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Lelo launch the Ora 2 Oral Sex Simulator

A few weeks ago, I reviewed an oral sex simulator called the Lelo Ora. As a huge fan of oral sex, I was drawn to the Ora’s unique design and innovative technology, but I was also sceptical. Having reviewed hundreds of sex toys, I learned long ago that, while pleasurable in their own right, inanimate vibrating objects cannot replicate the sensations provided by a real human being. I am also a hard core power seeker; intense, rumbling, pin point vibrations are not just appreciated, but needed. I’m pretty sure my inner power queen face-palmed the day I decided to review this product.

But sometimes a sex toy can surprise me and although the Ora wasn’t perfect, it was certainly a lot more enjoyable that I imagined it would be. In my review, I discussed how the rotating nub felt very pin-point (maybe too pin point for some) and how it did not protrude very far from its flat base. These were issues that did effect my overall enjoyment.

You can imagine my joy then, when I discovered that Lelo launched the Lelo Ora 2, an upgraded version of the original Lelo Ora. Clearly Lelo listen to customer feedback, because wait until you here what’s changed.

The Lelo Ora 2 features:

A bigger rotating nub:

The Ora 2 contains a bigger, more prominent rotating nub. Looking at my header image, it looks at though this nub has at least doubled in size (compared to the first version) and definitely looks like it juts out more from the silicone surface. This is one change that I am really excited about.

Sense Touch Technology:

Lelo have added their trademark SenseTouch™ technology to the second generation Ora. These sensors detect when the Ora makes contact with the body and how much pressure has been applied. The vibrations will then ramp up and down in response.

More Power:

As far as I can tell, there is no indication that the motor has been upgraded, but Lelo state that “The larger nub transfers more powerful stimulation”. Logically, I can imagine that a more prominent nub would allow the user to experience pin point stimulation deeper between the labia and if it helps transfer the vibrations, then this would be beneficial. Whether it does or not remains to be seen. I shall certainly cover this in my review for the Ora 2.

USB charging:

The Lelo Ora comes with a mains charging cable, whereas the Ora 2 comes with a USB charging cable. The USB option makes charging more convenient if you travel abroad.

These changes are definitely intriguing. The Lelo Ora didn’t feel like actual oral sex, but it did feel good to me. Will the Ora 2, with its larger nub and SenseTouch technology, feel even better? I am certainly looking forward to finding out.

Update: Read my review for the Lelo Ora 2 here.

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