Je Joue Dua Couples Vibrator

Je Joue Dua Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator Review

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for approximately two years now, but I have never managed to test a product by luxury sex toy manufacturers Je Joue. You can imagine my excitement then, when Lovehoney contacted me to ask if I would like to review the Je Joue Dua; a remote controlled g-spot and clitoral vibrator designed for solo and couples play. It wasn’t just the brand that intrigued me though; the Dua itself looked impressive. It actually reminded me a little of the We-Vibe 4 Plus, with its C-shaped design and remote control via a smart phone app, but the We-Vibe 4 plus didn’t fit my body well. Would the Dua be different?

Product Information:

The Dua is a dual stimulator, designed to be worn by a female and either played with solo, or controlled remotely by a partner. The idea is to insert the larger end into your vagina (providing internal/g-spot stimulation) and let the smaller arm come to rest across your vulva (providing clitoral stimulation). As a luxury sex toy, it comes with lots of cool features:

  • Two independent motors; one in the clitoral arm and one in the g-spot arm.
  • 7 unique vibration settings, each containing 5 different speeds.
  • 2 remote control options (Remote control pen and IOS compatible smart phone app).
  • Mains rechargeable (A two hour charge gets you approximately 2 hours use).
  • Made from a completely seamless, high quality silicone.
  • Completely waterproof.

To operate the Dua, you must sync it with a smart phone, or the remote control pen included in the box. The pen remote will operate the Dua within a distance of 15 feet and the app within Bluetooth range. The Dua cannot be operated manually, as it only has one button. This button is used to switch the vibrator on and off.

Our Experience with the Smart Phone App:

The most exciting feature is the option to remotely control the Dua via smart phone app (See teledildonics). This allows you (or your partner) to send information to the Dua from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. The Je Joue Dua is similar to the We-Vibe 4 Plus in this regard, but with some very notable differences:

  • The We-Vibe 4 Plus app establishes a direct connection between two smart phones that have internet connection. With both phones logged into the We-Vibe app, the distant phone can tell the local phone what vibration settings to use. The local phone then relays this information to the vibrator via Bluetooth. The distant partner has direct control of the vibrator, in real time.
  • The Je Joue app does not establish a direct connection. Instead, the distant phone creates sessions (vibration recordings), saves them and allows you to email them to the local phone. The local phone operator can download this file into their Je Joue app and play it back. There is no real-time connection.

If this still doesn’t make sense, please take a look at my picture illustration in the gallery below. Personally, I much prefer the real-time connection offered by the We-Vibe 4 Plus. Yes, the Dua’s app allows a distant partner to create a vibration pattern for the local partner to use (which is really cool), but we didn’t feel quite so “in-the-moment” together, when using the Dua’s version.

My Experiences with the Je Joue Dua:

I often attempt to use a new sex toy without reading through the manual first, as this gives me an idea of how easy the toy is to operate. When I attempted this with the Dua, I failed miserably. I struggle to understand new technology at the best of times and as predicted, my success rate did not improve much after reading through Je Joue’s vague manuals. Eventually, I had to reach out to my partner (and Lovehoney) for help. With the Dua finally synced to my smart phone, I began experimenting.

Many of these C-shaped couple’s toys are designed to be worn at the same time as being penetrated by a penis or a dildo. Unfortunately, I think many women would struggle to use the Dua in this way. At 5 inches in circumference, the Dua’s g-spot/internal arm has roughly the same girth as an average sized penis/dildo. During insertion, I felt this bulbous arm stretching me slightly and once it popped inside, I could feel it applying a very gentle, constant pressure to my G-Spot. I was full. There was no way I would be able to get my partner’s penis inside me at the same time.

So, I couldn’t wear the Dua during intercourse, but this didn’t feel like a great loss to me. There are pros and cons to choosing any sex toy and the Dua, unlike smaller C-shaped couple’s toys, provides way more internal stimulation on its own. I could feel the bulbous shaft filling me up when I squeezed my pelvic floor muscles around it and that was satisfying. Each squeeze would cause the tip to press against my g-spot, so I could feel the vibrations more directly and more intensely than I could with other couple’s toys.

Speaking of vibrations, I was very impressed with the overall mix of settings and speeds. One thing that stood out immediately, is that the Dua’s two motors produce two different types of vibration. The G-spot arm felt powerful, deep and rumbling and I could feel these vibrations travelling throughout my genitals. The clitoral arm was emitting a shallower, buzzy vibration. As a power seeker, who primarily reaches orgasm through clitoral stimulation, I was disappointed in the clitoral arm. First of all, the vibrations were too shallow to take me to climax. Secondly, the arm was just too long for me, so it would overshoot my clitoris when I had the g-spot arm inserted.

Although this was a disappointment, it was not a complete write off, as the Dua can be used in numerous ways. It comes with a very flexible neck, which allowed me to straighten out the C-shape and use the Dua’s G-spot arm to stimulate my clitoris as if I were using a bullet vibe. I usually need pin-point stimulation, but my clitoris seems to respon positively to the vibrations coming from the G-spot arm. If I am having a bad day, or struggling for whatever reason, I have to replace the Dua with a more intense clitoral vibrator, but it still manages to make me orgasm most of the time. The Dua’s main motor is not as deep, or as intense, as my go-to vibrator (the We-Vibe Tango) and because the tip is so rounded, it felt slightly less intense than my We-Vibe Touch.

The Larger G-spot arm offered another benefit; I could insert the Dua and it would stay inside me, hands-free. When wearing fitted underwear, I could wear the Dua while walking around, with minimal risk of it slipping out. I contemplated using the Dua in public, but the motors do produce some noise. I wouldn’t describe the Dua as loud (I can almost disguise its noise underneath a duvet), but I would personally feel paranoid using it in a quiet public place. A pub or club would be different though. The great thing is, there is nothing suspicious about playing with your phone, or fiddling with a pen in public.

To mix things up a little, I placed the clitoral vibrator between my bum cheeks and let the g-spot vibrator rest against my clitoris. With underwear on to hold it in place, I could achieve hands-free orgasms this way. However, the two arms have a tendency to try pinging back together, so you end up with a bulge in your pants. Clearly this is not great for public play, but it was definitely enjoyable when sitting at my PC or lying in bed.


I struggled to climax when using the Dua in the way Je Joue intended, but I still really enjoyed using this vibrator. The best thing about it is that it is incredibly versatile. It offers two completely different types of vibration (shallow and deep), has a broad range of vibration settings and can be manipulated into a variety of positions. It is also one of the few vibrators that can take me to orgasm hands-free. If I had the option to make improvements, I would personally shorten the clitoral arm and switch the shallow clitoral vibrator for a much more rumbling one. This way, I could probably get off using the Dua as a dual stimulator. I was pleased with the remote control options and found the app easy to use. I also liked being able to create personalised vibration sessions. My only niggle is that my partner couldn’t connect remotely, in real-time, via the internet.

Overall, I would recommend the Je Joue Dua to couples who want a versatile vibrator to experiment with. Power seekers who need direct, powerful, pin-point stimulation may be left wanting.

You can purchase the Je Joue Dua here at

The Je Joue Dua was kindly sent to me free of charge from Lovehoney for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Okay, I charged it up fully and let it run on a low speed. I got to two hours and then I turned it off. It was still running well and that seemed like long enough to determine it was still functioning. To be fair, I have only charged my Dua approx 5 or 6 times since I have owned it. I’ve let it sit for a few months without charging too. It’s hard to tell how long the battery will last. All batteries have a certain lifespan to them. I hope I have been helpful in some way!

  1. Heaven
    Heaven says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed using this, good to see a lot of toys are coming with apps you can use. So far I only have one but barely even use it.

  2. Mrs S
    Mrs S says:

    Your website is so beautiful and this review really intrigued me; I’m desperate to try some phone-app remote toys with my partner! I’m new to blogging and just posted my first review, I’d love you to check my blog out! Thanks xxx

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      I thought about this, but decided it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. The clitoral arm has a small seam where the silicone meets the operating button and I can imagine lube and other gunk working it’s way into this gap. I can also imagine the button/seam feeling a little scratchy during insertion. Personally, I also avoid putting anything in my butt that doesn’t have a flared base. The g-spot arm is bigger and the Dua is curved, so these factors might reduce the chances of “losing” the toy if you did insert the clit arm. Still, I wouldn’t like to chance it myself. The Dua gets too slippery when wet and it is very bendy at the neck. I just wouldn’t trust myself to keep good control over it.


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