Lelo Hugo Remote Control Prostate Vibrator

Lelo Hugo Remote Control Prostate Massager Review

It’s been over two years since I last reviewed a prostate vibrator. In that time, we have experimented with a number of anal safe vibrators, but almost all of them were designed primarily for vaginal/g-spot use. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that vibrators designed to be used vaginally are often larger (in length and girth) than those designed specifically for prostate stimulation. If you like feeling stretched and full, this is good news, but some guys find it uncomfortable and overwhelming.

I was on the hunt for a high-quality prostate vibrator when Lelo contacted me to ask if I would like to review the new Lelo Hugo remote-controlled prostate massager. Of course, I said yes. I was initially drawn to its smaller size and gorgeous design, but the kinkster in me was also intrigued by the remote-control. There are so many remote-control vibrators designed to be worn by women (e.g. love eggs and vibrating panties) and a few of us have experimented with those sex toys in public. The Lelo Hugo offers the opportunity to turn the tables; giving men the ability to wear a vibrating sex toy while their partner controls the stimulation. I couldn’t wait to put the Hugo to the test.

Product Information:

As with all Lelo sex toys, the Hugo arrived packaged inside a sophisticated black box. The box isn’t as discreet as it could be (it has a clear plastic window on the front, so you can see the Hugo inside the packaging), but it is sturdy enough to be used for long term storage.

Inside the box, you will find the Hugo vibrator, a remote control, a plastic key that opens the remote control, a USB charging cable, a black satin storage pouch and a sample sachet of water-based lubricant. You will also find an instruction manual and a warranty card.

I removed the Hugo from the box and took some measurements. The main shaft measures 3.5 inches in length, which is long enough to reach the prostate, but short enough to avoid any deep and uncomfortable poking if you decided to move around with the vibrator inserted. The circumference of the shaft is 3.75 inches at the tip, but this tapers down to just 2 inches in circumference at the base of the shaft. This fat-to-thin, curved design seems ideal for prostate stimulation; the bulbous tip should apply gentle pressure to the prostate while the slim shaft takes the pressure off your sphincter muscles.

The Hugo vibrator has a second shaft, which is similar in shape but slightly smaller than the main shaft. This smaller shaft is designed to rest up against (and apply gentle pressure to) your perineum when the main shaft is inserted. Both shafts contain a powerful motor and they work together to provide an all-round stimulation to the prostate, both directly and indirectly via the perineum.

The Lelo Hugo comes with 6 pattern settings, including a constant vibration and some pulse and wave modes. The last setting is a completely random mixture of pulses, waves and speed intensities; ideal if a partner is not available and you want the element of surprise. You can flick through the settings using the button on the base of the Hugo, but if you use the remote, you also have access to 12 speed/intensity settings.

Another benefit to using the remote-control is that it comes with Sense Motion technology. When you select the Sense Motion mode, you can control the speed/intensity of the vibrations by tilting the remote control, instead of pressing the buttons. This comes in handy if you plan on using the Hugo in public and want to hide the remote control in your pocket.

Aside from some flexibility in the perineal arm (to help the toy adjust to different body types) the Hugo is a rigid vibrator. The main shaft does not bend or squish when you apply pressure. Like all Lelo sex toys, the Hugo is coated in a silky soft silicone skin, which doesn’t create much drag. This, combined with the lack of texture, help the Hugo to glide much more easily.

The Lelo Hugo is a rechargeable vibrator.  There is a small flap of silicone covering part of the gold disc at the base and you need to lift this flap to find the charging port. A full charge will get you approximately 2 hours of play time, but this will vary depending on the settings you use. The Hugo is also waterproof, so it is easy to clean thoroughly after use.

His Experience Using the Lelo Hugo Vibrator:

My partner has a lot of experience with anal penetration, but he has always preferred slimmer toys. The Hugo isn’t a large sex toy, but at 3.75 inches in circumference, my partner found it uncomfortable to try and insert from a cold start. The rigid, curved shaft added to the discomfort, as it caused the shaft to apply uneven pressure to his sphincter muscles during insertion. With a little warm-up, he didn’t experience this discomfort, but I still wouldn’t recommend the Hugo to those who are just beginning to experiment with anal play. It is surprisingly intense and would be better suited to those with some experience.

With the main shaft inserted and the perineal arm resting directly over his perineum, he could feel some gentle pressure being applied both internally and externally. Even without the vibrations, the Hugo was gently massaging his prostate and his perineum. What really helped to keep the pressure comfortable was the flexibility in the perineal arm. When he moved around, this arm would flex slightly, ensuring that he didn’t experience any sharp prods or pokes. One of the things he loved most about the Hugo is how comfortable it is to wear after the initial insertion. That is the good news. The bad news is that when he did move around, the Hugo had a tendency to slip out of his butt.

It was disappointed to discover that the Hugo liked to slip out, as this complicated matters for public use. The fear of it trying to escape down his trouser-leg put him off wanting to try, but with some tight underwear, he was willing to give it a go in a quiet (nobody around) area.

This brings me on to the next problem with public use; the Hugo isn’t exactly silent. Don’t get me wrong, the Hugo isn’t a loud vibrator. While he was wearing it, I left the room and closed the door and I couldn’t hear it vibrating at all. For those who share a house; a closed door and some light background noise will be enough to drown out the sounds. I would be happy to use the Hugo in noisy public places (like pubs and clubs), but not in quiet spaces. Walking together in complete silence, I could hear the Hugo vibrating inside his body. It’s probably not the best choice for livening up boring meetings at work.

With those minor grumbles out of the way, let’s discuss what the Lelo Hugo does well. Firstly (and most importantly) it provides mind-blowing pleasure. The Lelo Hugo has two motors and both emit those deep, rumbly vibrations that travel deep into the tissues. On top of this, the vibrations are so powerful that they seem to travel right to your very core, providing an incredibly intense, all-round sensation. My partner finds it difficult to reach orgasm through prostate stimulation alone (only a few vibrators have ever achieved this), but with a little teasing beforehand, the Hugo managed on a few occasions. Combining the Hugo with penis stimulation resulted in quick but powerful orgasms that left him feeling dizzy but satisfied.

He told me that the only other vibrator that felt this intense was the L’amourose Rosa, so we decided to grab that toy and compare them side-by-side. From this experience, he noted that the Rosa provides a much more precise type of stimulation. The motor in the base of the Rosa is quite weak, so most of the vibrations were felt directly against his prostate. The Hugo provides a much more rounded sensation, stimulating the prostate and the perineum with equally powerful vibrations from the perineal arm and the main shaft. He also found that the Hugo was much more comfortable to wear. He couldn’t choose a favourite, which is high praise considering how much he loves the Rosa.

Of course, you don’t have to use the Hugo on its fastest, most intense settings. Another thing that impressed us about this vibrator is the range of sensations it offers. From slow and gentle purrs to super intense rumbles, it has something to suit every mood. Sometimes it is nice to leave it on a low setting and enjoy a slow build up, other times you can go for that fast, intense climax.

The Hugo comes with a remote-control and we discovered a few benefits to having this feature. First of all, he could lie back and operate the Hugo, without having to reach down between his legs to blindly press the button (something that can be extra difficult if your toy is covered in lube). Secondly, it allowed me to take control of his pleasure, so it brought us together to experiment as a couple. I especially liked the Sense Touch mode, which worked even better than I expected. The vibration intensity will vary, depending on how far you tilt the remote-control. By tilting and rocking your hand, you can create patterns and speeds without having to press a single button. Genius.


Despite not being beginner-friendly as we had hoped, he absolutely loved the Lelo Hugo. It is great to find a prostate-specific vibrator that has such impressive vibrations, but the variety of speeds/settings and build quality impressed us too. The remote-control is the icing on the cake, as it allowed him to control the Hugo with ease. It also allowed me to take control of his pleasure. If you enjoy prostate stimulation (especially vibrations) and are looking for something powerful and intense, you should definitely consider the Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager.

You can purchase the Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager here at lelo.com

The Lelo Hugo Remote Control Prostate Massager was kindly sent to me free of charge from Lelo for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used in this post.

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