sliquid; no stickness at all and a more subtle flavour). Those are my top three brands at the moment.


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