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Gritty Woman’s Blogiversary Giveaway No 3 (Sponsored by We-Vibe)

It’s my first year Blogiversary and I have been celebrating by hosting a month of sex toy giveaways. My final giveaway is sponsored by We-Vibe, who are one of my favourite sex toy manufacturers for two very obvious reasons; The We-Vibe Tango (Which I chose as my second favourite vibrator in my “Best and worst of 2013” list) and the We-Vibe Touch (which I chose as my number one female sex toy in my “Best and Worst of 2013” list). It seemed apt then, that for my final blogiversary giveaway this year, I would be giving away my all time favourite vibrator, the We-Vibe Touch, so that one lucky reader can experience this amazing sex toy for themselves.

If you want to know what I thought of this amazing vibrator, check out my We-Vibe Touch review.

The Prize:

Blogiversary Giveaway No 3

We-Vibe very generously donated the purple We-Vibe Touch Vibrator and some little extras including the We-Book of Delights and some cute pin badges. They also kindly included a UK and an EU charger, which made it possible to open this giveaway worldwide.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This giveaway is open worldwide and will be posted free of charge to you.
  • There will be one winner, chosen at random by Rafflecopter. (Invalid or fake entries will be discounted.)
  • You must be over 18 years old (or of legal age in your country) to enter this giveaway.
  • This prize comes from a non-smoking household, but please note, I do have a dog. The prize is sealed inside its original boxes, but as is the way with pet hair, I cannot guarantee one or two stray hairs don’t make their way into the postage box when packaging the itemsto send out to you. I always take great care to avoid this, but it you are allergic to dog hair, please consider this before you enter this giveaway.

To enter this giveaway, and be in with a chance of winning this prize, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below to complete as many, or as few of the criteria as you wish. The more you complete, the more entries you will receive. Some criteria can be completed daily, so check back often for more entries.

Good luck everybody!

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38 replies
  1. Pete James
    Pete James says:

    I have never tried a We-Vibe toy before but have been longing to get my hands on any of We-Vibe’s amazing products. My lady and I have heard so many good things about these products and hope to one day soon own our very own!!

  2. pantophilepanic
    pantophilepanic says:

    I have one We-Vibe Tango and two Salsas. I love the rumbly vibrations, but the battery life is really short so I need to have back-ups. I have PGAD and persistent swelling of the genitals, so I would really like the We-Vibe Touch for high-pain days when I need the vibrations to be softened by the silicone. We-Vibe is one of my favorite sex toy companies and I really, reeeally hope I win the Touch to add to my collection.

  3. Secretly Sensuous (@SSensuous)
    Secretly Sensuous (@SSensuous) says:

    I have a We-Vibe Salsa, and use it a lot. I’ve been lusting over the Touch for so long though because I LOVE to go hands-free and the Salsa has this tendency to roll away from me at the most inopportune times! Really hoping to get this one. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  4. Kendra W.
    Kendra W. says:

    I’ve never used a We-Vibe before sadly. I’ve read SO many great reviews on blogs about them, and I’ve been dying to try it!

  5. Mitch Evans
    Mitch Evans says:

    Having heard reviewers rave about We-Vibe toys like the Salsa for years; I have somehow still managed to never own or experience one for myself. I do love the design/shape of the Touch Vibe! :]

  6. Sang
    Sang says:

    I’m not sure which is my favourite- either the touch or the salsa. I don’t use the salsa a lot myself but every partner I have seems to love it and I can appreciate how versatile it is not to mention the strength !

  7. Nichole Smith
    Nichole Smith says:

    We have a we-vibe 2. I wish it were a bit stronger and it took us awhile to find the right positions to get it to work for us but we like it.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      The Touch, in my opinion, is not only more powerful, but more pin point and easier to control than the We-Vibe 2. Mind you, I never did get on well with any of the couples toys I have tried.

  8. FredKitten
    FredKitten says:

    I have a we-vibe three. My partner and I are terrible at using it e get so caught up.
    I got it on sale and I really wanted the 4, for it’s extra strength. The 3 doesn’t quite do it for me, but totally does make sex better.

  9. Nate
    Nate says:

    We have the We-Vibe 2. It is a great toy that fits and works extremely well. If our experience with it tell me anything this will be another quality product.


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