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ElectraStim Electra Spanking Paddle Review

I am always looking for new and exciting ways to spice up a spanking session, so when Belle de Soir asked if I would like to review the ElectraStim Electra Spanking Paddle, I jumped at the chance. See, this mean looking paddle differs from most, as it comes with a unique feature. As the name suggests, the ElectraStim Paddle is an electro-stimulation (e-stim) device. When you hook it up to a compatible e-stim power box, the paddle will emit a variety of tactile stimulation, from a mild tingling to a buttock clenching vibration. Used in conjunction with regular spanks, you can use the e-stim feature to heighten the spankee’s sensory experience. I couldn’t wait to try it out on Mr Gritty.

Product Information:

The ElectraStim Paddle measures 13.25 inches in total length (including the handle) and 3 inches in width across the widest point (the spanky end). It has been crafted from a smooth, firm leather, so it holds its shape and doesn’t flex much during impact. As you can see from my photographs, one side of the paddle has been fitted with three chrome-plated steel contacts. It is these plates that transmit the electro-stimulation. To finish the look, metal studs have been placed along the length of the handle. Don’t worry though, these studs are not connected to the internal wiring and will not transmit any sensations into your hands.

Before you can take advantage of the paddle’s e-stim feature, you will need to get your hands on a compatible e-stim power box. I own the ElectraStim EM60-M Flick, but other devices are available. As a bipolar e-stim device, you can use the paddle by itself (plug both 2mm pin connectors into the two 2mm inputs on the top of the paddle’s handle) or alongside another e-stim accessory (plug one 2mm input into the paddle and the other into your chosen accessory). To ensure the spankee feels the sensations clearly, you will also need to purchase a bottle of conductive lubricant. The lubricant should be applied to the metal contacts before you begin your spanking.

My Experiences with the ElectraStim Spanking Paddle:

I’ve spanked Mr Gritty with a variety of spanking implements, but nothing quite like the ElectraStim Paddle. Wanting to know just how intense it would feel (and how to get the best from the paddle), I decided to test it out on myself first. I grabbed my EM60-M Flick, a bottle of ElectraStim Conductive Lubricant and whipped off my pants.

Use as a Standard Paddle:

First I used the plain side of the paddle to administer a few sharp spanks to my thighs and ass cheeks. Like many large, leather paddles, it produced a sensation similar to being spanked by hand. I felt that satisfying, buttock shaking thump that I associate with heavier spanking implements, closely followed by a hot, stinging bite to the skin. I have no doubt that this paddle could leave bruises if you spanked hard enough, but I prefer to use this particular paddle for light to medium impact play. Truth be told, I am slightly worried that the harder impacts may damage the wires/connections inside.

 Use as an E-Stim Paddle:

Next came the fun part; experimenting the e-stim feature. It took me a moment to locate the tiny pin holes at the very tip of the paddle’s handle, but once they were located, set up was a breeze. As I already mentioned, ElectraStim recommend using conductive lubricant, but me being me, I wanted to know if it would really make that much of a difference. I decided to first test the e-stim feature without applying the lubricant.

I placed the ElectraStim Paddle on my thigh, making sure that at least two of the metal plates were making contact with my skin. It is important to have two plates touching your body, because you complete the circuit, from one plate to another. Next, I switched my EM60-M Flick onto a pulse setting, and held the paddle against my skin. My e-stim device has 24 intensity levels to work through, but I managed to get to intensity level 12 before I began to feel anything. The sensations I did feel were prickly/stabbing and they seemed to focus randomly on very pin-point areas of my skin. I have experienced this patchy sensation with e-stim accessories before and it almost always indicates that the accessory is not transmitting the current in the best possible way. I realised it was time to apply the conductive gel.

I rubbed the gel onto the metal plates, smoothing the excess onto my skin for good measure. This time, I began to feel the sensations when I reached intensity level 2. This was a big difference. The sharp, prickly sensation had been replaced with a smoother, almost rumbling vibration. On the lower intensity levels, these vibrations felt tingly as they spread out beneath the metal plates. On the higher intensity levels, the vibration travelled deeper, almost seeming to pound at my muscles. On the surface, those tickly tingles turned into sharp pin pricks that reminded me of pins and needles. Overall, the Paddle produced sensations that ranged from mild, all the way through to intense and even painful. It all depends on the intensity level you select.

Using the ElectraStim Paddle on Him:

When you spank somebody with a standard spanking paddle, you usually only make contact with their skin for a second or two, during impact. The ElectraStim Paddle can be used in this way, but if you want the spankee to really feel the electro-stimulation, you are best leaving the paddle against their skin for a longer period of time. I like to view this particular paddle as a spanking implement and a sensory play tool all rolled into one. Sometimes I use the plain side to administer short, sharp spanks, but most of the time I use it for e-stim teasing and torture. I like to set my e-stim power box onto a constant stimulation setting and simply hold the paddle against his ass for a few seconds between each spank. At other times, I select a pulse setting and keeping constant contact, I slide the paddle slowly over his skin. With so many techniques, patterns and intensities to choose from, my partner was constantly wondering what was coming next. I like having that element of surprise.


The ElectraStim Paddle must be connected (via wires) to a power box in order to transmit electro-stimulation. With your paddle attached to another object (possibly two other objects if you decide to use it alongside another e-stim accessory), you have to be aware where everything is before you take a swing. The last thing you want is to get in a tangle, send your power box flying across the room, or yank on any other e-stim accessories you may be using. Fortunately, there is a technique you can try that will limit some of these issues; ElectraStim suggest that you attach the power box to the paddle’s handle with an elastic band. This probably won’t help if you decide to use a second accessory, but it comes in handy when you are using the paddle alone.

One final note; the three metal plates do not sit entirely flush with the leather surface. Because there is a slight gap, the conductive lubricant tends to seep beneath the plates, making the paddle a little more difficult to clean.


I have a large collection of spanking implements, but the ElectraStim Paddle really does stand out from the crowd. Granted, I don’t usually reach for this paddle when I want to administer a standard spanking (I prefer the harsher nip that my Tantus paddles provide), but I will often use it to take advantage of the e-stim feature. I don’t know of any other paddle that can produce the variety of sensations that this one can and that’s why I love it. If you are looking for a high quality, unique spanking implement, I would recommend adding the ElectraStim Spanking Paddle to your must-have list.

You can purchase the ElectraStim Electra Spanking Paddle here at belledesoir.com

The ElectraStim Spanking Paddle was kindly sent to me free of charge from belledesoir.com  for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my  opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are not used within this post.

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    Oh wow, I need to get my hands on this paddle. I have a Electrastim myself but have yet to try anything exciting with it.


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