First Blogiversary Giveaway End

Gritty Woman’s Blogiversary Giveaway No 1 (Sponsored by Uberkinky)

It’s my first year blogiversary and what better way to celebrate than giveaways? Throughout the month of February 2014, I shall be hosting a few different giveaways, so keep checking my giveaway section to see what is new.

My first giveaway is sponsored by Uberkinky. I love this company! Uberkinky are an online sex toy retailer that specialise in BDSM and kink. They have everything covered, from spanking and bondage tools for beginners, to an extensive range of specific kink and fetish gear, like CBT, electro sex, strap on harnesses, medical play and so much more. If you even have a hint of kinkiness in you, you need to go browse Uberkinky. Every time I visit, I feel like Charlie in the chocolate factory (NB: Uberkinky don’t sell chocolate. Sorry!)

Anyway, Uberkinky were fabulously generous and offered up, not one, but TWO kinky prizes. That’s two chances for you to win and two opportunities for me to spread the kinky love worldwide!

First Prize:

The first prize winner will receive a sex toy package that contains 1 x Tantus G-Spot Vibrator (Colour: Purple Haze) 1 x Uberkinky’s Stainless Steel Jewelled Rosebud Butt Plug (3.35 inch insertable length and 4.7 inch circumference) and the Tantus Super Soft Cock Ring (Colour: Purple). 3 gorgeous prizes, worth a grand total of approximately £80

I recently reviewed the Tantus G-spot Vibrator and was very impressed. Want to see close up picture of it, or find out if it works for both g-spot and p-spot play? Check out my Tantus G-spot Vibrator review for details.

Uberkinky Giveaway: First prize

Second Prize:

The winner of the second prize will receive 1 x pack of the Uberkinky Wax Play Candles and 2 x rolls of Uberkinky Bondage Tape (1x red and 1x black).

Check out my recent review of the Uberkinky Wax Play Candles, for more information.

Uberkinky Giveaway: Second prize

Terms and Conditions:

  • This giveaway is open to UK, US and Canadian residents and will be posted free of charge to you. I will be responsible for shipping these items.
  • There will be two separate winners (One person cannot win both prizes) chosen at random by Rafflecopter. (Invalid or fake entries will be discounted.)
  • You must be over 18 years old (or of legal age in your country) to enter this giveaway.
  • The prizes come from a non-smoking household, but please note, I do have a dog. The prizes are sealed inside their original boxes, but as is the way with pet hair, I cannot guarantee one or two stray hairs don’t make their way into the postage box when packaging the items to send out to you. I always take great care to avoid this, but it you are allergic to dog hair, please consider this before you enter this giveaway.

To enter this giveaway, and be in with a chance of winning one of these prizes, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below to complete as many, or as few of the criteria as you wish. The more you complete, the more entries you will receive. Some criteria can be completed daily, so check back often for more entries.

Good luck everybody!

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42 replies
  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I am beyond kinky. In fact perverted doesn’t even come close. Impact toys? Anything… even a rolled up newspaper. I love tit torture in particular.

  2. Mya Murphy
    Mya Murphy says:

    I am extremely kinky, but normally don’t use toys.. I am normally the extra female in m/m relationships, and love watching, being banged in both holes, etc. My favorite toy, however is my magic wand..

  3. Sang
    Sang says:

    Not really kinky or vanilla – not a sadist or a masochist but do some light dom stuff at work and my one rule is that they need to show that they enjoy it cause I won’t force anyone even consensually . I guess if I had a label it would be a switch but only with the right partner. There’s only one person on earth that I would gladly submit in any way to but probably because I can’t see him ever wanting anything but equality sexually. Bondage with him was fun and necessary to keep me from mauling the poor guy. That said I peg almost daily at work and I love it seeing a great big tough white homie covered in tattoos bent over with an 11″ vixskin outlaw in their ass begging me to fuck them harder is a sight that I enjoy! I also like giving golden showers and foot fetishes and worshipers are always fun!

  4. Pantophile Panic (@PantophilePanic)
    Pantophile Panic (@PantophilePanic) says:

    I am definitely kinky, and I could not live without my toys. I am in a D/s relationship and I am currently building my own sex dungeon. Some of my favorite kinks include: spanking, bondage, tentacles, wax play, exhibitionism, breast play/torture, hair pulling, gagging, impact play, rope suspension, leash and collar, and slave training. I have a few hard limits, but I am willing to try anything once!

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Definitely kinky enough to be involved in a little pegging and kinky roleplay but I’m way too shy to ever really go as far as my fantasies

  6. Lilmissfrustrated
    Lilmissfrustrated says:

    I think as i get older im becoming more kinky. My latest explorations are nipple clamps and using various toys up my bottom.

  7. InquisitiveClam
    InquisitiveClam says:

    I’ve enjoyed bondage (being restrained) and wearing nipple clamps. My fiance is definitely more vanilla than I am, and I’m really into sex toys and writing my reviews, so I’ve been able to coax him into using some toys with me. I like bondage because I prefer to be submissive. It turns me on to be in that helpless position not knowing what he’ll do next. I just bought my first pair of nipple clamps recently, and I like the amount of pain they can provide because I’m not looking for a lot. For me, it’s more about the increased sensitivity. My nipples are sensitive anyway, so breast and nipple play is especially erotic for me.

  8. Apricot
    Apricot says:

    Wow, I thought your blog had been up for longer than that! Happy anniversary! Aaand I’ve always loved spanking and impact play, that’s my main kink, but lately I’ve developed a bit of a butt plug fixation too.

  9. WH
    WH says:

    Haha the kinkiest we have ever gotten is pegging (which we both love!). I have never had a partner who was so open to trying new things before, though, so I am hoping that we can explore more together.

  10. LesserUnknown
    LesserUnknown says:

    Somewhat kinky, not in the BDSM power dynamic way but enjoying a variety of sensation play, sexual exploration, and fetish wear. Favorite kinky items are nipple clamps and candle wax.

  11. LesserUnknown
    LesserUnknown says:

    I’m kinky about sensations and clothes – mild pain and fetish wear are interesting to me. Most of the BDSM stuff involving power dynamics doesn’t interest me, and some of the sexual stuff I like like fisting, toys, and strap-ons is commonly lumped in with BDSM, but to me it just seems to be kink as it’s just exploration of bodies, stripped of any vestiges of power play.

  12. rynj21
    rynj21 says:

    I didn’t think of myself as kinky, but after talking to my partner about my fantasies I think that I am a baby kinkster *laughs* I like being spanked while I’m wearing a butt plug and I like to be forced to orgasm, but that’s as far as my kink goes for now. (^-^) I want to take things farther with an impact toy, preferably one of the silicone paddles from Tantus.


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