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How We got a Group of Men to Wank over Our Girl-on-Girl Sex Show – A Guest Post by Vanda Jones

This month’s guest post is brought to you by Mrs Vanda Jones, the sex-positive, sex and sexuality blogger behind In this delicously steamy tale, Vanda recounts a lesbian voyeur experience that ended in many, messy orgasms.

I’d known Lucy since we were at college together. Twenty years on she was staying round our place for the weekend. She had to attend a conference at a nearby hotel, and a messy break-up had led her to asking if she could stay over rather than her getting the train there and back in the day.

We’d fucked at college of course. Many times. What started as a drunken bet in a pub one night out with the boys — “why don’t you girls snog each other!” followed by whoops of approval as we shared a showy, tongue filled, for-the-lads sloppily explicit exchange. This had the next night turned into the typical college-period exploration between closed doors. We were the first bi experience for each other, oddly never referring to it when our boyfriends at the time tentatively suggested the ideas of ffm, but enjoying the fact we made each other come harder than they ever could.

Like all friends, as the years went on we saw each other and less and less, but nearly every time once the pinot started flowing and the gossip petered out, we tended to come together like that again. I think we both enjoyed the idea of relieving lost youth through what always ended up very uncomplicated, straightforwardly nice, sex.

DH was away for the weekend with friends, and so both Lucy and I knew what was on the cards. Some nice uninhibited girlie fun, fuelled once again by perhaps a little too much pinot. I was not disappointed and went to bed happy and sated.


The following morning we’d gone out to breakfast. Absolutely zero awkwardness, as there never was between her and me. But knowing that we had another evening ahead I wondered if we could step it up a gear.

“Lucy,” I said, and leaned over and shared with conspiracy with her.

“Yeah,” she said, “I’m up for that.” A mischievous gleam in her eye as she popped a piece of croissant in her mouth.


Photo: Holding HandsThat afternoon Lucy had gone to lunch with other friends, and I’d popped to Boots to pick up some glycerin — this being a key part of the preparations for our mission. The afternoon had gone slowly — the idea of what we were going to do had got me so horny and desperate I had to have a wanking session.

When she got back I let her shower first. Part of me wanted to watch, but part of me wanted to see how she’d be dressed for the occasion. Besides, I needed to prepare.

I went outside to the drive and opened up the doors of her car. We were going to take hers because, despite loving my Range Rover, it had blacked out windows and hers didn’t. I cleaned the inside and outside of the glass fastidiously, making sure not one spec of dirt remained. Then, I cleaned the inside of the glass with a glycerin solution. It was going to get hot and steamy in there this evening, and I wanted to make sure the glass remained as transparent as it could possibly be as we gained our objective.

Getting into the house I found Lucy doing her makeup. She sat at my dressing table topless, but wearing a black suspender belt, fishnets, and heels. Her makeup and hair looked wonderfully whoreish. She looked utterly perfect for what we had planned.

I quickly showered and dressed myself, opting for red fishnet hold-ups, crotchless knickers and a lacy bra. Then over the top we both donned long raincoats.


It was nine PM now and Lucy drove us over to a place known for having plenty of dogging couples and onlooking pervs on a Saturday night. We pulled the car up at the edge and sat, looking at the cars near us. Plenty of action was happening already, and there was quite a buzz.

We giggled to ourselves and Lucy drove the car to a prime spot right in the middle. We checked the doors were locked and got into the back. We reclined the seats forwards to give us plenty of room, and turned on the lights.

A couple of the men looked in now, and despite the androgynous shape of the raincoats noticed our long hair and knew something special was about to happen. I noticed one nudge his mate and point out our car.

The raincoats came off, and there was silence for a moment before we heard the first cry from outside as we got one man’s attention. Outside the noise kerfuffle grew as we attracted the first chunk of our audience. There were two women here! Dressed up to the nines!

Lucy and I started to put on our show, lezzing it up just how men like, plenty of pouting and showing off. We snogged for ages, stroking our bodies and looked out at the men watching. We kept getting lost in the moment though, enjoying our long, passionate kisses and the feel of each other’s warm flesh. I kept finding my eyes shut and had to keep opening them so that I could see how our audience was coming along.

I was slick now, heart racing and clit twitching, as more people added to the audience. I knelt on the floor as Lucy lay back as best she could and relaxed as I started long ice cream licks down her gorgeous wet cunt. For her this was easy, she just shut her eyes and moaned and loved it as she ran her fingers through my hair. I Photo: Girls kissing in a carlooked up and out of the window and I could see some of the men’s arms rhythmically moving as they wanked over our show. The first of many men who were going to come for us tonight.

Lucy came hard, and I licked and kissed up her body, taking each nipple in turn, stretching out and tugging as I went. Then the long snog as she licked her delicious juices off of me.

Then we switched, and no way was I missing this show. My eyes were staying well and truly open. Yes, Lucy was good at this, very good, but I wanted to watch the men wanking away, and they all were now. There must have been thirty of them tugging away with right hand or right hand, desperate to get themselves off before Lucy and I finished.

They came one by one, each gasping with delight and concentrating on whichever part did it for them. I watched each of them in turn, drank in their enjoyment of me and Lucy, knowing exactly how hard we’d made each them, how desperate and filled with need we’d made them. When each finished, some of them grinned with thumbs up. Some of them sloped off with post masturbatory shame. But they all had a fucking good time.

When Lucy had finished she did the same to me as I did to her, kissing up past my boobs and up to my waiting mouth. During our kisses I whispered to her, “we’re definitely going to have to take the car through a car wash on the way home!”, and she laughed.

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Header image: Photograph by Alyssia Scobee on Flickr

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  1. leslie edwards
    leslie edwards says:

    When I was at college my friend and I put on a show at a party for 10 guys. The deal was no touching any part of us and they had to drop their pants and underwear, keep their shirts out of the way and stoke their cocks. Which wasn’t hard for them to do. 10 full erections as my friend and I did everything sexually that two girls could do. We both orgasmed many times and, of course, the boys shot their man juice watching and masturbating. We were encouraged to do it many times again, but we never did. Once was a delightful, sexually thrilling event.


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