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Give Lube Flavoured Lubricant Review (Cherry and Raspberry)

Give Lube kindly sent me two bottles of their Oral Pleasure Gel (Cheeky Cherry and Raspberry Kiss) for an honest review and as a huge fan of flavoured lubricants (My favourite flavours actually being cherry and raspberry) I couldn’t wait to crack open these bottles and give my tongue a good work out. (I suspect my partner was looking forward to it even more than I was). I have previously reviewed the Give Lube Aqua, which is a water based lubricant, as well as the Give Lube silicone formula and was  impressed overall with both of those lubes, but it was these flavoured lubricants that really took my appreciation of this company to a whole new level.


(Both of these flavoured lubricants contain the same ingredients, with the only difference being the flavouring number, so I have listed both flavouring numbers below. There is only one flavour per bottle)

Glycerin, Aqua (Water), Hydroxypropyl Guar,  Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Sodium Saccharin, Citric Acid, Aroma (Flavour) Cl14700 (Raspberry) Cl14720 (Cherry) FD & C RED No. 4.


Both of the Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gels  are water-based and so they provide a slippery wetness that really helps reduce friction. This made a huge difference when using my hands on him during oral sex, because as well as providing an addition slickness to the oral sex itself, this lubricant also allowed my hands to slip and slide over his genitals (And his fingers over mine when we switched). This is not so easy to do with dry hands and friction involved.

Usually water-based lubricants dry up quite quickly, but the fantastic thing about water-based lubricants is that water re-activates them, keeping them slippery. The water in my saliva had the same effect, so this lubricant lasted so much longer during oral sex, than when we used it for hand jobs/stroking. A little goes a long way, although this only really applies if you resist swallowing it all quickly. (Which is very tempting as it tastes amazing.) Both of these lubricants are reasonably thick. I would not describe either of these lubricants as runny, but they are not quite gel-like either. The only downside I discovered with regards to sensation was that both of these lubricants could dry a little tacky on the skin. This tackiness is nowhere near as bad as the sticky, glue-like mess I felt with Durex Flavoured Lubricants and it was certainly not bad enough to put me off using them on a regular basis, but it was noticeable, most especially on my face.


Both of these lubricants taste amazing. I’m talking “sat-here-eating-it-from-the-bottle-in-between-blowjobs” amazing. The Give Lube flavours are both reasonably strong, unlike Sliquid flavoured lubricants, where you get a subtle ‘hint’ of flavouring, the Give Lube flavoured lubricants tend to give a much stronger ‘hit’ of flavour from the moment it goes into your mouth. They are not quite as strong as Durex flavoured lubricants though. The Cheeky Cherry flavour tastes like the cherry flavouring in cherry bakewell cakes (It has that almond hint to it). Both flavours are very sweet tasting. The taste reminded me of those syrups you squeeze onto ice cream. If you are not a fan of really sweet flavours, then you might find these get sickly quickly. I personally couldn’t get enough.

The Give Lube flavoured lubricant really heightened our oral sex sessions for two big reasons; they provide a nice layer of slippery wetness that helps keep things moving and they stimulate the taste buds at the same time, ensuring that your salivary glands are producing plenty of moisture. I never suffer with cotton mouth when using these lubricants.


Both lubricants have a scent that corresponds with their flavour. In other words, the cherry one smells like cherry and the raspberry smells like raspberry. I noticed that these smells were strong enough to disguise the natural scent of the body and while I did struggle to smell them in the air, I really did notice the sweet, fruity smells from both lubes when I got up close and personal. For this reason I would recommend them to those who do not enjoy the natural odour of their partners body.


Okay, so this is not normally a category I add to lubricant reviews, because most lubricants are clear/transparent or creamy white. Give Lube flavoured lubricants are different. Both the Cheeky Cherry and the Raspberry Kiss lubricants are pink. Both are exactly the same colour. The best I can describe this colour is a rose pink. (See pictures)


Give Lubes Cheeky Cherry and Raspberry kiss flavoured lubricants were not perfect. The small issues I had were the fact that it dries a little tacky on the skin and that it contains glycerin, which is an ingredient I try to avoid in lubricants. (See my personal lubricant guide for more information) That being said, I actually really loved these flavoured lubricants (So much so that they will now become a mainstay in my lubricant box). The flavours are simply delicious. If I were to pick a favourite, I’d say the cherry, but it’s a close call. Being water based, these lubricants are safe to use for any kind of sexual play (Although in my opinion, they are simply too yummy to NOT be licked off the body at some point). They are also safe to use with sex toys and latex (They are condom safe). I would not recommend you purchase these lubricants if you are looking for something with a very subtle flavour, nor would I recommend them if you have issues with glycerin, but for those among you who want a fabulous tasting, great quality flavoured lubricant, I highly recommend Give Lube Cheeky Cherry and Raspberry Kiss Oral Pleasure Gel.


You can purchase Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gel here at

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Give Lube Oral Pleasure gel was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links were used within this post.


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  1. Heaven
    Heaven says:

    Laughing at you sat there eating it out of the bottle between blowjobs, it sounds like it is great, I am not a fond of cherry but I go for the raspberry one anyday. Glad you enjoyed using these two lubes.


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