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Give Lube Aqua Gel Lubricant Review

I was recently sent a bottle of Give Lube, Premium Aqua Gel from for an honest review and being the first time I had tried this brand, I was very interested to see how this water based lubricant would compare with some of my own personal favourites.

Give Lube Aqua is available in 3 different sized bottles. Mini (30ml) Midi (100ml) and Maxi (250ml) and the lube is packaged in sleek, black, plastic bottles with simple labelling that gives off an air of quality. The bottles come with flip top lids and the only small downside to the black packaging is being unable to tell when you are running low on lubricant, you just have to guess by the weight of the bottle and giving it a little shake.


Aqua (Water) Butylene Glycol, propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Lactic Acid.

Written On The Bottle:

This lubricant is sex toy and condom safe, paraben free, glycerin free, PH optimised, colourless, odourless, flavourless and not a contraceptive. Aqua gel contains Aloe Vera and panthenol for extra skin kindness.

In Use:

The first thing that impressed me about Give Lube Aqua Gel is the viscosity. This is a thick water based lubricant. I would say it is ever so slightly thicker than Sliquid Sassy is. I personally prefer my lubricants to be more gel-like because they don’t dribble all over the place and generally stay where I want them to be. In other words they are less messy. I also find that thicker lubricants provide a thicker buffer between my skin and my sex toys and this ensures a more comfortable ride when using large, heavily textured or matte silicone sex toys as well as during anal sex. Because Give Lube Aqua is thick, it performs well in all of these areas.

It wasn’t just the viscosity that impressed me though. I also fell in love with the slickness of Give Lube Aqua. The very first time I poured a blob of this lubricant into my hand and began rubbing, I remember thinking “This feels like a luxury lubricant” and the first comparison that jumped into my head was Lelo’s moisturising lubricant. See, some cheap, runny, water based lubes will apply a wetness to your skin, but you will still feel some friction. With these lubricants, there is a often a certain slickness lacking. Give Lube Aqua doesn’t suffer from this problem. It feels gorgeously slippery, thick and slick and no friction can be felt until it starts to dry up. The slip and slide that Give Lube Aqua provides is extremely good and it lasts a decent length of time too. Being a water based lube, it will dry up at some point, but as far as water based lubes go, it lasts a very good amount of time before it needs reactivated ( You can use a few drops of water to reactivate water based lubes.) or reapplied. I tried to compare the lasting power of Give Lube Aqua with Sliquid Sassy and could not pull them apart. They seem to go head to head, neither coming out as an obvious winner.


Now it isn’t all good news and there is just one area that lets Give Lube Aqua down. Unlike Sliquid Sassy and Lelo lubricant, Give Lube Aqua dries sticky on the skin. After play sessions, I could feel my vaginal lips, and my thighs, sticking together with the tackiness left behind as this lubricant dries up. Even my hands felt tacky after use and I definitely had an urge to go rinse myself down due to the sticky sensations. I don’t think I would go as far as to say this issue would stop be buying or recommending Give Lube Aqua, simply because it performs so well in all other areas (Even comparing to some high branded products) that I can forgive this issue, but it is definitely something that takes it from being ‘perfect’ to ‘Almost there’ in my opinion.

Information for sensitive skins:

The bottle states that Give Lube Aqua Gel is colourless (Yup), Odourless (Not quite, it has an extremely feint soapy smell. It is barely detectable though.) and flavourless. It does have a slightly bitter, soapy taste. (Most lubes do, this isn’t a unique issue.) I have tasted worse but I can’t say that it is flavourless or even pleasant tasting, so I would personally avoid using Give Lube Aqua for oral sex. I am pleased that Give lube have produced this water based lubricant free from parabens and glycerin too, making it body safe. (This lubricant is CE marked, which means it has been assessed and meets EU health and safety requirements.) Give Lube have also added aloe vera and panthenol for extra skin kindness. (If you are allergic to either of these ingredients, avoid this lube.) I am prone to being overly sensitive and I can often experience vulva pain from using products that don’t agree with me but I am happy to report that Give Lube Aqua caused no reactions.


Give Lube Aqua Gel only has the one downside (It dries sticky) but considering it performs well in all other areas, lasting a good length of time, providing a luxurious feeling buffer and a gorgeous slickness, being thick enough to use for anal sex/large sex toys as well as being free from nasty ingredients, I can personally forgive it for its one flaw and I would gladly recommend it to others. It sits pretty high up my favourites list and competes with some of the best lubes on the market in most areas, only being let down slightly by its stickiness when it dries. Would I buy it? Yes. You can purchase your own bottle of Give Lube Aqua Gel or Give lube silicone formula from


You can purchase Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gel here at


This bottle of Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel was kindly sent to me free of charge by for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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