Give Pleasure's Cheeky Wash and Wipes

Give Pleasure’s Cheeky Wash and Expandable Wipes Review

I was kindly sent a bottle of Cheeky Wash and a packet of 4 cheeky wash wipes directly from the manufacturer Give Pleasure, the same company who make the highly addictive and extremely tasty flavoured lubricants I reviewed recently.

Cheeky Wash:

Cheeky Wash is an antibacterial cleanser that has been designed specifically for use on intimate areas of the body (it is fragrance free, paraben free, alcohol free and PH balanced). It comes in a 65ml bottle and the liquid cleanser has the same viscosity as water. You can use Cheeky Wash in two ways; firstly you can wash yourself with it, by pouring a small amount into the palm of your hand and massaging it into the skin, or you can add a few drops to a Cheeky Wipe (See below) and use this to wipe yourself down. Cheeky Wash will turn into a white, soapy lather when you rub it and this soapy residue can be wiped away easily using a towel, or some tissue paper.

My experiences with Cheeky Wash were good overall. I was impressed that this cleanser did not leave behind any traces of stickiness or greasiness on my skin, nor did it cause any irritation to my sensitive vulva. I simply felt cleaner and fresher each time I used it. As a sex toy tester, I use lubricant quite often and it is common for me end a testing session feeling as though my skin is coated in a sticky gloop. It was really refreshing to be able to grab a Cheeky Wipe, pour on some Cheeky Wash and give myself a decent clean. Of course, Cheeky Wash is not a replacement for a proper shower, but it certainly does a good job, keeping you as fresh and clean as possible until you can grab one.


I did notice a few downsides when using cheeky wash. The most noticeable one being that this liquid has a very strong, soapy taste. I decided to run a test. I applied some Cheeky Wash to my partner’s penis, lathered it up and wiped away the residue before giving him oral sex. I could taste the residue that was left behind on his skin and it was strong enough to be off-putting. I recommend you avoid using it right before oral sex.


Aqua, propylene glycol, lauramine oxide, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, phenoxyethanol, benzalkonium  chloride, alkene glycol, tetrasodium diaceticglutamate, citric acid.

Cheeky Wipes:

What’s not to love about expandable wipes? I mean, they start off as small, dry pills, roughly the size of small coin (but thicker) and when you add a few drops of water, or cheeky wash, the wipes expand before your very eyes. (See my video demonstration).

Aside from appealing to our childish side (as two mature adults, we definitely didn’t stand together at the sink to watch the magic wipe grow bigger) there is one big advantage to these expandable wipes; they don’t take up very much space. Each wipe measures a mere 0.75 of an inch in diameter and are just over 0.5 inches. This petite size makes them suitable for carrying in even the smallest of handbags and to top it off, the compression process has ensured that these wipes remain in pill form, withstanding a lot of jostling about, without breaking apart.

As soon as you add moisture to the wipe, it begins to expand. The wipe will grow to roughly 4 times its original size when soaked through and you can use water to activate the wipe, but if you would prefer a deeper clean, I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing a bottle of cheeky wash and using this to activate the wipe instead, because the wipe itself does not contain any soap or cleaning agents.

When you see the wipes in pill form, the small size gives you an impression that the wipe will be quite small, or not very high quality. It is hard to imagine that this tiny pill could turn into a large, high quality wipe, but this is exactly what you get. The wipe is made from 100% natural rayon and is large enough to lie across, and cover up, both of my hands. The material felt thick and luxurious. I have used plenty of disposable wipes in the past, but none that felt as thick, soft and luxurious as these. One wipe is usually enough for most tasks, whether it be an after sex clean-up or wiping down sex toys. So long as you avoid saturating them in liquid, these wipes will absorb lubricants and body fluids, removing the residue from your body, rather than smearing it around like other wipes tend to do.

I really enjoyed using Cheeky Wash and am definitely going to keep a supply of Cheeky wipes in my purse in future. I would recommend them to all.

You can purchase Cheeky Wash and Cheeky Wipes here at or

Give Pleasure’s Cheeky Wash and Expandable Wipes were kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links were used within this post.


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  1. Heaven
    Heaven says:

    These wipes are so amazing, I love the compact size of them. The wash sounds wonderful too. I need to have this in my life.


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