ElectraStim Electro-Sex Double Pinwheel

The ElectraStim Electro-Sex Double Pinwheel Review

The Wartenburg Pinwheel is one of my favourite sensory play toys. It’s simple to use, requires no additional set up and it makes no mess. The reason I reach for this device so often though, is that it drives Mr Gritty insane. People react to stimulation differently. For the most part, I quite like the tickly, prickly sensations provided by the Wartenburg Pinwheel, but he finds it almost unbearably intense. You can imagine my delight then, when ElectraStim asked if I would like to review the ElectraStim Electro-Sex Double Pinwheel. This gorgeous pinwheel comes with two wheels for double the sensations. Not only that, but you can attach it to a compatible e-stim power box and run a stimulating current through the sharp pins on the wheels. Mr Gritty was understandably nervous.

Product Information:

The Electro-sex double Pinwheel is a bipolar e-stim device. It comes with 2 x 2mm pin inputs, one at the end of each handle, and each input corresponds to that particular wheel. Being bipolar, you have a few options for play. You can plug both of your 2mm pins into each of the outputs, so that both wheels emit electro-stimulation, or you can plug one 2mm pin into one of the outputs and plug the other into a different e-stim accessory.  If you decide on the latter, only one of the wheels will emit electro-stimulation (the one into which you plugged the pin). Of course, you can also use the double pinwheel as it is, without attaching it to an e-stim power pack.

To use the pinwheel as an e-stim device, you will need to get your hands on a compatible e-stim power box. I am using the ElectraStim EM60-M Flick, but ElectraStim do stock other compatible devices, including dual channel units that allow you to power up to four unipolar/2 bipolar accessories at one time. You can further enhance your e-stim experience by picking up a tube of ElectraStim Conductive Gel. Simply apply a few drops to the pinwheel spikes for a boost in sensation.

The Double Pinwheel measures 6.75 inches in length and is made from plated brass. The handles are made from acrylic and if you ensure that you grasp the device via these handles, no current will pass into your hands/fingers.

My Experience with the ElectraStim Double Pinwheel:

In my experience, there are two factors which predict how intense the electro-stimulation will be. The first is the distance between each electrode; the shorter the distance, the more intense the stimulation feels. The second is the size of the electrode; the smaller (or more pin-point) the electrode is, the more intense it will transmit the electro-stimulation. The two wheels on the ElectraStim Double Pinwheel are very close together and each pointed spike creates one of the most pin-point contacts you could get. This should give you an indication of how this particular device will feel.

When I tested the Pinwheel on myself, I managed to get to intensity level 5 (out of the 24 available on my EM60-M Flick), before I had reached my limit. Without the electro-stimulation, this pinwheel produces the same sharp, prickling sensation as a standard Wartenburg Pinwheel does. The only difference is that you have two wheels to contend with instead of one and that can heighten the intensity. With the E-stim turned on, I felt a tingly vibration-like sensation travelling through the prickly spikes. It was a powerful sensory experience.

Despite these incredibly intense sensations, the pinwheel did not cause any damage to my skin. You would have to press down intentionally hard to draw blood. In my opinion, it is counter-productive to press down hard, as the pinwheel feels more intense, the gentler you are with it.

His Experience with the ElectraStim Double Pinwheel:

Later that night, I blindfolded Mr Gritty and tied him to the bed. When using sensory toys such as the pinwheel, it really adds to the mental stimulation if you cannot predict (or escape from) the next touch. I applied some conductive lubricant to the wheels and rubbed a little more over his skin to be sure (my experiences earlier had taught me that this pinwheel reacts more powerfully with the addition of this lubricant). I switched my EM60-M Flick onto a constant mode and despite starting on intensity level two, each stroke of the wheel had him thrashing against his binds. I turned my Flick device up one more intensity (setting 3) and sensed that each stroke was pushing him close to calling his safe word. He is very sensitive to the pin prick sensations he gets from the Wartenburg Pinwheel, but the ElectraStim Double Pinwheel is like the Wartenburg Pinwheel on steroids. Not only did he have two wheels to contend with (the spikes of which were pricking at his skin), but also the sharp, nerve-tingling, electro-stimulation.

Thinking that perhaps Mr Gritty was overly sensitive to the Pinwheel, I decided to hand over the reins and experience exactly what he was going through. I lay back and let him restrain and blindfold me. For the first time in a long time, I felt nervous, as he smoothed conductive gel across my inner thighs, stomach and genital area. As soon as the wheels brushed across my thigh, I jumped. In quick bursts, the sharp sensations made me jump. When he slowly dragged those wheels up my inner thigh, every muscle would tense up and I gritted my teeth as I tried to deal with the all-consuming sensations. It was every bit as intense as he said it was.

The Pinwheel provides a strange sensation. At its mildest, it produces a pleasurable tickle that causes a trail of goose bumps to break in the wake of each stroke. It’s similar to the sensation you experience when a partner gently kisses your neck, or breathily whispers into your ear. On the other hand, it feels sharp and prickly; a sensation which is verging on pain. Adding electro-stimulation to the mix, it produces an almost all-consuming sensation that your mind struggles to resolve. Is this pleasure or pain? All you know is that if feels incredibly intense. Bravo ElectraStim, Bravo!

Before I send you away with the impression that the Electro-Sex Pinwheel is nothing but extreme, allow me to explain; I like to play intensely. Yes, this Pinwheel does ramp up highly with each click of the intensity button, but settings 1, 2 and 3 do emit a gentler, ticklier kind of sensation. While this is still reasonably intense, it would still suit those who are quite sensitive to the pinwheel (such as Mr Gritty). On the other hand, I have little doubt that this sensory toy has a setting to best even the most hardened masochists, especially when used on more sensitive areas of the body. Just thinking about intensity level 24, 15, heck, even setting 10, brings me out in nervous goose pimples.


Mr Gritty might not agree with me, but I think that the Electro-Sex Pinwheel is amazing. It’s not that he thinks this is a bad sex toy, it’s just that this pinwheel is his personal nemisis. I only have to mention it to turn him from bratty to submissive in a heartbeat. This just makes me want to play with it all the more.

If you have tried the standard Wartenburg Pinwheel and enjoy using it for teasing and torturing, then I highly recommend upgrading to the ElectraStim Electro-Sex Pinwheel at some point. The electro-stimulation passing through those sharpened spikes intensifies the experience exponentially. The only downside is that you cannot use it above the waist (well, not with the e-stim passing through it anyway).

I would hesitate in recommending this pinwheel to complete beginners, as it can feel quite intense, even on the lower levels. I would probably recommend a standard pinwheel first and if you enjoy the sensations and want to push further, then this Electro Sex Pinwheel is the next logical step.

You can purchase the ElectraStim Electro-Sex Double Pinwheel here at electrastim.co.uk

The ElectraStim Electro-Sex Double Pinwheel was kindly sent to me free of charge from electrastim.co.uk  for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my  opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are not used within this post.

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  1. Heaven
    Heaven says:

    These look pretty cool to use and the ElectraStim is a added bonus, I had got a pair that I did not get to use but read reviews that they were not good. I am still on a hunt for a better pair. I am glad you like these.


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