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The Doxy Skittle Vibrator Review

There are very few vibrators I love as much as my Doxy Wand Massager, so when I heard that Doxy was developing a new sex toy (this one suitable for internal use), I had a million questions. Would this one be as powerful as the wand? Would it impress me just as much? After a frustratingly long wait (Well, they do have to perfect their products), the Doxy Skittle was released. It’s unusual design and unique selling point (it is designed to please males and females, solo or as part of a couple) made me all the more curious. Spotting the Doxy Skittle for sale at, I contacted the lovely staff and they agreed to send me one in exchange for an honest review.

Product Information:

Shaped similar to a bowling skittle (coincidentally, this is where it gets its name) the Doxy Skittle is an incredibly powerful, multi-purpose vibrator. Thanks to its unique shape, the Skittle can effectively be used for all kinds of stimulation. Feeling horny? The Skittle can be used for clitoral, g-spot, penis and prostate play. Need to relax? Plug in the Skittle and use it for deep tissue massage. It doesn’t matter whether you play solo or as part of a couple, the Skittle is designed to please all.

The Skittle is smaller (and lighter) than the original Doxy Wand, but as far as sex toys go, it’s still on the large side. From base to tip, the Skittle measures 7.25 inches long, which is about the same length as the Vixen Mustang or the Tantus Cush. The overall length might not sound so impressive, but when you add to this a 7.5-inch circumference, you have a relatively bulky sex toy on your hands.

Despite its hefty size, most of the stimulation is concentrated into the small, protruding shaft at the top of the Skittle. In contrast to the rest of the vibrator, this petite shaft measures just 2 inches in total length, with a circumference of 3.6 inches at its largest point (the shaft is slightly tapered). If I were to take a guess, I’d say the chunky body is required to house the motor(s) needed to power this mighty beast. Alternatively, the base may have been designed to allow the Skittle to stand up by itself, which it will do if you place it on a smooth, flat surface.

Just like its predecessor, the Doxy Skittle is mains-powered, so you don’t have to worry about batteries or charging. With a long (4 metre/12 foot) power cable, I could plug the Skittle into the wall socket close to my bed and still have a comfortable amount of cable to play with. Like any mains-powered sex toy, the Skittle isn’t waterproof, so I recommend cleaning it with sex toy cleaner spray and a damp cloth. Just make sure you unplug the vibrator and avoid getting water near the base of the toy.

When Doxy designed the Skittle, they must have realised that it would be easier to operate the vibrator if the buttons were not on the toy itself, but separate (just like a remote control). Since the Skittle is mains-powered, Doxy built the button controller around the power cable, so it sits approximately 32 inches from the base of the toy. This configuration allows you to hold the controller in one hand while manipulating the vibrator with the other.

There are three buttons on the controller and operating the Skittle is simple. The power button turns the motor on and off, the plus (+) button increases the speed/intensity of the vibrations and the minus (-) button decreases the intensity. The Skittle gradually ramps up and down as you hold the plus and minus buttons, so it was difficult to determine exactly how many power settings it has. Mostly, I counted six, but sometimes I counted more. At first, I believed the Skittle had a memory function, as it seemed to start on the last setting I had it on before turning it off. However, other reviewers noted that their Skittle would always begin on its highest speed setting. I contacted Doxy, who informed me that as long as the Skittle remains plugged in, it will remember your settings. When you unplug it/turn off the power at the wall socket, the Skittle will revert  back to its default setting next time you use it.

Those concerned with material safety will be pleased to hear that the Skittle is coated in a body-safe silicone. The silicone used to coat the Skittle reminds me of the silicone Lelo use to coat their vibrators; it is smooth, silky and glides really well with the smallest amount of lubricant.

Our Experience with the Doxy Skittle:

The Skittle might be smaller than the Doxy Wand Massager, but it certainly manages to compete in terms of power. Unexpectedly though, both toys emit a different type of vibration. Until the Skittle arrived, I would have told you that the Doxy wand was the deepest, most rumbling vibrator I had owned. I would have even described it as thumping. Yet, when I compared the two side-by-side, I noticed that the Skittle dramatically out-thumped the wand.

I think the reason this is happening is because both vibrators vibrate at different frequencies. The Doxy Wand vibrates at a higher frequency. The sheer power ensures a deep, rumbly vibration, but the wand still feels very much like a classic vibrator. The Skittle, on the other hand, vibrates at a much lower frequency. This, plus the power coming from the motor, causes the small shaft to oscillate. It isn’t a small oscillation either. Even on its lowest speed settings, I can see the shaft blurring before my eyes. This movement creates an intense thumping, rubbing sensation that feels somewhat similar to the sensations I felt when using the Rockbox 2 Vibrator.

When it comes to clitoral stimulation, I like it deep. Usually, I can’t get enough, but the Skittle defeated me. As much as I love the rumbles, I still want my vibrators to provide a nice purr. The Skittle is all roar and no purr, so it basically feels like my clitoris is being battered into submission. It can make me orgasm quickly, but the stimulation is so intense that it crosses the line from pleasurable to uncomfortable. After a session with the Skittle, my clitoris/vulva will often feel raw and/or numb. The only way I could overcome this was to use the Skittle with my pants, heck even my trousers still on. This buffer helps to dampen the sensations so that I can enjoy the intensity of the Skittle without suffering the drawbacks. To be completely honest, I still prefer the sensations provided by the Doxy wand.

Next, I tried the Skittle internally. As a g-spot stimulator, the Skittle feels incredibly intense. I usually need a fair amount of manual stimulation (jiggling, tapping etc) to climax this way, but the Skittle’s thumping oscillations brought me damn close. The irony is that I wasn’t even trying to reach orgasm. I had inserted the Skittle after clitoral play to test the power settings and I felt a g-spot orgasm building quickly. It is fast, intense and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, it didn’t always work out so sweetly. I soon discovered that the petite probe would only hit my g-spot if I was already aroused and the area was engorged. This is why it worked so well the first time. From a cold start, things were a lot different. The 2-inch-long shaft was too short now and despite my angling, it failed to reach behind my pubic bone to stimulate my g-spot. My partner, who used the Skittle for prostate stimulation, had exactly the same experience. He said the vibrations felt great around his anal entrance and even his perineum, but for prostate stimulation, he could have used an extra inch.

If you take a look at the top of the Skittle, you will notice that the small shaft is not central. Instead, it sits off to one side. I believe it was designed this way so that you can use the Skittle as a dual stimulator. Basically, you insert the shaft and allow the flat base section to come to rest against your vulva or perineum. As a dual stimulator, the Skittle felt nice. It certainly helped to keep me aroused for g-spot play. As far as dual stimulators go though, the Skittle is not top of my favourites list. The fact is, I generally prefer pin-point clitoral stimulation. The Doxy wand is a rare exception and only because it is so powerful that it pushes right through my personal preferences. The vibrations coming from the flat base beneath the shaft on the Skittle are not nearly as intense as those coming from the Doxy Wand (as I said, most of the power is focused into the small shaft), so it doesn’t quite please me in the same way. When I do orgasm, the blended sensations are amazing, but orgasms are really hit and miss when I use the Skittle this way.


Have you ever heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? To some extent, this is how I feel about the Doxy Skittle. It has been designed to satisfy so many different body parts that it doesn’t seem to specialise in any one particular area. Both of us have experienced some intense orgasms when using the Skittle, but we usually have to work a little harder (like ensuring my g-spot is aroused before using the Skittle) or alter our usual techniques (like leaving my pants on during clitoral masturbation) to achieve them. For these reasons (because it is easier), I will almost always reach for another sex toy before choosing to use the Doxy Skittle.

The thing is, I really don’t feel like I am giving the Skittle enough credit. I have the option to be choosy/fussy, but I realise not everyone can afford to buy a variety of luxury sex toys, each specialising in one particular type of stimulation. The Skittle might not specialise, but it certainly didn’t disappoint either. It’s very much a desert island type of sex toy; if I had to choose just one to take with me, the Skittle would sit close to the top of my list because it does a little of everything and it does it well enough. For such a versatile sex toy, this is quite rare.

If you don’t have hundreds of luxury sex toys at your disposal, I believe the Doxy Skittle would be a great investment. There is one stipulation; you have to be a fan of intensely deep, powerful vibrations. If you can imagine the intensity of a mains-powered wand, channelled into a small 2-inch shaft, you will have a relatively good idea what the Skittle feels like. If you are a power seeker and want a toy that offers such versatility, then I would definitely recommend the Doxy Skittle to you.

You can purchase the Doxy Skittle here at

LELO is a Swedish sex life accessory label with a distinct design philosophy and brand profile

The Doxy Skittle was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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