Oxballs Atomic Jock Jerk Male Masturbation sleeve

Oxballs Jerk Male Masturbation Sleeve

Oxballs sex toys fascinate me. As a kinkster, it’s hard not to be drawn to a company who make multi-coloured puppy play butt plugs, electro-stim cock cages and so much more. They clearly have a lot of imagination and an unabashed attitude towards pleasure. This review is for the Oxballs Jerk male masturbation sleeve, which was kindly sent to me from one of the kinkiest BDSM and fetish toy stockists in the UK; Uberkinky.

Product Information:

The Jerk masturbator is packaged inside a simple foil packet that must be cut or torn open to access the toy inside. When we initially opened the packet, we noticed a strong rubber odour, but this did fade dramatically after leaving the product out to air.

The Jerk is made from Skinflex TPR, which is a squishy, stretchy rubber material. In my opinion, it feels softer than silicone but slightly firmer than jelly or Cyberskin materials. When compared to cheaper, lower quality sleeves, the Jerk has some noticeable differences. Firstly, it has been designed with relatively thick walls, so it is unlikely that you will tear through the sleeve during use. Secondly, the material can be stretched and pulled, without causing any micro-tears. I still believe it is possible to damage the Jerk (it is by no means indestructible), but I was quite impressed with the overall build quality.

The TPR material used to create the Jerk is free from phthalates (TPR generally is), but you should bear in mind that this material is porous. Porous materials are difficult to sterilise, so I would avoid sharing the Jerk with non-fluid bonded partners. Since it is common for bacteria and/or mould spores to hide inside the tiny pores, you may find that your jerk sleeve develops an unpleasant, musky odour over time. This problem is not limited to cheaper sleeves; it can (and does) happen to luxury masturbation sleeves such as Fleshlight and Utensil Race. To help reduce the risk of developing an odour, you should let your sleeve air dry completely, before storing it in a cool, dry environment.

The Jerk measures 5 inches in length from the entrance to the tip of the toy (6 inches in total length if you include the suction-cup base), but the material is so pliable that the dimensions are not overly important. The jerk will stretch quite dramatically to comfortably and completely envelop most penises. To provide extra stimulation during use, the canal contains a raised, ribbed texture. This starts at the entrance and continues through to the end of the sleeve.

His Experience Using the Oxballs Jerk:

Compared to well-known brands (Fleshlight, Tenga etc), the Oxballs Jerk is a relatively basic masturbation sleeve. You don’t have to spend any time setting it up and there are no controls or features that you need to familiarise yourself with before use; just grab the sleeve, apply lubricant and away you go.

Inserting his penis into the canal, my partner noted that the entrance felt quite tight. He explained that he could feel a popping sensation as his glans slipped inside, but he didn’t find this sensation uncomfortable. When erect, my partner’s penis measures 5 inches in circumference, so I would be a little hesitant in recommending this particular sleeve to guys with larger penises, especially if you dislike strokers with tight entrances. Once you slip inside, you will find that the inside of the canal is not nearly as tight.0

My partner prefers sleeves that provide intense stimulation, opting for tighter canals and lots of raised texture. For this reason, he really enjoyed the tighter entrance, describing it as the most stimulating part of the canal. He could feel the ribbed texture lining the walls of the canal (more intensely if he squeezed the soft walls of the sleeve), but the sensation this texture provided was middling in terms of intensity. He said that the texture inside the Jerk was more intense than the texture inside his Fleshlight sleeves but less intense than the texture inside his Tenga Flip Holes. In terms of stimulation intensity, the Jerk compared most closely with his Tenga 3D Module Masturbation sleeve.

Masturbating with the Oxballs Jerk is a pleasure, thanks to its hourglass shape. The Jerk has a rounded, bulbous tip; a wide, flat base and a narrow middle. There is also some ribbed texture on the outside of the sleeve. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the shape and external texture actually provide some practical benefits. The narrow centre allows you to get a comfortable grip on the sleeve and the added texture provides friction, which helps to stop your hand slipping. My hands are tiny, but I can use the Jerk on him for long periods of time without experiencing hand cramps or sore arms. I think it also helps that the sleeve is so lightweight; it doesn’t hinder your ability to masturbate, even at faster speeds.

The only real downside to using this particular masturbation sleeve is that it makes quite a lot of noise during use. A lot of masturbation sleeves are designed with an opening at the tip, to allow the air to escape when you push your penis into the canal. These sleeves usually emit a subtle whooshing noise. Unfortunately, the Oxballs Jerk does not have an air hole, so the air is forced past his penis, exiting via the entrance of the toy. This creates, for lack of a better word, a lot of farting noises.

Thankfully, you can minimise (but not completely eradicate) these sounds by fully inserting your penis and squeezing the air out of the canal with your hand before you start masturbating. This has the added benefit of noticeably increasing suction, intensifying the sensations you feel without having to manually squeeze the sides of the sleeve during use. If you prefer less suction, with fits and spurts of intensity, you might have to put up with the noises and revert back to squeezing during use. You could, in theory, create your own air hole by cutting through the material at the tip of the Jerk, but this could create weak spots, cause the material to tear, or minimise the suction/vacuum that the sleeve naturally provides. It’s an option, but a risk.

Finally, I wanted to talk about the suction-cup base. After browsing the Oxballs website, I came to realise that the wide base of the Jerk is supposed to act like a suction-cup. To quote Oxballs,

“The suction cup base feels fuckin’ hot suckin’ down on your fuck stick with every thrust of your bloated meat”.

Looking at the Jerk, you can see that the wide base contains a number of circular intents and the entrance is sunken in slightly. It certainly looks like a suction-cup, but does it work like one?

The answer is; not really. If you try sticking the Jerk to a flat area of skin, such as your thigh or stomach, it will actually stick. The suction is mild, but it does work. The problem is that your groin is not as smooth or as flat as your stomach/thigh. As it turns out, pubic hair and testicles are not ideal for creating a good seal. If the base was designed to hug and suck at your penis during use, well it doesn’t really do that either. Perhaps it would work better on larger penises.

Some of you may be thinking, “but penis pumps work fine” and I totally agree. I guess it has something to do with the squishy TPR material or the shallowness of the suction-cup base, but it really didn’t work as we had imagined. On the plus side, the base does provide a nice, soft cushion to thrust against.


Despite not being quite as intense as he would have liked, my partner really enjoyed using the Oxballs Jerk. He was most impressed with its versatility in regards to sensations. He liked that he could squeeze the walls for a noticeable increase in stimulation, or remove all the air for a constant suction-like sensation. There are no fancy texture changes and the canal doesn’t vary in tightness (apart from the entrance), but the texture was noticeable and stimulating. The Jerk had no problem taking him to orgasm.

I was most impressed with the overall design. I love how compact and lightweight this sleeve is, as it allows me to use it on him for longer periods of time without suffering aches and pains. Although I would personally prefer a non-porous material, I was impressed with the build quality. I can see this sleeve lasting a decent amount of time. I also liked the non-anatomical, non-threatening design and the fact you can buy this stroker in a see-through material (yay for those who like to watch the action).

I would recommend the Oxballs Jerk to guys who want a lightweight, compact masturbation sleeve with a non-anatomical design. It would also suit those who prefer a mid-level intensity, with a decent degree of control over the stimulation they receive. If you are on a budget, I personally feel that this stroker is one of the best you could buy for under £20. You should avoid the Oxballs Jerk if noise is a big issue to you. You should also look elsewhere if you dislike strokers with tight entrances, or would rather avoid porous materials.

You should avoid the Oxballs Jerk if noise during use is a big issue to you. You might also want to give it a miss if you hate strokers with tight entrances, or would rather avoid porous materials. Uberkinky do stock a wide range of male masturbators that may be better suited to you instead.

You can purchase the Oxballs Jerk Masturbation Sleeve here at uberkinky.co.uk

The Oxballs Jerk Male Masturbator was kindly sent to me free of charge from uberkinky.co.uk for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post

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