Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane

Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane Review

The Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane was kindly sent to me from Uberkinky for an honest review and this is the first cane to make it into my collection of impact tools. Despite the fact that I had wanted to get my hands on a cane for many months now, a shiver of fear and anticipation ran through me as I unpackaged this cane and ran it over in my hands. Canes are generally considered to be harsh flagellation tools, providing a biting, cutting sensation to the flesh. Demanding respect and attention. We both enjoy spanking and caning, but this was going to be a new experience for us both and we couldn’t wait to put this cane to the test.

The Kink Industries Intense Impact cane is made from plastic and although I have never tried a wooden cane to compare the two materials, I can tell you that this cane demands respect. I was the first to experience the cane (I like to try these tools on myself first) I had my partner start gentle and as imagined, it provided a sharp stinging, biting sensation that focused onto a very small area of flesh. This focused impact really heightens the intensity of the sensations and although my partner was barely flicking his wrist, it almost took my breath away. The sensation is intense and mostly focused on the surface level of skin. It does not provide deep, thumping sensations, like floggers or paddles can do. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a smaller impact area and less depth equals less painful. The opposite is true and in my opinion, this cane tops the pain felt by floggers, paddles and even some whips. It is one of the harshest impact tools in my growing collection.

The time came to use the cane on him. I slipped my hand into the leather wrist loop and whipped the cane through the air a few times. Although it is made from plastic, this cane is still somewhat flexible and this helped create an awesome whooshing sound as the cane cut through the air around me. (A fantastic effect if you have your submissive blindfolded.) This cane is extremely lightweight and I found it really easy to control. Despite this being my first cane, I noted that I could land the impacts exactly where I wanted them, so I mixed it up, choosing to aim for one buttock, then the other before landing a strike across them both. It really didn’t take much effort on my part to create thin red bands across his buttocks and even some indentations to the skin. I could tell this cane was pushing him to the edges of his pain tolerance and all I had used at this point was a simple flick of my wrist. I have no doubts that this cane could cause some serious welting/bruising to the skin and I can imagine it cutting into the skin and even drawing blood, should it be used with enough force.

One advantage to choosing the Kink Industries cane above a wooden cane is that this one can be sterilized. It is made of plastic after all and unlike wood, which can soak in body fluids, plastic is non-porous and can be cleaned or even disinfected with rubbing alcohol, a 10% bleach solution or just washed thoroughly in hot, soapy water. Being able to do this means you can share this cane with multiple partners if you so desired. It is also suspect that it would be harder to break this plastic cane than it would be to break a wooden one, so there’s that too.

We could not use the Kink Industries Cane with full force. We were simply not that brave and neither of us can take that level of pain. This is the beauty of this cane though. It covers an extremely broad range of pain levels, making it suitable for beginners, all the way through to the most extreme masochists. I love how easy it is too use, how simple it is and most of all, I love that look of nervousness and dread that appears on his face when I wield it. For those sadists and masochists among you who are searching for something more, something to take things to the next level, a more advanced level of pain, then this might be the tool for you. This cane is aptly named. If I were to use one word to describe the Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane, it would be ‘intense’. Very, very intense.

You can purchase the Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane here at Uberkinky

The Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. 

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