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Tantus Cush O2 Review

The Tantus O2 Cush dildo was kindly sent to me from Tantus Inc for an honest review and I was over the moon when it turned up unexpectedly at my door. The dildo gods must have been smiling down upon me as I had been lusting after a Tantus dildo for a very long time and the Cush topped my list. You only have to look at it to see why. It is absolutely gorgeous. On top of this, I know Tantus are one of the most reputable sex toy manufacturers around, producing gorgeous, high quality, body safe sex toys. The Cush is my first Tantus product and it really did not disappoint.

The Cush is made from dual density silicone. This simply means that two different densities of silicone are used to form this dildo. The royal blue coloured silicone, which is most obvious at the base of the Cush, is quite firm. This firmer silicone also forms the internal section of the shaft. The creamy white silicone is much softer and somewhat translucent too. The white silicone forms the entire head of the Cush, as well as coating the length of the shaft. The areas where the white silicone is thinner, the blue colouration from the firm core shows through. This is what gives the Tantus Cush its gorgeous shadowy blue hues. Aside from looking amazing, the dual density silicone also gives the Cush a more realistic feel. In a similar way to an erect penis, the Cush feels firm on the inside, with a small amount of flex and then a soft, silky and squishy skin on the outside.

I think the only slight downside to this dual density silicone is the possibility of air bubbles forming between the two layers of silicone, which has happened on my Cush (You can see 4 small air bubbles just under the ridge on the front, if you look at my pictures.) These bubbles did not cause any issues with the function of the Cush and are barely perceptible. They are also deep enough to avoid popping open and causing indentations or holes on my Cush, but I thought it worth mentioning that they exist.

In Use:

The dual density silicone really does add a gentleness to the Cush during use, which is just as well because this is not a small dildo. The Cush measures 6 inches in circumference around the largest section of the dildo (The head.) and it comes with 7 inches of usable, or insertable length, making the Cush one of the larger dildos in my collection. Although it’s size was initially slightly intimidating, I soon discovered that the tapered head and the soft silicone ensured a comfortable and gentle insertion. The Cush did stretch me slightly and provided a full sensation, but the larger size did not cause any discomfort, even when using this dildo from a cold start. I did have to use plenty of water based lubricant during use, to reduce the drag, or friction caused by the matte silicone material, but this is normal with most silicone sex toys. Stick to water based lubes, as silicone lubes could degrade this dildo.

One of the many things I adore about the Tantus Cush is that it manages to maintain this semi-realistic shape, having a pronounced head and visible corona, while at the same time being hugely appealing to people who do not enjoy a completely realistic looking dildo. The Cush does not have any texture in the form of realistic veins, wrinkles or skin pores, but it does have a pronounced ridge, almost like a second, elongated corona, which begins to form at the back of the head and swoops around the front, sitting roughly 5 inches down the front of the shaft. Unfortunately I felt no benefit from this ridge because I could not insert the Cush deeply enough to benefit from this ridge brushing against me internally. I have no idea why this happens. I am pretty sure I have inserted more than 5 inches of dildos I have tried in the past but I just cannot manage any deeper than 5 inches with the Cush, before I feel it reaching my cervix. At this point, the raised ridge sits at my vaginal entrance. As it turns out, I am quite shallow! Who knew?

Although I would have loved to feel that gorgeous soft ridge rubbing against my g-spot, sadly it was not to be for me. However, although I get very little stimulation from the ridged part of the Cush, this did not detract from my overall enjoyment. I actually rate the Cush very high up my list of good dildos, for a few reasons. First of all, it is filling, and I love that sensation. I enjoy inserting the Cush and feeling that gentle stretch and the gentle “pop” as the larger head slips inside. Squeezing my pelvic floor muscles around its ample girth feels divine too. Secondly, the Cush works wonders for my g-spot. Although it lacks the curve associated with most g-spot dildos, the large size and slightly bulbous head off the Cush ensure that it never misses my g-spot. With some gentle jiggling and shallow thrusting, the Cush delivered some intense g-spot orgasms. It never lets me down in that regard.

As with most Tantus dildos, the Cush comes with a flared base, which makes it suitable for anal use and even harness play. I have an adjustable harness and the Cush fit perfectly. Unfortunately, the Cush is just too large for us to attempt to use anally, but I can imagine it will provide intense pleasure t o anyone who enjoys a thick, smooth anal dildo. The flared base is perfectly proportioned to allow my partner to perform oral sex on me while the Cush is inserted, which is something that is not always possible with flared base dildos (Especially ones with balls.)

Cleaning and Care:

As with all silicone dildos, the Cush is a lint magnet and I would recommend storing it inside a satin/velvet sex toy bag to help keep it clean between uses (The Cush does not come with a storage pouch and I found it difficult to keep storing it inside the clamshell packaging that it arrived in after I initially removed it, as it would not completely close around the toy without the pressure of the box squeezing it shut.) Cleaning is easy, simply wash it with soap and hot water and rinse well. There are no seams, indentations or demarcation lines to trap lube or juices. Even though the Cush is coated in a velvety soft silicone, it is worth noting that it never gets sticky, even when wet.


The Tantus Cush is a very impressive dildo and it definitely lived up to the high expectations I had before getting my hands on it. I reach for the Cush often, especially when I want to enjoy a comfortable, full feeling. The texture is minimal, which works for me because with a toy as large as the Cush, too much texture can be uncomfortable. Aside from feeling great, it also looks fantastic and is made from body safe, high quality silicone. I would recommend the Tantus Cush to anyone looking for a super high quality, beautiful dildo that has a little more girth than standard. It feels fantastic. I would only say avoid the Cush if you prefer your insertable toys to be slim.

The Tantus Cush was kindly sent to me free of charge by Tantus Inc for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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  1. tábata
    tábata says:

    hi! i’m considering to buy this dildo but i’m not sure if it is too thick for me…
    when you talk about its circumference, what’s the relation with diameter?

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Hi Tabata. When I talk about circumference, I am refering to the measurement around the entire shaft (full circle). To find the diameter of any circle, you can divide the circumference by 3.14 (Pi). The Cush has a 6 inch circumference. 6 / 3.14 = 1.91, so the diameter is 1.91 inches. I hope this calculation helps when reading my other reviews, as I know I tend to use circumference a lot. All the best!

  2. Heaven
    Heaven says:

    I am glad you enjoy using the Cush as well. I reach for this one a lot too. I like to use it after my partner has loosened me up some it makes it so I can get as much as I can in then trying on my own.

  3. Kas
    Kas says:

    Hi, I loved your review. The colours on this dildo are fantastic, although I think it might be too big for me. 🙂

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Hi Kas. The Cush is a large dildo that’s for sure. If you like the look of the Cush, but fancy something smaller, check out the Tantus Flurry. It is similar but smaller in size/girth and the ridges sit higher up the base. I am going to review the Flurry soon. I shall compare and contrast the two toys and get pictures of them together.


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