Dominix Spreader Bar and Leather Cuffs

Dominix Spreader Bar and Leather Cuffs Review

This is the Dominix Spreader Bar and Leather Cuffs set, and it is just one of the many bondage and spanking tools available in the Dominix range at It’s fair to say that I am already a huge fan of this range. BDSM is a huge part of my sex life and my collection of bondage gear has grown extensively over the years, but the Dominix spreader bar puts most of my fetish collection to shame. The reason for this is high quality and realism. For me, submission, dominance and BDSM is about how it makes me feel to be in that position, whether vulnerable or in total control. Tools, like this spreader bar, can really help heighten those feelings and emotions and the better the tool is, the stronger those feelings are heightened. When strapped into the Dominix spreader bar, it no longer feels like you are just playing at bondage. The Dominix spreader bar feels like the real deal and that is why I love it.

Product Information:

The reason the Dominix spreader bar makes me feel this way is down to the fact that it manages to combine strength, durability and comfort. This is a solid spreader bar set and when wearing it, you know there is no escape unless you are set free. Yet this spreader bar set has been constructed quite simply. It is composed of a hollow, brushed steel bar, which measures 19.5 inches in length and 3.75 inches in circumference. (Including the cuffs, the whole thing measures approx 27.5 inches in total length) At each end of this steel bar, a bolt has been placed straight through the centre. An oval, steel ring has been placed around this bolt and this steel ring is permanently joined to the cuffs, being screwed into place behind a thick metal plate. (This plate also stops the bar scratching the cuffs or hitting the ankles.) The ring seems to be mounted on a ball joint, or something technical, that allows the ring to rotate 360 degrees, continuously around. This allows the cuffs to rotate. Both the bolt and ring are quite thick, measuring approx half a centimetre thick, so you would need enough force to either snap through this steel, or rip off the metal plating, which is securely and strongly attached to the leather using 4 metal bolts. And you would need incredible strength to do that. Sometimes simplicity is best and this spreader bar set is extremely strong and very durable.

Thankfully, the creators also consider comfort to be extremely important and it shows, most especially in the cuffs. Each cuff is made from high quality leather and the actual buckles sit on top of a padded leather wrap, so the straps never really sit against the skin. Instead the thick, padded band of leather wraps around your ankle/wrist and the buckles sit on top of this. Each cuff measures 2.6 inches wide and if you have experienced the likes of rope burn, or the ‘digging in’ sensations associated with thinner bonds, you will appreciate why these wide cuffs provide extra comfort to the wearer.

To add even more comfort for the wearer, the Dominix spreader bar cuffs have been designed to rotate 360 degrees around the bar. Of course, that much rotation is not needed when the cuffs are attached, but the ability to rotate meant that I could still move my ankles up and down. They were not locked rigidly into one position. Having this movement means that you can move into different positions, without having to remove the bar and reattach it again. As you can imagine, kneeling might require your feet to lay flat, with the soles pointing upwards, whereas standing up and even laying on your back, require different positions of the feet. Rotating cuffs allow this to happen. Another advantage is that the top can grab the bar and manoeuvre your legs, for example, lifting your legs and pushing them backwards when you are laying on your back, for a completely exposed position. This can be done so much easier and with much less fiddling when the cuffs rotate to account for changes in foot and ankle positions. Cramps and joint strains are much less of a risk too. As you can see, the Dominix spreader bar set is strong, durable and comfortable.

 Our Experiences with the Dominix Spreader bar:

It takes less than a minute to attach the spreader bar to your partner’s legs, something you will appreciate if you would rather avoid time consuming restraint options and have your partner in bondage quickly and easily. We both tested the Dominix spreader bar and found that it fit us both, despite him having longer legs than me, neither one of us could close our legs and we were both left exposed when placed into this spreader bar. Of course, it is still possible to almost close your knees together, because this is how the body bends. This will happen with almost all spreader bar sets and is not really a fault with this one. We did try fitting this spreader bar to the thighs instead of the ankles, but it is not possible, because the cuffs are too small to fit. You can use other methods to spread your partner’s knees apart, but despite being able to close the knees, the lower legs remain spread and it is hard to avoid being exposed in some way. The Dominix spreader bar set is much heavier than my Fetish fantasy spreader bar set and this has the advantage of slowing you down. Wiggling around becomes more strenuous and walking is more difficult. (It is more of a wiggle/hobble really) and this added to the feelings of bondage and vulnerability and heightened the feelings of submission.

Potential Downsides:

Despite my overall love of the Dominix spreader bar set, it does come with a few potential downsides. Nothing major, but there are a few niggling issues.

First things first, I don’t think these cuffs will fit everybody. The majority of users will manage just fine, but if you have very large ankles, I would advise you measure them and make sure these cuffs will fit, before you buy. I have skinny ankles and I noticed that I had to wrap one edge of the padded cuff section over the top of the other, to be able to do up the cuffs. This adds a couple of seconds of extra fiddling, which is not really much of an issue. My partner, who is an average sized guy, at 5 foot 8 inches and roughly 11 stone was next to try the cuffs and we noticed that the two edges of the padded cuff did not meet. There was a gap. Again, not a huge deal because the buckles are longer than the padded section and we managed to do up the cuffs no problem, but he only had two more holes to spare (A few inches) and this leads me to believe that those who are overweight, or who have very thick ankles, may find that the cuffs are too small. We took some measurements and worked out that if your ankle is thicker than approx 11 inches, then the set will probably be too small for you.

This brings me to potential problem number two; the Dominix spreader bar set is all permanently connected. You cannot remove the cuffs from the bar, say if you wanted to attach bigger cuffs and it cannot be broken down for storage purposes. In one way, this is a good thing. You know that the set is completely solid, with no weak joints or clips that could break apart, but in another way it could be a problem. It does not come with a storage bag, so you will need to find a big enough space to store it privately and also make sure you cover the cuffs to make sure they do not get damaged in storage.

The last little niggle I have with the Dominix spreader bar set is the lack of O-rings, or D-rings on the bar and the cuffs. This means you cannot use other wrist cuffs and attach them to the spreader bar. You can always attach with some rope or other inventive measures (Bondage tape, hand cuffs etc) but still, some O-rings would have been a great addition.


The Dominix spreader bar set is super high quality, easy to use, even for beginners and its thick cuffs and weighty, durable feel mean there is no escape, unless you are purposely set free. Not being able to close your legs, leaves you feeling quite exposed and this really heightens the feelings of submission and lack of control. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Dominix Spreader Bar to all, but especially to those who are moving on from their beginnings with bondage and are now looking for a more real, quality experience.

You can purchase the Dominix Spreader Bar here at

The Dominix Spreader Bar was kindly sent to me free of charge from Lovehoney for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used in this post.

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  1. Elysium
    Elysium says:

    I was looking at the Dominix Deluxe stuff at Lovehoney (I’m pretty sure that’s one of their original brands), especially the cuffs, but I was having a hard time finding reviews on them. It’s good to know they’re so high quality! I imagine the cuffs being the same make/quality level for the actual cuffs.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      I haven’t tried the cuffs, but I also imagine that they will be high quality. I have tried a few products from the Dominix range (you can find my Dominix reviews here) plus a couple of items from the range that I haven’t reviewed here yet. All of the products have impressed me so far! From what I can gather, Lovehoney started out with the Bondage Boutique range, then released the Dominix brand last year. The Dominix range is designed to be a more luxurious kink/fetish brand and fom my experiences, this is certainly true. If you have any doubts, bear in mind that Lovehoney offer a 365 day returns policy and you can return items for any reason (even if you tried it and didn’t like it) for an exchange or refund. This is one of the main reasons I shop at Lovehoney – peace of mind! I hope you get to try the cuffs and that they live up to your expectations. Thanks for commenting!

  2. selenasavage
    selenasavage says:

    Great review, it’s always refreshing to read a review about bondage gear by someone who actually knows how to use it. So many time’s I’ve read reviews where the person didn’t like the product only to find out they were using it wrong. Also about the spreader bar, I love that the cuffs are padded and have no exposed metal inside. 🙂


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