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Fleshlight Blade Male Masturbator Review

When Carvaka contacted me to ask if I would like to review a product from their store, I chose the Fleshlight Blade, hoping it would provide the mind blowing experience my partner had been missing. See, he already owns four Fleshlight sleeves, but he hardly ever uses them. It’s not that they don’t feel good, it’s just that he prefers the sensations provided by his Tenga Flip Holes and the powerful Pulse Duo Vibrator. He leans towards the products that provide the most intense stimulation and compared to others, the standard Fleshlight sleeves feel quite subtle. I suspected that the Fleshlight Blade would be different.

Product Information:

One of the biggest differences between the Fleshlight Blade and a standard Fleshlight sleeve is that the Blade comes with a pliable outer case. The advantage to having this squishy outer case is that you have more control over the intensity of the stimulation. During penetration, you can squeeze the case to apply pressure to the canal (and your penis) within.

Another big difference between the Blade and a standard Fleshlight sleeve, is that the Blade is more compact. It measures 7.5 inches in length, from the entrance to the end of the canal. A standard Fleshlight measures 9.5 inches long. The Blade’s outer case is oval in shape and measures 8.75 inches in circumference. Standard Fleshlight cases are usually round.

The Blade’s inner sleeve is made from a super soft material known as SuperSkin. The exact material makeup remains a closely guarded secret, but Fleshlight state that their patented SuperSkin material is free from phthalates. Texture fans will be pleased to note that the Blade contains a prominent ridged texture. These ridges move through the canal in a wave-like pattern, moving closer together where the canal narrows and further apart where the canal widens.

The Fleshlight Blade comes with a vulva entrance only. If this entrance type does not appeal to you, I recommend checking out the Fleshjack Sword instead. The Sword has a similar, squishy outer case, but the internal texture and entrance style (anus) differ.

His Experiences with the Fleshlight Blade:

The Blade’s soft outer case has been designed to provide one great benefit (it would allow him to control the sensations within the canal), but this isn’t the only advantage. Compared to the smooth, plastic case on a standard Fleshlight, the Blade’s textured, rubber material provided so much more grip. Damp palms and lubricant disasters were of little consequence; we always felt as though we had a good grip on the sleeve.

The grabby, rubber material helped him to keep a tight grip on the case, while the compact, oval shape provided a high level of comfort. With standard Fleshlight cases, your grip is usually quite wide. This is especially true if you have smaller hands (like me). Using the Blade, he commented that his grip felt more natural. When I used the Blade on him, I could see exactly what he meant. See, I sometimes experience hand cramps when using a standard Fleshlight on him, but these were rare with the Blade. The compact, oval shape allowed me to form a narrower grip (compared to a larger, round case) and that felt so much more comfortable.

For those who have not used a Fleshlight before, don’t be fooled by the images showing the Blade’s pronounced, ridged texture. It might look extreme, but this material is as soft as jelly. When I asked my partner to describe the sensations he felt inside the canal, he said that each thrust produced a soft, rumbling sensation over the most sensitive areas of his penis. Being compact (tighter) and so highly textured, the Blade felt intense compared to his other Fleshlight sleeves, but when he compared it alongside his Tenga Flip Holes, the Blades texture felt subtle. Overall, he rated the intensity at around 6 out of 10.

The Soft case allowed us to feel the outline of his penis as it moved in and out of the canal. This was especially beneficial for me, as it allowed me to apply pressure to specific areas of his penis, rather than guessing if I was hitting the right spots. Squeezing the case would make the canal feel tighter and the texture more prominent, but he said the change wasn’t dramatic. Rather than, say, doubling the intensity, it simply raised it slightly.

While he wasn’t disappointed, he had been expecting more. See, when he squeezes the sides of his Tenga Flip Holes, the leap in intensity is much more pronounced. It all comes down to the softness of the material. The Tenga Flip Hole material is slightly firmer than the Fleshlight material, so the texture within is more noticeable. Fleshlight material produces a softer, more natural sensation. Which one you prefer will be a matter of personal taste.

In almost every way, my partner preferred the Blade’s soft outer case to the standard Fleshlight case. However, there was one exception. Standard Fleshlight cases usually come with a twisty end cap, which can be tightened and loosened to control the flow of air and the amount of suction within the canal. The Blade doesn’t have a twisty end cap; instead it comes with a plug which you can either take off or leave on. With the plug removed, thrusting is so much easier, because there is little air resistance to fight against. Unfortunately though, each thrust forces air to rush out of the hole and the Blade makes a strange squeaking sound. To combat this, you can leave the plug in, but you end up pushing against the air pressure with every thrust. This can cause your arm to start aching much quicker.

Cleaning and Care:

Fleshlight sleeves are not the easiest to clean and care for, but I have experienced worse. Thankfully, the internal sleeve can be removed from the outer case and the canal comes with an exit hole. These two factors make cleaning a lot easier. Unfortunately, it isn’t all good news. Fleshlight material is porous, so it will absorb odours, bacteria, dyes etc. Despite cleaning thoroughly, all of our Fleshlight sleeves developed a fusty smell over time. One even developed a few mould patches when we failed to dry it correctly.

If possible, you should avoid putting the inner sleeve back into the outer case until both have dried completely. After its first wash, you will also notice that the silky soft material becomes quite sticky. This is completely normal and happens because you have washed away the fine coating of powder covering the sleeve. You can purchase Fleshlight renewal powder, which will get rid of the tackiness and return the material to how it felt when new. Alternatively, you can use corn starch, which works just as well and is much cheaper to purchase.


The Blade is my partner’s favourite Fleshlight sleeve, but it is not his all-time favourite male masturbator. While it never failed to take him to climax, he still preferred the stimulation provided by his Tenga Flip Holes, or his Pulse Guybrator.

Still, the Blade is impressive and certainly a sex toy that is worth recommending. I believe the Blade would be best suited to those who seek a mid-level intensity. If you want your masturbation sleeve to provide a noticeable amount of texture, while at the same time remaining soft and natural, then this one is for you. If you enjoy Fleshlight sleeves but wished you had more control over the stimulation, then this one is for you.

One of the main things you should consider before purchase is the size of the Blade. Being smaller than a standard Fleshlight, I believe it is best suited to those with a small to average sized penis (length and/or girth).

You can purchase the Fleshlight Blade here at carvakasextoys.co.uk

The Fleshlight Blade Masturbation Sleeve was kindly sent to me free of charge from carvakasextoys.co.uk for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are not used within this post.

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