Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant

Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant Review

I was kindly sent a bottle of Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant directly from Pjur.com for an honest review and Pjur Woman Nude is a water based lubricant that is free from nasty additives like parabens, glycerine, oil, fat and perfumes. It would therefore be a suitable choice for those who have sensitive skin and those who want a body safe lubricant, most especially for vaginal use.

My experiences:

My past experiences with ‘pure’ water based lubricants, have not been great. Aside from Sliquid, who always seem to impress me, I had yet to find another brand that produced a pure, body safe lubricant that performed well. I was extremely impressed then, to discover that Pjur Woman Nude lube had a gloopy, thicker consistency and seemed to outlast most other water based lubricants I have tried. When I apply Nude Lube to toys, it is thick enough to create an even, thick coating, rather than separating like the thinner water based lubricants have a tendency to do. I liked this. It felt really luxurious and I could often get away with using less than I would with other lubricants.

Thanks to its water base, Pjur Woman Nude can be used for all types of sexual play, including use with latex, rubber and silicone materials, which means it is safe to use with condoms, diaphragms and sex toys. Of course, it is still water based and unlike silicone or oil, it will dry up eventually. For this reason I found Pjur Woman Nude to be best when used for Penis in Vagina penetration, because our natural lubrication kept this water based lubricant active for longer. It also performed well for female masturbation and provided plenty slip and slide, allowing me to comfortable take larger sex toys. When it comes to anal sex, Pjur Woman Nude did outperform most water based lubricants in my collection, but I would not recommend it for intense anal play. The anus does not self lubricate and there is no natural moisture to keep this lubricant active, so it needs reapplied often otherwise things start to chafe and feel uncomfortable. It’s okay in a pinch, but there are better lubricants for anal sex.

It is probably obvious that Pjur Woman Nude is designed for female play, but we did experiment with male play too and found it worked perfectly in masturbation sleeves, keeping everything slippery for a decent length of time. However, I recommend avoiding it for male masturbation by hand; the friction and air moving around causes this lubricant to dry up very quickly and it became tacky within minutes. Still, this seems to be the case with most water based lubricants. I recommend oil or silicone for male masturbation by hand.

Some other things we noticed about Pjur Woman Nude lubricant are that it has a slightly sweet taste, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. This taste is noticeable but being quite mild, it was not off-putting. Of course, it is nowhere near as tasty as specifically designed flavoured lubricants, but we both felt comfortable performing oral sex on each other, after applying this lubricant previously. I can’t say that about many water based lubricants as most have a stronger, bitter, soapy taste. Pjur Woman Nude also has an extremely feint scent. It is barely noticeable and I could only detect it when I held it right under my nose. The smell reminds me of PVA glue.

Pjur Woman Nude lube comes out of the bottle translucent. It is completely clear and see-through (Like water) but a curious thing happens when you rub it vigorously; it turns creamy white and looks like a face or hand cream. This seems to be a normal reaction and it did not affect my experience at all, but I thought it worth mentioning in case anyone should worry.


Aqua (Water) Propylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglycol, Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Citric Acid.

The Downsides:

Pjur Woman Nude does have one downside; it dries a little tacky. I could feel it sticking my thighs together for a few hours after use and noticed my fingers would begin to stick together slightly after having it on my hands. Because of the water base, it can be reactivated to become tacky on the skin again, if you sweat. Not pleasant, but it is also not bad enough to make me not want to use it. The benefits outweigh its one fault.


Pjur Woman Nude is a great all rounder for females and aside from a tacky sensation after play, I could not fault it. This lubricant lasted longer than most other water based lubricants in my collection and felt really luxurious on the skin. It provides an even, slippery coverage and does not separate or trickle all over the place. I would not recommend it for intense anal play or male masturbation by hand, but for vaginal use, sex toy use and female masturbation it excels. If Pjur figured out a way to stop it drying tacky, I have no doubts I would rate Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant in my top 3 favourite lubricants of all time.

You can purchase Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant directly from Pjur.com, or at lovehoney.co.uk for UK purchases.

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