Gritty Womans Toy Box

Welcome to my toy box. Here you will find a complete list of all sex toys, products and sexual accessories I currently own or have owned at some point in time. Items on this list that contain links are products I have already reviewed. Clicking on the product name will take you to my detailed review for that specific item. Items with no links are items I own, but are still awaiting review.



Not Yet Reviewed

  • Millennium
  • Sensation
  • Glide


Not Yet Reviewed

  • Personal Moisturizer


Not Yet Reviewed

  • Libido Cream


Not Yet Reviewed

  • Powder
  • Med After Shave
  • Espresso
  • His
  • Hers
  • Cool
  • Woman
  • Original
  • Premium Glide
  • Aqua
  • My Glide
  • Superhero
  • Analyse Me!
  • Cult


Not Yet Reviewed

  • Dude Lube Ride
  • Dude Lube Silk Hybrid
  • Silver
  • H2O
  • Swirl Cherry Vanilla
  • Swirl Blue Raspberry
  • Swirl Green Apple
  • Serenity Massage Oil


Tracy Cox

Not Yet Reviewed

  • Supersex Single Toner Ball
  • Supersex Nipple Gel
  • Supersex Bullet

Vibe Therapy

Not Yet Reviewed

  • Angora Rabbit