Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Duo Vibrator

The Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Duo Male Vibrator

Squeak! Do you guys realise how excited I am to be reviewing the Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Duo Vibrator? For those wondering why I am so excited about this particular sex toy, let me explain…

Back in January 2014, my partner and I had the pleasure of reviewing the original Pulse Guybrator, a new male sex toy to hit the market. At first, I wasn’t too sure he would enjoy it, but it took us by surprise and by December 2014 (eleven months and numerous male sex toys later), we nominated the Pulse as our top male sex toy of 2014.

There were many reasons we adored the original Pulse vibrator, but like most sex toys, it wasn’t perfect. Hot Octopuss clearly listened to the opinions of customers and at the beginning of this year they announced the release of two new vibrators; the Pulse Solo (designed for male use only) and the Pulse Duo (designed for couple’s use). Both of these sex toys boast improvements on the original Pulse. For example, they are 100% waterproof, they contain a variety of pattern settings and they even come with satin storage pouches. The Duo also comes with an additional motor, situated on the back of the toy, to provide more intense stimulation for the partner.

Considering my partner and I were so impressed with the original, we couldn’t wait to try out the improved Pulse Duo. We only hoped that it contained all the features we loved about the original.

Product Information:

The Pulse Duo doesn’t look like your standard male sex toy. It lacks a realistic entrance and there is no soft, cushioned canal to slide your penis into. The Pulse Guybrators are not designed to replicate the sensations you’d feel when penetrating a partner, so they don’t feel anything like the inside of a vagina, anus or mouth. Instead, the Pulse vibrators are designed to stimulate through the use of vibrations/oscillations.

The Pulse Duo is designed for couple’s use, so it contains two independent motors. The main motor sends powerful, rumbling vibrations to the oscillating plate inside the Duo’s cavity (for simplicity, I shall refer to this as the male motor). The other motor is situated towards the back of the Duo and is designed to stimulate a partner who is straddling the toy (I shall refer to this as the female motor).

The male motor functions via the button controls found on the side of the Duo. This motor contains 6 different settings (1 continuous vibration and 5 pattern modes) and you can change the intensity of the vibration within each setting by using the plus and minus buttons. The female motor functions via the remote control (the male motor must be switched on first) and this motor contains 3 continuous speed settings (no patterns).

The Duo comes with all the features you’d expect from a high quality sex toy. It is rechargeable (USB) and a 3 hour charge will give you approximately 1 hour of play time. The Duo is constructed from phthalate free, latex free, odourless silicone and is 100% waterproof.

His Experience with the Pulse Duo Vibrator:

To use the Duo, you simply slide (or place) your penis in between the two curved, flexible wings. These wings will surround your penis, helping to hold the vibrator in place. The Duo is quite versatile in regards to how you play with it. You can use it when flaccid or erect and it will work with or without lubricant. With your penis inside the Duo, you can choose to slide the vibrator up and down your shaft, twist and rotate it, or hold it still and allow the vibrations to do the work for you.

My partner charged both the Duo and his original Pulse vibrator and began to compare them side by side. He commented that the vibrations were just as powerful (and enjoyable) in the Duo as they are in the original. On the lower settings, he can draw out his masturbation sessions, using the Duo to practise edging and orgasm control. On the higher settings, he will usually experience an intense orgasm within minutes. The stimulation is so great, that he is often unable to hold back. Being able to force orgasms is one of the reasons I fell in love with the original Pulse, so I was thrilled to discover that this still happened with the Pulse Duo.

The Pulse Duo has clearly been improved upon since the original version, but the original does have the Duo beat in one regard; it is lighter. For some reason (I am guessing the addition of the female motor) the Duo is slightly bigger/heavier than the original. This did cause a few niggles. Firstly, arm ache kicked in quicker when moving the Duo up and down his shaft. Secondly, the extra weight seemed to throw the Duo off-balance. If he was sat upright, he couldn’t really use the Duo hands-free, because it would fall backwards and slide off his penis. This didn’t happen with the original. Still, he was happy holding the Duo in place, so the issue was a minor one.


My Experience with the Pulse Duo Vibrator:

If you have read my review of the original Pulse vibrator, you will know that it failed to please me as a couple’s sex toy. When I heard that the Duo contained an additional motor, I was keen to try it out.

There is only one logical position in which you can use the Duo for couples play; woman on top. In all other positions, gravity (and our bodies bumping together) would cause the Duo to fall off his penis. The Pulse Duo is too large and too heavy to function like the female-focused couple’s vibrators (e.g. the We-Vibe 4 Plus).

I climbed on board with the remote control, feeling a little bit paranoid that my weight would break the Pulse Duo (the manual states not to apply too much force to the oscillating plate), or cause the wings to dig painfully into his pubic bone. Thankfully, neither of these things happened, so I began to experiment with the vibrations.

As soon as I switched the female motor on, I felt my whole vulva vibrating. With the original Pulse, I could only feel mild vibrations eminating from the single male motor and this sensation was just too weak for me. The Pulse Duo, with its additional motor, produced a much stronger sensation. The vibrations coming from the female motor are not as deep and rumbly as the vibrations coming from the male motor (sometimes they can feel a little buzzy), but the vibrations from both motors seemed to combine, producing a sensation I actually enjoyed.

It wasn’t perfect though. I could only climax from the Pulse Duo if I was already quite aroused, or by grinding my clitoris firmly against the back of the vibrator. I prefer pin-point stimulation and the Duo, with its curved, texture-free back, can only provide a broad, all-over-my-vulva type of stimulation.

Would I choose to use the Duo to get myself off during foreplay? Occasionally perhaps, but not often. I own plenty of pin-point vibrators that can take me to orgasm without having to work for it. The Pulse Duo limits me to one position and does make me work for each climax. It can get me off though and that is a dramatic improvement on the original model.

One thing my partner noticed during couple’s use, is that the female motor, on its highest setting, began to overpower the vibrations from the male motor (I think the reason this happens is because the female motor vibrates at a much higher frequency than the male motor). With the female motor switched high, my partner said that the deep, rumbling vibrations seemed to weaken and that the vibrations were less stimulating overall. I guess this could be a negative or a positive thing, depending on how you look at it. It might feel slightly less intense against the penis, but this might help you last longer. The fact is, both motors can be felt by both partner’s, during couple’s play.

What if You Don’t Enjoy Vibrations?

For males who have never experienced vibrations before (or those who have, but didn’t enjoy them), let me explain why you should consider giving the Pulse Duo a chance. See, my guy can’t orgasm using standard vibrations either. Aside from the Hot Octopuss products, the only other vibrators that reliably work for him are the mains powered magic wands (like the Doxy). The difference between these powerful wands and most other vibrators, is that the wands produce an incredibly deep, rumbling vibration that travels deep into the tissues (this is why they are good for sports massage). Hot Octopuss manage to create a similar, deep, rumbling vibration on their guybrators and these vibrations travel deep into the penis, stimulating every nerve and providing an intense, all-over stimulation. Vibrations might not be for every guy, but the Pulse Duo is designed to stimulate the penis. In other words, don’t rule it out based on a bad experience with an inferior vibrator.

Cleaning and Care:

One of the biggest niggles I have with the original Pulse, is that it is not waterproof. Thankfully, the new Pulse Duo is, which makes cleaning so much easier. Hot, soapy water works best, but you do have to pay attention to the ridges inside the Duo. Lubricant and body fluids can become trapped here and a quick rinse is often not sufficient. Another fantastic improvement is that the Duo comes with a storage pouch, which will keep the silicone clean between uses.


The Pulse Duo is definitely an improvement on the original Pulse Guybrator. Considering we rated the original so highly, you can imagine how much we enjoyed the Duo. Hot Octopuss did a fantastic job of improving an already great sex toy.

For couples use, I am still not entirely convinced. The Duo is certainly an improvement (compared to the original), but it just feels a little too clunky and a bit too limiting for my liking. I think it is great for foreplay/teasing and I do believe it will satisfy a lot more clitorises than the original version did. I just can’t see myself choosing to use this, over the ease of a bullet vibrator.

I have always viewed the Pulse vibrators as male sex toys first and foremost. It is simply an added bonus that I can experience some stimulation while he plays. As a male sex toy, the Pulse Duo is among the finest and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a penis. It would be best suited to those who seek intense stimulation, or simply want to try something new. Unless you cannot stand vibrations, I don’t think you can go far wrong with the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo. If couple’s play does not interest you, take a look at the Pulse Solo instead.

You can purchase the Pulse Duo and the Pulse Solo from Hot Octopuss

The Pulse 2 Duo Vibrator was kindly sent to me free of charge from Hot Octopuss for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are not used within this post.

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  1. Angel Vincent
    Angel Vincent says:

    Thank you for your concise review. We received our Pulse Duo for review today, its presently charging! Our basis for review is as a toy that can enhance the intimacy of a relationship where the male is Para or quadriplegic. It will be extremely interesting and exciting to use this toy, ascertaining whether it could be instrumental in ‘awakening’ paralyzed muscles, … So far, done by my own investigation, with no toys involved. I shall return!

  2. alx
    alx says:

    Which man toys would you still like to test ? Why ? Myself, I would really like to test the octopuss II, the Fun Factory Cobra Libre and the Lelo Loki with my boyfriend. I have one dilemma: they all cost a lot of money and I don’t really know what to buy first for him. Do you know other good man vibrators ?

  3. alx
    alx says:

    I really like it that there are more and more GOOD (and expensive :p) man-toys on the market. It’s all about the women-vibrators, and that’s not bad, but it’s hard to find a good review about a man toy. I really want to try a toy like this with my boyfriend. Are there other man-toys than the octopuss (I allready know the cobra libre from Fun Factory and the Lelo Loki, but I haven’t tried any of them yet) ? Which one do you recommend, personally ?

  4. Leslie Edwards
    Leslie Edwards says:

    I tried this on a new conquest, who was very well endowed, it drove him crazy. So much so that I feared that sex between us would not happen. However, I used it very creatively and was able to control his pleasure, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Get one for your man if you want to be in charge of his sexual pleasure.

  5. Heaven
    Heaven says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed this one more then the first. It sounds like a good toy to try out whether alone or with a person.


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