House Of Eros Leather And Rope Breast Binder Harness Review

I was kindly sent the House Of Eros Leather and Rope breast Binder from Sexshop365, who, by the way, sell some awesome BDSM and bondage gear (Among other sexy things) This breast binder harness really drew my eye because it is different. Unusual. Half of this binder is created with leather straps and the other half is created using rope, and a little imagination. It really appealed to my love of rope, leather and experimentation. This harness is available in 3 different sizes. Unfortunately the sizing chart is not listed for House Of Eros and so I had to ask Sexshop365 for a little help. I have a 36 inch chest and am generally a size 12/14, and Sexshop365 suggested I try the medium. It does fit, but only just. The medium was a little too large for me and  I have to buckle it using the tightest, or last hole up the straps. If I lose weight, it will be too big. Brilliantly though, having this harness in medium meant that it also fit my partner, who’s chest measures 38 inches, and it still had room to spare. (I have measured this strap, and discovered that it should fit up to 50 inch chests, although my measurements are approximate, so err on the side of caution.) While I admit that he does not have boobs (Although he says he is working on it.) I could still attach this harness to him and use the rope to create a male body harness. Perfect.

How It Works:

The breast binder arrives, packaged simply in a clear, disposable bag and comes with some instructions and some how-to guides for tying three different versions of breast binds. Of course, these three options are just the beginning. The harness is formed, in part, using three different leather straps.

The Chest Strap:

This shorter strap can be identified by the fact that it contains three D shaped, metal rings attached. This shorter strap goes under the bust, around your back, and buckles at the back, using the 4 way buckle strap. It fastens on both sides of the body, allowing the 3 D-Rings to always be in the correct position, no matter what your chest measurements are. When you put this strap on, ensure that the metal D-rings are on top, pointing up towards your head, rather than at the bottom of the strap.

The Neck/Shoulder Strap:

This is the longest strap, and can be identified by the fact that it is actually two separate leather straps, permanently joined in the middle with a large, metal, O shaped ring. To attach this strap, ensure that the large o ring is placed on your chest, just above, or in between your breasts, or even higher up if you wish (Whatever your preference.) Place one of the leather straps over one shoulder, and the other strap over the other shoulder, so that the whole thing forms a V shape. This strap also buckles at the back using the 4 way buckle strap.

The 4 Way Buckle Strap.

This strap holds the whole thing together. It sits on your back, and these four buckles are all attached to a large o ring, which means they can move easily for perfect positioning. You simply attach all four of the ends from the other two straps, above, to this strap.

When you have the leather part of the harness on, it is now time to begin experimenting with the rope. This binder harness comes with a length of 6mm rope. (I would not recommend using any rope that is thicker than 6mm, as the rings on the harness are simply too small to handle thicker rope.) Although the harness does come with a set of 3 different bindings to try out, the only limits now are your experience and imagination. You simply work your length of rope in any which way you choose, taking advantage of the 3 D-rings on the breast strap, (Which sits below the breasts.) and the large O-ring on the shoulder strap (Which sits above your breasts.) while you bind, to secure your work. It is also possible to use the large O-ring on the 4 way buckle strap (Which sits on your back) if you wished to work some of your rope around the body entirely.

The 6mm rope was the perfect thickness to bind my 36C breasts, and measuring in at 6 metres (240 inches) approx, meant it was plenty long enough to get creative with. It allows for multiple loops of the rope to wrap around each breast without slipping. Tip: If you are tying this alone, heck even with a partner helping, try leaning forward when you first begin to bind the breasts. With my breasts hanging down slightly (Thanks gravity) I found it much easier to get those first few loops of rope tightened around my breasts. Larger breast sizes will have more luck here, whereas people with smaller breasts could struggle. I struggled a little at first, and mine are C cups.

Comfort And Fit:

The leather used to make this harness is good quality. It has a nice leathery smell to it and is very flexible. It is, for the most part, comfortable, although after wearing it for a length of time, I can begin to feel it chafing slightly at my shoulders, collar bone or under my breasts. The same thing applies with the rope. I expected this, after all, any tight leather or rope strapping around the body would begin to irritate at some point. It is comfortable, but only as comfortable as you would imagine a leather and rope breast binder harness to be.

The breast binder harness does have one issue. The chest strap buckles at both sides of the body, and if you buckled it unevenly at one side or the other, you will discover that the 3 D-rings at the sides and front of your body, would be off centre. This means if the harness feels a little loose, you ideally need to move the buckle up one notch on both sides of the body. This meant that it felt a little loose for me on one setting, but the next step up felt a little too tight, because moving both buckles up a notch, knocks about 2 inches of length from the strap. So, what I am trying to say is that I found it hard to find a completely comfortable fitting with the chest strap, and so will others, if, like me, they are unlucky enough to fall bang smack in the middle of two sizes.


What I love so much about this harness is that it appeals to my artistic side. This was also frustrating as I get carried away and try to attempt bindings that are too complex for my level of knowledge, but overall, I love being able to experiment with breast binding in this way. It is certainly a fantastic harness for bondage beginners, which is what I would class myself as, because most of the foundation is already laid for you, in the form of the leather sections, so you do not have to worry about setting this foundation with rope alone, while also trying to bind your own, or your partners breasts. In this sense, it is very easy to use and the results are good more often than not, despite not being experienced with working with rope. It’s like this; House Of Eros give you the foundation and then allow you to create your own work where you want to the most, around the breasts. Unlike a lot of other leather breast binders, this one inspires you to be more adventurous as you play. It gives you options, and allows you to get very artistic if you so wish (I do wish. I must practise more.) For this reason, I can also see this harness being suitable for people more experienced with bondage and rope play. It also appeals to those who love both leather and rope, and would like to combine the two together. Being able to create the actual binding from rope also allows you to choose how tight you want to bind the breasts. You can either bind them loose, for a comfortable, sexy look, or you can tie them tight and create a very effective breast bind. Although it can be fiddly to begin binding the breasts, I have to say that, with this harness, the whole process becomes much easier. When it is on, it looks amazing too.

You can purchase the House Of Eros Leather and Rope Breast Binder Harness here from sexshop365

The House Of Eros Leather and Rope Breast Binder Harness was kindly sent to me free of charge from Sexshop365 for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. 

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