Lelo Ora 2 Oral Sex Simulator

Lelo Ora 2 Oral Sex Simulator Review

The Lelo Ora 2 was kindly sent to me from Lelo.com for an honest review.

Just over a month ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Lelo Ora; an oral sex simulator and clitoral vibrator all in one. The Ora was relatively unique in the way it functioned and the sensations it provided. In an attempt to mimic a tongue, the Ora contained a small rotating nub which circled around the flat base. When held against the clitoris, you could feel this nub moving, back and forth and round and round, providing a very different sensation from vibrations. Not that it lacked vibrations of course. With ten different settings, you had a lot to choose from.

Within weeks of reviewing the Ora, I discovered that Lelo had upgraded the product, fixing the main issue many people had with the original; the teeny, tiny nub. The nub on the Ora 2 is bigger and protrudes more from the silicone, which is great news for those of us who need a little bit more, or who like to feel stimulation further down the side of our clitoris.

The larger nub is not the only change made to the Ora. The Ora 2 also comes with additional “SenseTouch” technology, which simple means that the Ora responds to touch, increasing the intensity of the vibrations the more pressure you apply. If you own a Lelo Smart Wand, you will already be familiar with this technology. The final improvement? The Ora 2 comes with a USB charging cable, as opposed to the mains cable with came with the original.

Product Information:

The Lelo Ora 2 is an oral sex simulator and clitoral vibrator all in one. You can choose to use the rotating nub alone, or combine the sensations of the nub with vibrations that travel most intensely down the edges of the flat pad. The only thing you can’t do is have the vibrations alone, because the nub is active in every setting.

Speaking of settings, the Ora 2 comes with ten. In some of these settings, the rotating nub will rotate in a circle and in others it moves back and forth in a 180 degree arc. Some settings do not contain any vibrations, while the rest offer a great mix of continuous speeds and patterns, such as pulses and waves. You use the central button to cycle through these settings and the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations. The nub has two speeds, rotating slowly if you have the intensity down low and faster when you turn the intensity up. This happens in every mode, whether you have vibrations on or not. It also means it is not possible to have the nub moving fast while the vibrations are turned down low (and likewise the other way around).

The Ora 2 is coated in Lelo’s silky soft body safe silicone, is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable. As for the sound levels? Well, the Ora 2 comes with very quiet vibrations. The rotating nub however, does create a whirring noise which does increase the overall noise. Still, I would be confident using it behind a closed door and with some light background noise.

My Experience with the Ora 2:

One of my biggest complaints with the original Ora, was that the small nub only provided a “flickering over the very surface of my clit” type of sensation. The tongue movement felt good, but it was just a little too subtle. Now, I have a strange clitoris. I seek intense power from vibrations, but a gentle touch when the stimulation is manual.

The larger, more prominent nub was therefore the upgrade that interested me the most. I decided to test the Ora and the Ora 2 side by side, to see how the two products compared. The difference was huge. The nub on the Ora 2 produced a much more noticeable flicking sensation as it rotated over my clit and the most exciting part was that I could feel it stimulating deeper into my clitoral tissue. After spending 5 minutes or so enjoying the Ora 2, I switched back to the original Ora and was shocked to discover I could barely even feel the nub.

In my opinion, the larger nub produces a sensation somewhat similar to manual stimulation with a single (small) finger. Sometimes it can catch me a little awkwardly and feel a bit too intense and at other times I wish I could turn it up faster, but overall I actually really enjoy the sensations it provides. I think this is one upgrade that really made a big difference. It certainly pleased me.

As for the vibrations, the Ora 2 does come with a reasonably powerful, mostly rumbly motor. It takes an especially powerful, rumbling vibration to get me off consistently, and the Ora does fall short of that mark. However, it does get me off on a somewhat regular basis and that’s more than can be said for a lot of other vibrators I have tried, included the Lelo Mia and the Lelo Smart Wand (medium).

The reason why I sometimes struggle to reach orgasm with the Ora 2 is less to do with the feel of the vibrations and more to do with the way they travel. The vibrations do not travel through the pin-point nub, they travel through the edges of the pad. This means it is difficult to achieve a pin-point stimulation and if I want to orgasm from the vibrations, I have to tilt the Ora 2 and apply one of the edges against my clitoris. When using the Ora 2 as designed (holding the pad flat against my vulva) the vibrations hit most intensely around my labia. If you simply MUST have pin-point vibrations, the Ora might be frustrating for you.

Finally, I decided to experiment with the SenseTouch technology. If you press and hold the central operating button for 4-5 seconds, the Ora 2 will switch to SenseTouch mode and will vibrate and rotate at its lowest setting. As soon as I placed the flat pad against my vulva, the vibrations and rotation immediately increased to full power. When I removed the Ora from my vulva, the vibrations returned to a gentle hum. In my experience, the SenseTouch technology didn’t ramp up the more pressure I used, but simply switched from “on” to “off” depending on whether the Ora was touching me or not. There was no in between and it did not react to pressure (Considering it jumped straight to full power at the slightest touch, I guess it wouldn’t).

Still, the SenseTouch mode seems like a great way to save power and avoid pissing about with button controls mid-masturbation. Just turn the SenseTouch on and away you go. Need to stop to add lubricant? No problem, just remove the toy from your skin and it will power down low all by itself until you smoosh it back against your vulva once more.


I think the Ora 2 is a great upgrade on the original version and I have to say, I do enjoy the sensations it provides. This really surprised me, because I am a power seeker, who tends to favour pin-point and powerful vibrations. However, when it comes to manual stimulation I seek the opposite; a gentle touch. I think this is why the Ora 2 works for me. It is one of those toys I have to be in the mood for though, because it doesn’t provide the pin-point, jack hammer sensations I seek most often. When I am in the mood for a slower build up, or a different kind of sensation, I will happily reach for the Ora 2. It doesn’t feel much like actual oral sex, nor does it provide the same stimulation a standard vibrator would, so I think the Ora 2 will be an acquired taste.

I think the Ora 2 would suit those who can orgasm easily, or who prefer something a little different. If standard vibrations don’t always work for you and you fancy trying something that provides a swirling touch, then the Lelo Ora 2 might be the one for you.

You can purchase the Lelo Ora 2 here at Lelo.com

The Lelo Ora 2 was kindly sent to me free of charge from lelo.com for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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