The Lelo Luna Smart Bead – The Future of Kegel Exercising?

So, Lelo have just released a new kegel exerciser, called the Lelo Luna Smart Bead and this one has really piqued my interest. For the past few years, I have spent time considering the state of my pelvic floor muscle and with good intentions, purchased many a set of kegel balls. The problem is, I never seem to stick to a prolonged, or noticeably beneficial kegel training program. Within a week or so, my purchases make their way to the back of my sex toy drawers, rarely to be used again. See, like most forms of exercise, kegel training produces results over time, but it requires some consistency and effort to get there. Having no noticeable short-term benefits (to me) and no way of knowing for sure whether my efforts were even working, I often gave up trying.

But the Lelo Luna Smart Bead interests me because it seems to provide the answers to my most common complaints. According to Lelo, the Smart Bead can be personalised according to the individuals own experience levels. How does this work? Well, the Smart Bead contains touch sensors which detect when the user squeezes their pelvic floor muscles. Once inserted, you simply squeeze your pelvic floor muscles around it and the smart technology will automatically set a personalised training program based on your own experience level (I am guessing it senses how hard/long you squeeze).

Once the bead has selected a level to suit you, it begins a vibration cycle. The user is asked to clench their PC muscles when the vibrations are active and relax when the vibrations stop. With 5 different intensity levels to work through, the Smart Bead allows the user to progress over time.

Check it out for yourself:

And for those who enjoy a little pleasure after a good workout,the Smart Bead comes a continuous vibration mode too.

On the subject of orgasms, Lelo also claim that the Luna Smart Bead can help users reach quicker, more consistent and enjoyable orgasms. When you consider the results of Lelo’s Global Sex Survey that can only be good news:

“While it is common knowledge that women take more stimulation to orgasm than men, LELO’s survey reveals a number of interesting facts about the female orgasm itself:

  • 76% of women claim their orgasm wave lasts less than six seconds
  • 11% of women have never experienced what they would describe as a climax
  • Only 4% of women are ‘Fully Satisfied’ with the strength of their orgasms
  • Only 17% of women regularly experience multiple orgasms
  • 33% of women believe they have never experienced a multiple orgasm”

It seems to me that the Luna Smart Bead comes with many benefits to a good kegel workout routine. I like the fact that it keeps the user engaged, using vibrations to help them follow a set routine. When I attempt to train my kegel muscles manually with a set of standard kegel balls, I often question how often I should squeeze and how long I should train for. A lot of my training is therefore based on guesswork and when results are not immediate, it is so difficult to figure out if your hard work was beneficial.

Being able to work through a set program and see progression as I move up through the intensity levels is encouraging too. I think this would be a huge benefit to people like me, who tend to drift away when results are not noticeable or immediate.

So, will the Lelo Luna Smart Bead provide the “quicker, more intense orgasms” it promises and keep me engaged in a more effective kegel workout routine? I guess only time will tell.

Update: Read my review of the Lelo Luna Smart Bead here.

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