Lelo Tara Couples Vibrator

Lelo Tara Couples Vibrator Review

I was kindly sent the Lelo Tara for an honest review from Lovehoney.co.uk and the Lelo Tara is a rechargeable couples massager, designed to give stimulation to both partners during intercourse. The idea is that the female inserts the internal arm of the Tara into her vagina, allowing the clitoral section (The rounded top portion.) to rest up against her clitoris. Once in position, it is now possible to also insert a penis, or dildo, into the vagina,. The Tara is designed to provide hands free clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Vibrators like the Tara are a fantastic idea because there are lots of females who cannot reach orgasm from penetration alone and require more clitoral stimulation to do so. My experiences with these ‘couples vibrators’ so far though, have been disappointing. The We-Vibe 2 is an example. The idea is fantastic, but in practice, the We-Vibe 2 had issues that left me feeling less than orgasmic The main problem I had with the We-Vibe 2, was that the clitoral arm would often slip away from my clitoris, even without his penis inside me at the time. I had to hold it in place and I felt that this defeated the object of the couples vibrator. I mean, if I have to hold the clitoral arm in place, I could just as easily hold my We-Vibe Tango against my clitoris during sex and got the job done easier, and with much less fiddling about. Suffice to say, I had my doubts about the Lelo Tara.

Charging The Tara:

The Tara arrives, presented in the usual classy, luxury packaging that Lelo does so well. The Tara is a USB rechargeable vibrator and it will require a two hour charge before use. Lelo have made it very simple to detect when your Tara is fully charged. During charging, a light will flash on and off at the side of the Tara and as soon as the motor is fully charged, this light will steadily glow. Lights will also flash on the side of your Tara during use, if the battery is running low. An indication that you should probably charge your Tara soon, to avoid it switching off mid-session.

Operating the Tara:

On the opposite side of the Tara from the charging port hole, you will find the operating button. It rests flush against the surface and it looks like this: ((.)) The Tara has 6 different vibration modes. Mode 1 is a Continuous vibration speed, mode 2 is a Slow pulse, mode 3 is a Fast pulse, mode 4 is a Fast Wave, mode 5 is a Slow wave and mode 6 is a Random vibration mode (There is no pattern to the vibrations. You experience waves, pulses and steady vibrations randomly and at different strengths.)

I have two small issues with the vibration modes. Firstly, I would have liked more continuous vibration settings, seeing as I generally do not enjoy pattern settings or sporadic stimulation anyway, and secondly, you cannot actually use the Tara without the arm rotating, if the vibrations are on, in any mode, the arm will be moving. The rotations cannot be operated separately, you cannot change the speed of the rotation at all, and you cannot switch it off, unless you completely turn off the Tara. This means that if you do not enjoy the rotating arm, you’re out of luck.

My Experiences:

Solo use:

I experimented with the Lelo Tara alone at first, and was delighted to discover that, after inserting the rotating arm, the clitoral section rested perfectly over my entire clitoris. The Tara has a large, round, clitoral stimulator (It measures 2.25 inches in diameter.) and in my opinion, this large, round shape seems to be much more suited to this style of vibrator, because even if the Tara moved, it could only really shift a centimetre or so in either direction before it bumped into my inner thighs. Even if it did slide sideways and hit my inner thighs, which it rarely did, most of the vibrating section was still resting against my clitoris. I was surprised at just how well the Tara stayed in position. I did not experience any of the slipping that I did with the We-Vibe 2 and I was receiving constant clitoral stimulation, completely hands free. Even without a penis or dildo inserted, the Tara stayed inserted and resting on my clitoris, locked comfortably in place. I was impressed.


Then the Tara did something unexpected and amazing. As I already mentioned, the Tara’s internal arm always rotates, and when you insert this arm into your vagina, you expect to feel it moving around in there, brushing against your g-spot, right? Well, to some extent this is the case, you can feel some gentle tickling sensations against the g-spot, which is nice, but not orgasmic. To a large extent, your internal muscles end up holding the internal arm still. Not completely, but somewhat still. However, the Tara is a rotating toy and it does not grind to a halt as you might expect. What happens is that, if you manage to stop the internal arm rotating, the clitoral section begins to do the rotating instead. (See my video to see this in action.) I was laying there on my bed, waiting to feel the internal arm hit my g-spot, when suddenly and rather deliciously, I began to feel the clitoral pad make circular rotations over my clitoris. This also happened when a penis or dildo is inserted, but it can be more sporadic if his body pins the clitoral stimulator still.

Couples use:

Next it was time to try the Tara with my partner. Not going to lie, this is where it gets a little tricky. Inserting it alone was no problem, but trying to insert his penis while the Tara’s arm was already inside me could be fiddly and uncomfortable. As his penis pushed inside (It did feel like he had to push.) the lack of room caused the Tara’s arm to press harshly into my vulva, or g-spot area. We also had a few incidents where he pushed into me, causing the clitoral section to jab painfully into my clitoris. The first few minutes of every sex session with the Tara, involved a fair amount of shuffling about and a few attempts at insertion before everything was comfortably in place. My partners penis is average sized and I imagine any bigger and my experiences would of been even more fiddly and uncomfortable. I managed to use the Tara very comfortably with my Anthro Dragon dildo too, but not with my Nox Dildo, which is on the larger side. Once I had his penis inside me, I noticed that the sensations from the Tara increased. I like to use a little pressure against my clitoris when I masturbate, even with vibrators. Using the Tara hands free and solo felt good, but there was nothing to press the vibrator deeper against my clitoris. His penis supplied that extra pressure as it pushed the clitoral portion against my clitoris pleasantly. Each time he thrust deeply into me, I got an extra special hit of pressure and it felt fantastic, although he did have to go slow. The Tara is not suitable for hard, fast thrusting, as it can bang uncomfortably against the clitoris if he bangs into you too hard.

I would say that the internal rotating arm is not as intense or stimulating as I thought it would be. The arm is quite small, in both girth and length, measuring just 3 inches in circumference at its largest point and being about as long as a finger. With my partner also inside me, I could feel the internal arm a little more, as his penis pushed the Tara’s arm rhythmically against my g-spot. The sensation was a little too focused on a very small area of my g-spot though, and it almost seemed to ‘block’ the more general and larger brushing sensation of his penis against my g-spot. I could not really sense any movement from the arm while he was inside me either. I guess this is because he had it pinned still (Which caused the clitoral arm to rotate, so I can’t complain.) The arm was noticeable and certainly not uncomfortable but by itself, it wasn’t orgasmic. I was impressed, however, with just how well the Tara stayed put and in position while he moved inside me. Even when he withdrew his penis entirely, the Tara remained inside me with the clitoral section resting against my clitoris. The only times I had to grab hold of it, to stop it slipping out of me, was when I was changing position and had to kneel or stand up. This is to be expected though. Even Lelo can’t design a vibrator that defies the laws of gravity.

My fears that the Lelo Tara would disappoint began to fade away as I began to really enjoy the combined sensations of my partners slow thrusting, and a constant, enjoyable, hands free vibration against my clitoris. With all of these sensations combined, I could finally reach orgasm from a “couples vibrator”.

Side note: I did also try inserting the Tara and putting on some tight underwear so I could try wearing it as though it were a panty style vibrator. I had some success with this, so long as the underwear was tight enough to hold the Tara in position while I was standing. I wouldn’t risk wearing it outside the house though, as it is not really designed for wearing like this and it can slip. I did worry that I might break something if I sat down on it though, so I gave up on this game pretty soon.

Male Experience:

I was a little worried that this toy would cause some discomfort to my partner. I imagined that the rotating arm would prod and rub against him painfully due to the tight confines they shared, and the fact that it could be uncomfortable for me at first. I asked him how it felt and he said that he could barely feel the rotating arm at all and that the main thing he felt was the vibrations transferring from the clitoral portion, through my vagina, which was a pleasant sensation for him.


So, you have heard all the good things, now let me tell you that the Tara is not perfect. Although, in my opinion, it beats the We-Vibe 2 and other couples toys I have tried before (Vibrating cock rings fail me every time.) the Tara still has some niggles. Obviously the discomfort and fiddling around for two minutes at the beginning of every session is not ideal. The vibrations could be a little stronger for my tastes too, but I am a self confessed power queen and need deep, rumbling, knock your socks off vibrations to orgasm every time. I would say the Tara can make me orgasm about 70% of the time, only lacking the other 30% due to having a little less power than I desire. However, 70% of the time is a huge upgrade when I compare the clitoral orgasms I had with the We-Vibe 2 (None.) and the cock rings I have tried before (Zero orgasms here too.) I do sometimes find myself using my fingers to push down a little on the clitoral portion of the Tara during use, to give me that extra depth I need to push me over. As already mentioned, the internal arm does very little for my g-spot, so the Tara is certainly not the toy I reach for when mind blowing squirting orgasms are needed. The arm just adds a little something extra. A gentle probing or brushing during solo use or intercourse. The last niggle I have with the Tara is that the button, being small and barely there, can be difficult to locate and press during use, especially when slippery and lubed up.

Cleaning and Care:

The Lelo Tara is fully waterproof and made entirely from silky soft, body safe silicone. This makes cleaning easy, Simply wash the Tara using hot, soapy water and rinse well. There is some potential for getting lube or body fluids into the open charging port at the side of the toy, so double check this area when cleaning. I also recommend sticking to water based lubricant to protect the silicone material. The Tara comes with a satin storage pouch to protect it in between uses and a little box, for long term storage.


I am tricky to please and I did have major doubts about the Tara before I had it in my hands. I know I need precise and powerful stimulation and I know most other couples toys have let me down. The Lelo Tara impressed me. It was certainly not perfect and sometimes I could struggle to reach orgasm with it. Sometimes I just needed an extra shot of power and at other times I felt that the large clitoral stimulator was not ‘precise’ enough to give me the pin point stimulation I craved. However, the Tara is the first couples use vibrator that I have experienced, that stays where I want it and provides CONSTANT clitoral stimulation. I do not have to  grab hold of a slippery clitoral stimulator and hold it still against my clitoris while my partner thrusts into me. Not only this, but the clitoral stimulator even rubs my clitoris for me, while vibrating, as it begins to rotate. With all other couples toys I have had a 100% fail rate. With the Lelo Tara, I can finally achieve orgasm from a couples style vibrator. How can I not love that. In my opinion, Lelo have just upped the game, manufacturing one of the best, most consistent couples vibrators on the market at the moment. If Lelo ever release a second version of the Tara, with more powerful vibrations, I will be all over that in a heartbeat.

You can purchase the Lelo Tara here at lovehoney.co.uk

 The Lelo Tara was kindly sent to me free of charge from lovehoney for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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  1. Pinkgilly15
    Pinkgilly15 says:

    So this is more or less identical to my experience with this toy. I won mine. My hubby is rather large so the struggle to get in with it inserted was a real issue for us with all of your dramas and some…..great review xx

  2. Camryn Jones (@RynJ21)
    Camryn Jones (@RynJ21) says:

    Why would you not have separate controls for the rotations?! Especially to control the speed! That part makes me sad. I like the blue color though, and being able to make the clitoral pad rotate sounds rather yummy.
    Thus far it doesn’t strike me as a “must have” but my curiosity is definitely piqued!
    I can’t wait to see the video!


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