Sinful Sunday: Grinding Him Down

Since my last Sinful Sunday entry, (Where I mentioned our latest experiment with switching roles in the bedroom.) I have been embracing my dominant side more and using it to my advantage. This week I have focused on tease and denial….

Sinful Sunday: Grinding Him Down


There is nothing sexier than to see that pleasure and frustration on his face, to slowly take him to that place where all he has left is to beg. Pleading for one look, one touch, desperate for release. I have been here. He taught me well.


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Sinful Sunday

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    • Gritty Woman
      Gritty Woman says:

      Lol! 😀 I was aiming for a link between the fact I was grinding on his lap, and the fact that I am trying to wear him down, with the tease and denial. However, when read a different way, it does sound preeeetty painful! 😀

  1. Jane
    Jane says:

    Oh, my. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous picture. The beautiful curve of your bottom, the sexy lingerie … Stunning. Jane xxx

  2. ImaGodiva
    ImaGodiva says:

    Beautiful! Coincidentally this was the unofficial position of the week at the ImaGodiva residence. I know we didn’t look anywhere near as good as you though! Very nice, thanks.

  3. Molly
    Molly says:

    I can’t stop looking at this, it is so incredibly sexy. Your skin looks flawless, the curve in the base of your spine but most of the crease at the top of you leg… I want to run my tongue along that line.



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